Thu.Jun 25, 2020

Two Birds

10,000 Birds

Here`s another entry in the category “Rejected topics for bird-related coffee table books”, following my recent “Blue Birds” post. With remarkable accuracy, each of the photos below shows exactly two birds. African Penguin (Cape Town, South Africa, Nov 2018).

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All about Gath, Goliath’s hometown

Green Prophet

An overview of the upper section of Gath – photo via Eric Welch, University of Kansas. Somewhere halfway between Jerusalem and Ashkelon, there is a place known as Tell es-Safi and it represents a multi-period site – where numerous cultures over time lived and overlapped and built again.

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The Evil Eye And How To Avoid It

Green Prophet

We wrote about smudging to clear bad vibes out, and now let’s have some folklore from the Middle East. Above, you see brisk business being done in protective amulets at the Carmel Shuk, Tel Aviv (in pre-Corona times).

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