Tue.Jul 07, 2020

What It’s Like to Be a Bird: A Review of the New Sibley Book

10,000 Birds

“Look around, look around…” The refrain is from Hamilton , a demand and a plea to look with the brain and the heart and then to look again.

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Introduction to Cannabinoids: 7 Cannabinoids You Should Know

Green Prophet

The hemp industry is growing larger every year, and alongside this explosive growth, our knowledge of hemp and the compounds it contains is also increasing.

2020 91

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Into the Florida Woods for the Holiday Weekend

10,000 Birds

During the busy Fourth of July holiday weekend, thousands of people headed to the coast – at least to the beaches that were still open during covid-19. Yet, because of the pandemic, the idea of hitting the crowded sand with a gazillion of other people was frankly terrifying.

2020 169

Does Eco-Friendly Travel Truly Exist?

Green Prophet

Glamping in Odom in the mountains of Lebanon. Being born of nomadic ancestors, it’s little wonder so many of us have been struck by wanderlust. Travelling has the ability to make us feel connected and displaced.

2020 78

Goats – your new firefighting friends

Green Prophet

The group in question consists of about 160 goats, sheep, cows, and camels. As strange as it may sound, but grazing, especially goats, has been found in many studies as an effective way to reduce the risk of extensive fires.

2020 75

Can smelling cannabis unlock antiviral protection?

Green Prophet

Cannabis has a strong smell right? That strong odor has molecules that can work as medicine. Bach flowers on steroids to the rescue. Burning incense may work to keep away the bad jujus and the jinn. My family did it during our corona lockdown. Aromatherapy was serious business in Ancient Egypt.

2020 73

Welcome to the world of Solarpunk

Green Prophet

Solar power plant is Israel is totally Solarpunk. Between March and April, the Israeli government incrementally established isolation guidelines to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading.

2020 63

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Bats can add the Empire State Building to their BatMap GPS

Green Prophet

Bats are like your boyfriend. They might not be good at reading maps because they focus on landmarks. For the first time in history, researchers at Tel Aviv University tracked fruit bats from birth to maturity, in an attempt to understand how they navigate when flying long distances.

2020 57

Noradrenaline and how we sleep deep

Green Prophet

Sleeping like a baby? Or not sleeping deep at all? It’s all about noradrenaline, find Israeli researchers in new study. Having a hard time sleeping during Covid? Or maybe you are sleeping better because you have less stressors from the commute? Or maybe you are self-medicating with CBD ?

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