Wed.Oct 28, 2020

A Selection of Kenyan LBJ’s

10,000 Birds

Last night in the moments before sleep took over, I felt an urge to shine some light on some LBJ’s (Little Brown Jobs) or LBB’s (Little Brown Birds). What better selection than the various birds of the Kenyan highlands, right?

2020 198

New white paint will put air conditioners out of business

Green Prophet

Purdue researchers Xiulin Ruan (left) and Joseph Peoples use an infrared camera to compare the cooling performance of white paint samples on a rooftop. . We’ve written about the benefits of white paint on a hot tar roof in the past, at least a couple of times. And the fact that they can’t slow global warming. White paint is what people paint the roofs of their apartment buildings in Tel Aviv to keep the insides cool.

2020 67

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The Devil Made Me Do It

10,000 Birds

Since I am an evangelical pastor down here in Mexico, I always feel a bit odd when I give visiting birders their first encounter with Lucifer. Of course, in my defense, this is not the actual Prince of Darkness I am talking about, but the Lucifer Hummingbird.

2020 189

Tarantulas: Color, Cancer and Cramps

Nature Conservancy - Science

Some consider tarantulas creepy, but these researchers find their venom more helpful than harmful. The post Tarantulas: Color, Cancer and Cramps appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Conservation Science Insects & Pollinators Weird Nature

2020 61

How UK Businesses are Improving Their Green Credentials

Green Prophet

Now, more than ever, companies need to carefully consider their relationship with the environment. Modern consumers are judicious with where they shop and will go the extra mile for businesses that share their values. An eco-conscious approach to operations has several other benefits, including: Access to tax schemes and incentives. Adaptability to evolving regulations. Protection against rising energy prices. Favourable relationships with stakeholders.

2020 40

X Misconceptions Related To Employee Time Tracking

Green Prophet

Feel you are reaching out to a forest of abyss? Work seems endless? Keeping track of others worse. Not too long ago, time tracking was time consuming. While tracking time has been widely accepted as a viable way to improve productivity, filling out lengthy Excel sheets has commonly been viewed as an additional task. As a result, the practice of time tracking has been known to face a lot of resistance in corporate scenarios. However, things have changed.

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