Sat.Feb 25, 2012

Bird Photography Equipment – Lens and Filters

10,000 Birds

Photography is a great tool to improve bird ID accuracy as explored in my previous post Photography and Birding. Now I am ready to share with you what lens I consider ideal regarding cost, weight, portability, and quality.

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Saturday’s Green News Snippets from the Middle East

Green Prophet

From food shortages in Syria to green energy in Jordan, this news round-up will help keep you in the know.

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Attend Vegan Fashion Line Vaute Couture’s Launch Party!


Big news for sustainable fashionistas everywhere! Vaute Couture—the high fashion vegan and eco-conscious fashion line created by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart—is opening their first flagship store in Brooklyn, New York. And Read More. Animals Fashion Lifestyle News Top News Vegan

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KFC Opens First Store in Iran


The American fast food chain restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken has opened a branch in Iran despite harsh US sanctions against Iran over that country's nuclear programs , Iranian media report. Apparently Iran's first KFC branch was opened on Friday in Tehran.

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Recycling in Portlandia is Hilariously Specific


The green gags from one of my favorite new comedy sketch programs keep coming; with recycling bins the latest to get spoofed. Read More. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News

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Hantz Farms:Detroit's Saving Grace


Hantz Farms, the biggest proposed urban farm ever, is setting out to reinvigorate Detroit's blight filled neighborhoods and stimulate its economy. Supported by Hantz Group, this farm is what Detroit's dwindling population so desperately needs

Best green household products must for every home


Every modern home needs items to help make living easier. But it is also important that these products don't release harmful toxins and chemicals which can pose a danger to the health and the environment. In keeping with

Why the World Needs Planetary and Social Boundaries


This blog summaries a new Discussion Paper published by Oxfam. It does not represent Oxfam policy, but is intended to encourage public debate in the run-up to the UN conference on sustainable devolpment (Rio+20) in June. When crossing unknown territory, a compass can be pretty handy.

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