Tue.Sep 10, 2019

Bird Litigation: “Standing” and the California Gnatcatcher

10,000 Birds

The coastal subspecies of California Gnatcatcher ( Polioptila californica californica ) can be found in sage scrub that was once abundant from Ventura County to northern Baja California. But its U.S.

The Iguana Invasion

Nature Conservancy - Science

The green iguana invades Florida’s natural areas – and swimming pools. Wildlife Invasive Species

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Essential Oils to Aid in Healthy Hair

Green Prophet

There are a number of amazing benefits to essential oils for both the skin, hair and even nails, but which is best to help combat hair loss and keep the scalp as happy as possible?

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Ecofeminism Explained (by Activists, Ecofeminists, and Me)

Eco Chic

Photo of Vandana Shiva via Wikimedia Commons. Photo of Ariel Salleh via YouTube screencapture. If you Google “Ecofeminism,” a lot of different stuff comes up. Some definitions will describe it as the destruction of nature in the name of profit, leading to women’s oppression.

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