Mon.Oct 26, 2020

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of October 2020)

10,000 Birds

October is when rumors of the next season become harder to deny. Where I live, the full splendor of fall foliage coupled with initial fingers of frost refutes the notion that summer will return. Fortunately, nature assures that, as one suite of birds leaves, another takes its place.

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Biophilic Cities For An Urban Century

Nature Conservancy - Science

What use is nature in the urban century? The post Biophilic Cities For An Urban Century appeared first on Cool Green Science. Ideas Urban Conservation

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Getting Good Bird Video with a Phone Skope Adaptor

10,000 Birds

Two weekends ago I was scheduled to take part in a live birding video, one of twenty birders from across North and South America who were out and about looking for good birds to share with the world through Swarovski Optik Birding’s Facebook page.

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