Mon.Nov 05, 2018

Operation Duck Drop

10,000 Birds

The following emails were intercepted by our crack team of investigative journalists. They are from the internal communication system of a shadowy organization of bird enthusiasts that we haven’t even managed to put a name to as of yet.

2018 217

A Presidential Pardon for A Thanksgiving Raccoon

Nature Conservancy - Science

The true story of a U.S. president, Thanksgiving dinner and a raccoon. Wildlife

2018 114

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Making our Dreams a Reality when the Suck Factor is Overwhelming.

Elephant Journal

During the races, I learned that my average pace of 14 minutes per mile was dismally slow compared to others in my group. I felt discouraged and worked hard to improve. Most days sucked and it wasn’t easy.

2018 94

Is type 2 more or less back, leg, or stomach pains than type 1 diabetes?

Conservation Hawaii

Inderal la should listen not be prescribed interventions to patients over shoot the age of 65 for the treatment of ventricular outflow tachycardia. Other general studies showed that patients reporting on transdermal Nexterone patches had improvement in their quality of life but with only moderate ventricular tachycardia reduction.

2018 40

Sharing a Love that was Reserved just for You. {Poem}

Elephant Journal

Spreading the love? Does it diminish me? Could I value myself enough to hold up my boundaries? Did pursuing other.

2018 91

Here’s what Actually Happens when we Call our Ex a Narcissist.

Elephant Journal

It felt like it was saving my soul, to pin him down and cover him up in definitive stickers. But the truth was, as long as I. Health & Wellness Love applying labels breaking up human nature love narcissist neurolinguistic programming personality disorders relationships sociopath types of people

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