Mon.Jun 17, 2019

REEP: "The Need for More (Not Less) External Review of Economic Analysis at the U.S. EPA"

Environmental Economics

via the advance articles alert email:  Kevin J Boyle & Matthew J Kotchen. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. link]. Published: 13 June 2019 Abstract. Under President Donald Trump, the U.S.

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UN applies agricultural tech innovation to improve drought resilience for farmers

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Unlocking the potential of agricultural innovations, be it simple solutions or satellite-based technologies, will help prevent a drought from turning into famine and forced displacement and to reverse desertification, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said today.

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Daily demand and supply

Environmental Economics

Summer gasoline market analysis from AAA: The national average dropped six cents on the week, following a consistent downward trend since Memorial Day. The decline is unusual for this time of year. Pump prices usually trickle higher during the summer months due to increased demand.

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Iraq’s breadbasket gets a $15 million EU grant in agriculture

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Iraqis as refugees, Iraqis as victims of ISIS, Iraqis as victims of climate change. Some help on the way to get a leg up on the problem in agriculture. Farming families in northern Iraq’s Nineveh Governorate (the setting of the Jonah and the Whale biblical story!)

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Fun with Forster’s Terns

10,000 Birds

Yesterday morning I spent some time visiting some of my favorite Queens birding spots, hoping to find one of the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks that have invaded the northeastern United States this year. I didn’t have any luck with the ducks, not that I expected to, but I did get to a couple birding spots that I don’t tend to bird in June. One such place is Baisley Pond Park, a place that usually forget exists between March and November.

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Things To Consider Before Buying An Energy Efficient Hand Dryer

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Maybe you want a hand dryer for the home or office. How do you choose the best energy efficient one for you? It doesn’t take an expert or a scientist to tell you that the environment is suffering from human consumption patterns.