Mon.Nov 30, 2020

Meet the Dipper, the Songbird That Swims

Nature Conservancy - Science

Meet North America’s only aquatic songbird. The post Meet the Dipper, the Songbird That Swims appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Weird Nature

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Everything Under The Tricare Drug Rehab Coverage

Green Prophet

Covid has created a lot of loss, pain, depression and anxiety. Some people have turned to safer self-medicating using CBD, others need help with harder problems. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a common problem nowadays.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving as an OFW in America

Eco Friendly Daily

Thanksgiving Day in the US will fall on November 26 this year. It is one of the US Federal Holidays and an important day in the American calendar. Thanksgiving is also important to many migrant communities in the US, notably Filipinos.

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