Mon.Dec 09, 2019

How to Bird Murchison Falls

10,000 Birds

An expanse of habitat as vast as Murchison Falls NP in Uganda, as excessively generous in beauty and biodiversity, permits endless ways to experience both its birds and animals.

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WAPO: Americans broadly accept climate science.

Environmental Economics

Over half say driving cars and burning fossils fuels are major contributors ( link ). This  This is In spite of everything [*]: Americans remain shaky on the details of climate science even as they have grown increasingly concerned about human activity warming the Earth, according to a national poll by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) that probed the public’s understanding of climate change. The rising alarm is one of the poll’s most dramatic findings.

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What We Know (And Don’t Know) About Cities & Biodiversity

Nature Conservancy - Science

Scientists don't know much about how human cities affect other species. Ideas TNC Science Urban Conservation

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Ottolenghi’s Kohlrabi Salad

Green Prophet

Tomatoes and cucumbers may be summer memories, but the craving for good salad doesn’t go away just because it’s winter. Please meet a vegetable that satisfies those salad cravings: kohlrabi.

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Elfatih Ibrahim Highlights Advances In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Green Prophet

Medicine seems to belong to an old-trusted and true system but advances in hightech are also creating new opportunities for your future medicine, smarter, personalized, tailored to you. Technology moves at a faster pace than many industry fields can keep up.

If you are pregnant and smoking still, like WTF?

Green Prophet

Sexy or not, even hooka pipes carry second hand smoke dangers. If you are having a baby, just quit please! You are at risk for gestational diabetes of you smoke ANYTHING while pregnant. Even this man’s second hand smoke.

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