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6 Apps to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


News flash: global warming is very real, and it’s not disappearing anytime soon. Read More. Causes Environment News Top News

Santorum: Voters Without ID Want to Perpetrate Fraud | PR Watch

PR Watch

Share/Save Share this. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum believes that the only reason a person does not have a government-issued photo ID is because they "want to continue to perpetrate fraud," according to

‘Bones’ Is Back and Advocating for Home Birth


Everyone's favorite vegetarian scientist is back! Last night the spring premiere of fan favorite show "Bones" didn't disappoint. Read More. Healthy Living Lifestyle News Top News emily deschanel

SolarKindle: Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle Touch get world’s first solar E reader cover


B.Sameer Kumar: One of the biggest concerns that is plaguing environmentalists off late is the numerous gadgets that are flocking the market on a regular basis and the frenzy with which people are eating them up.

Chloe Coscarelli Shares 10 Vegan Cooking Substitutes


By Chloe Coscarelli, VegNews.com In a time when most foods can be veganized, rising star chef and new cookbook author Chloe Coscarelli offers up her arsenal of food substitutes for ditching Read More. Eats News Recipes Top News Vegan chloe coscarelli

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Atlanta Hosts BaconFest, Kevin Bacon Shows Up


The event perfectly merged acting and bacon when actor Kevin Bacon showed, surprising carnival goers and posing for photos. Read More. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News kevin bacon

10 Tips to Avoid Food Waste on Passover

Green Prophet

Passover matzah ball soup. There are ways to make this holiday greener. Image via DavidMarcel. Jews in Israel and around the world are preparing for the week-long Passover holiday beginning Monday evening, March 29, 2010. Passover, more than any other Jewish holiday, is all about the food.

Alec Baldwin Met Fiancé at Vegan Restaurant


Alec Baldwin pops the question to 28-year-old girlfriend. Read More. Healthy Living News Top News Vegan alec baldwin

Honda FCTourer: A hydrogen powered concept with robotic design


Ishan Sidhu: Taking an inspiration from Asimo, the Honda robot, this car is designed by Diego Garcia, an Industrial Design Engineer. Named the Honda FCTourer it is a sportsbreak for four passengers.

WATCH: Starbucks CEO: We’ll ‘Likely’ Stop Using Crushed Bugs


CEO Howard Schultz told CBS News that although they wanted to use the 'all-natural' ingredient, they'll likely switch to an alternative after the public outcry. Read More. Animals Causes Eats News Top News Vegan Video howard schultz

Tunneling through to power saving gadgets with efficient electronics


B.Sameer Kumar: Current Situation. Grid power is something that most of us take for granted. We do not really about where it comes from and how it is generated and are happy as long as we get it continuously without any major disturbances in the supply.

WATCH: Firefighters Rescue 20 Dogs from Burning Home


The firefighters were equipped with special pet oxygen masks that had recently been donated by the Humane Society. Read More. Animals News Top News Video

Oceans' temperatures see a significant rise over the past century


Sonia Renthlei: Reports that the oceans’ temperatures are rising at a much higher rate than previously thought appear to have been proven after new research has shown that the planet’s waters witnessed a.33-degree Celsius rise as compared to readings conducted in the 1870s.

Natalie Portman Named Free the Children Ambassador


Portman announced today that she is an ambassador for Free the Children, and is working with Dior to raise money for the organization. Read More. Causes News People Top News natalie portman

Canchuck: Discarded cans to nunchucks


Abdul Vahid V: In a crazy recycling project, you can turn your discarded cans to Bruce Lee’s famous martial arts weapons the nunchucks. The DIY project kit comes with all the required hardware to turn the deserted cans to martial arts weapons, named Canchuck.

Venus and Pleiades Captivate with Cosmic Light Show Tonight


Once every eight years, Venus passes directly between the Earth and a cluster of blue stars known as the Pleiades. The most dazzling view happens tonight. Read More. News Science Top News

Pvilion sets up first ever Solar Sail charging station


Sonia Renthlei: Owning a solar powered car is well and good considering the eco friendly aspects but what is really needed are solar charging stations. In order to EVs to be truly viable, sufficient recharging areas need to be set up.

Ke$ha Tweets for Support of Maryland Shark Fin Ban


The singer asked her fans to support the Humane Society's efforts to get the ban on shark fins passed in Maryland. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News kesha

A Culture Shock Hangover in Tunisia’s Second City

Green Prophet

After a rough time in Tunis, Tafline pushed past a culture shock hangover to appreciate Tunisia’s second largest city.

The Top Ten Reasons I’m Super Excited to Be Attending Wanderlust 2012!

Eco Chic

Wanderlust is a yoga-arts-music (and general awesomeness) festival that takes place in various locations around the United States and Canada every summer. I heard from a few friends about how much fun they had last year, and so I’m really looking forward to this year’s festivities.

Canadian Jailed in Lebanon for Selling Rotten Potatoes

Green Prophet

A Red Notice was sent through Interpol accusing this man of selling rotten potatoes to Algeria. image via Vancouver Sun. First of all, a Canadian man named Henk Tepper was accused by Algerian officials of selling rotten potatoes.

Celebrities Hit the Slopes for Operation Smile


Stars including Kate Walsh and Jesse Tyler Ferguson show support for children with cleft lips and palates. Read More. Causes News People Top News cory monteith jesse tyler ferguson kate walsh lisa kudrow ty burrell

Dubai Airports reduce carbon emissions by 70,000 tons last year


Dattatreya Mandal: Earlier, we have gleefully harped about Dubai’s eco architectural city conceptions and green technology flaunting hotels. However, this time we have come across a Dubai related sustainable news that hints at real favorable figures, not just opulent, grand schemes.

WATCH: Kristen Bell Joins HRC Campaign for Marriage Equality


The actress joins a list of stars to record video for the Human Rights Campaign in support of gay marriage. Read More. Causes News People Top News Video kristen bell

Go green with ‘Maboo Shades,’ sunglasses with a bamboo frame


Pratima Kalra: Summers are here with scorching heat and burning temperatures, therefore stepping out the house with a stylish pair of sun glasses protects you from the glare and the heat.

James Cameron Fixed The Stars in New ‘Titanic 3D’


New scene more accurately depicts the night sky on the evening of the disaster. Read More. Entertainment Featured News Pop Culture james cameron

Saving Tourists from Foaming at the Mouth

10,000 Birds

Central Park, Manhattan, April 2o10 I have spent many of my lunch hours over the last several months in Central Park.

Get A New Desktop Calendar Each Month—Free From Duncraft

Green (Living) Review

Always looking for more ways to interact with their customers, Duncraft is now offering an ongoing feature on their website--a free desktop calendar.

Junco Mashup

10,000 Birds

Last week a mystery bird from New Jersey rightly caused a fair bit of confusion among birders of the Garden State and beyond. The bird was a sparrow, that much was clear, but it didn’t seem to fit any of the easily boxes the other North American sparrows can be fairly easily sorted into.

Lithium, Cordless, Emission Free and incredibly lightweight describes the NEW Recharge Mower PMLI-14

Green (Living) Review

Lithium Powered, Cordless, Emission Free and weighing a total of 35 lbs. the New Recharge Mower ULTRALITE from Driven by Solar, makes cutting your lawn virtually effortless.

Pictures of the day

Environmental Economics

Not my favorite hat: But I liked the shirts: Mine should arrive in a week or so

2012 2

Power generation in the future - compact, decentralized systems in urban environments

Green (Living) Review

Weidmüller offers an extensive and innovative programme of products for regenerative, decentralized power generation Detmold, April 2012: The German Federal Government has initiated a new energy policy.

Proof that Env-Econ writers are better decision makers than the President

Environmental Economics

Congratulations to riffells0 (whoever that is) on winning the 2012 Env-Econ NCAA tournament challenge.    Some other noteworthy results: 1) I beat John. 2) My 10 year old beat us both. 3) We both beat the President (troublegoingright

Grayish Piculet – Diminutive Endemic

10,000 Birds

This week I find myself writing about Colombia again. But this should not come as a surprise as the country really is almost fathomless when it comes to delicious bird content. This post relates to a delightful Colombian endemic called the Grayish Piculet.