Wed.Sep 18, 2019

Fall migration brings rarities to Tucson

10,000 Birds

When you think of Southeast Arizona Birding, and the unique birds that can be found there, it conjures thoughts of roadrunners, hummingbirds, trogons, and the many other desert residents. In the last few days, we have had a couple of avian visitors that are well outside the norm.

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50 Fish, 50 States: Trout at 11,000 Feet

Nature Conservancy - Science

Fishing for a (formerly) extinct fish in the Colorado Rockies. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Wildlife 50 Fish, 50 States Conservation Science Fish Outdoor Rec

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10,000 Birds

We all have them: families of birds that are maddeningly similar, forever leaving nagging doubts about our identifications. Gulls. Terns. New World Warblers in non-reproductive plumage. “Old World” Warblers, any time of the year. Empidonax flycatchers, oh God, Empidonax flycatchers.

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Sheik Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Is Greening This Low-Key Emirate

Green Prophet

Ras Al Khaimah doesn’t have the global profile of Dubai or the economic heft of Abu Dhabi. But that doesn’t mean this low-key emirate isn’t an international leader.

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Life Coaching Tools

The Green Changemakers

Source: [link] What good is life coaching? Why do I need someone to tell me how to live my life? Am I not capable of being my best self on my own?

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When to go to Saudi Arabia and Other Travel Tips

Green Prophet

Saudi Arabia is poised to open the country to tourism. When it undertakes this historic step, you will be able to visit the country as a tourist. This should happen by the end of 2021. Right now, if you want to visit Saudi Arabia you can only do so as part of a religious pilgrimage.

Sesame ideal crop for drought regions in the US

Green Prophet

Tehini and humus. Climate change is a reality. New research shows that drought-tolerant crops like sesame (the main ingredient in tehini!) is an ideal alternative in regions that have relied on cotton or sorghum for this very same reason. Texas has a long history of growing cotton.

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