Sun.Jul 07, 2019

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of July 2019)

10,000 Birds

Weekends, whether long or short, usually produce opportunities for noteworthy moments. Hopefully, you manufactured one or two of the avian observation variety. Most of the birds of note during my weekend in Pittsburgh appeared in transit.

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Put Plants In Your Home To Live Longer

Green Prophet

Summertime, and the green outdoors beckons. It’s tempting to go for a healthy walk outdoors. But what if you live in an apartment, a bus ride away from a park? Or spend the best part of daylight hours in an office building?

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Central Catchment Nature Reserve Singapore

10,000 Birds

The Central Catchment Nature Reserve in Singapore is a huge area that covers over 2,000 hectares of forest. There are over twenty kilometres of walking trails within the park and it is open from 7am until 7pm daily.

8 Ways Wild Animals Beat the Heat

Nature Conservancy - Science

From urine-accented mud baths to “bloody” sunscreen, how wildlife stays cool in the hot summer. Climate Change Wildlife

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Why Is Family Farming Better for the Environment?


Family farming, which broadly speaking means. any farm owned or managed by a family, is the most predominant form of agriculture around the globe. Over 500 million family farms in the world currently supply more than 56 percent of food, feed and fiber [1].

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