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Morning Coffee with Eastern Imperial Eagle

10,000 Birds

May 2009. After a wakeup call at highly uncivilized 3.45 am, at the crack of dawn I am sitting in a car by the Suslik (European ground squirrel) pasture. It is still cold. No Susliks are to be seen – they are waiting for the sun.

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Instead of Searching for Love, allow it to Arrive—Buddhist Style.

Elephant Journal

When we believe that our worth comes from the outside, we will always feel like we need more love. This is not news, but just honest information—as much as we want to believe it's not true, no one will ever be enough to fulfill us, if we cannot fulfill ourselves. Enlightened Society Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality acceptance buddhism Buddhist Buddhist Style change healing Health & Wellness life love meditation mindfulness practice relationships self love spirituality

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Nearly half Europe’s electricity could be produced by households by 2050, study shows

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) More than a quarter of a million Europeans could be producing their own energy by the middle of the century if certain policies are pursued, a new report has found.

Ten Baby Steps to save the Honeybees.

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For a limited time, they're offering free wildflower seeds on their website to encourage planting flowers that will help sustain the bees. The #BringBacktheBees. Enlightened Society Green beekeepers causes dandelions Earth honey bees pesticides Wildflowers

Profitable “Free Range” Milk & False Claims In The Guardian


A tidal wave of “free range” milk seems to be upon us in the UK. The media would have you believe that this new onslaught of baby calf fluid is in response to a growing demand for higher welfare animal products. The reality is that producers have merely identified the concept of “free range” as a rather profitable one given the steady decline in milk prices over the last few years.

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Shell CEO urges switch to clean energy as plans hefty renewable spending

Green (Living) Review

The oil and gas industry risks losing public support if progress is not made in the transition to cleaner energy, Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Executive Ben van Beurden said on Thursday.

When Life feels Unfair, Let this Phrase Guide You.

Elephant Journal

I believe that miracles happen every day if you look for them. Colby is one of those miracles. Enlightened Society Family Health & Wellness advocacy be of benefit born this way disability equality families For Children special needs warrior mom

You'll get nothing and like it [*]

Environmental Economics

This is totally justified if the benefits of regulations that improve environmental quality are zero : President Trump will send a budget to Congress on Thursday that sharply reorders the nation’s priorities by spending billions of dollars on defending the southern border and bolstering the Pentagon while severely cutting funds for foreign aid, poverty programs and the environment. The most significant cuts would be at the E.P.A., which the Trump administration has accused of overreach.

Finding Raw Beauty in this Dirty World.

Elephant Journal

Raw beauty feeds my hungry soul amid the chaos and corruption championed by those who seek power. Enlightened Society Inspiring (Wow) Right Livelihood awareness beautiful moments dirty world Finding Raw Beauty happiness healing Health & Wellness life mindfulness negative talk personal journey raw beauty

What Romance Tell Us About Our Perception Of Animals


Nothing brings out the inner speciesist in non-vegans (and many vegans too) more than discussions surrounding sexuality and romance.

28 Valuable Life Lessons from a 28-year-old.

Elephant Journal

There are so many pressures in our lifetime that attempt to structure who we should be, and it's a constant battle to fight for our individuality, without making us feel like outcasts. We're sensitive by design, and it's okay to feel deeply every once in a while. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Love Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood growing up life hack life journey personal growth self-development tips on life woman women young

‘Orangutan Boxing’ And Non-Veganism: What Do They Have In Common?


They’re the moral equivalent. A zoo in Bangkok called ‘Safari World’ has come under fire from “animal rights groups” around the world for hosting a “sport” called orangutan boxing. . A UK leader for the International Fund for Animal Welfare said “it is shocking that such cruel and exploitative treatment of animals continues for the so-called entertainment of tourists.”

How I Found my True Self in my Dark Night of the Soul.

Elephant Journal

I’ve been embarrassed, ashamed, and silent about this part of my life. I’ve had my lips zipped for 18 years. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality depression growth spurt personal development self harm self love suicide

Five Signs that we’ve gone Too Far to Help Others.

Elephant Journal

Help takes on many forms, and since it involves emotional and mental commitment, it can often lead to. Enlightened Society Love Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood awareness ego helping others kindness narcissist self-worth selfishness

Look at Me when I’m Talking to You. {Poem}

Elephant Journal

I do not ask that you hold me in your arms if I tell you of my fears, or brush up my feathers with confidence when I tell you. Arts Love awareness connection look at me mindful communication mindful relationships poetry romantic love

Masturbation as a Form of Activism.

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Simultaneously, sex is everywhere. We use it to sell hamburgers and perfume. We gossip about sex scandals, and sex tapes. In the United States alone, the porn industry rakes in about. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Sexy Activism change the world masturbation radical embodiment self-connection self-pleasure

Five Feng Shui Tips to help us Create More Serenity in our Lives.

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Nothing improves the serenity of a room quite as instantly and thoroughly as covering a. Health & Wellness Right Livelihood calm space clearing clutter energy feng shui home design serenity

Behind every Feminist, there is a Chauvinist.

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I can definitely attest to the fact that most modern women want this kind of man: Enlightened Society Love awakened man chauvinism chauvinist feminism feminist India marriage mindful love modern women

How Kundalini Yoga helped me Recover from losing my Best Friend.

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Most mornings, it took everything I had just to get me out of bed. My Kundalini Yoga practice had pulled me out of other ditches, but grief, it seemed. Animal Rights Yoga dog gratitude grief kundalini yoga loss recover

Being with Her was like Breathing Out.

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But, as I always do—because it feels unbearable to not I went back. I gave in to the desire to be around her. I put myself. Literary Journal Love dating going back to your ex love messiness of love relationships unrequited