Fri.Oct 18, 2019

A quick comment about opt-in panels

Environmental Economics

Here is a comment I received on a referendum repeated contingent valuation (aka, discrete choice experiment) survey: I seriously dont think this is a realistic way to make decisions regarding such a complex situation. I hope my answers arent used to help anyone.

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Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of October 2019?

10,000 Birds

Did you know that October Big Day falls this weekend? Did you even know October Big Day was a thing? Apparently, Team eBird decided that May didn’t deserve all the fun.

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Things You Need to Know About Using Business Gas

Green Prophet

Natural gas is an earth-friendlier option to fuel our needs. Some options are better than others. In order to run a successful business, you will need to make sure that your operating costs are as low as they can be.

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North Coast Brewing Company: Le Merle Saison

10,000 Birds

This is the first October in three years I haven’t been vacationing in California. But I felt I should at least return in spirit by an enjoying a beer from North Coast Brewing Company of Fort Bragg, a long-established craft brewery on that state’s Mendocino Coast.

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