Thu.Feb 20, 2020

Another post about owls

10,000 Birds

Strange as it may seem, this is not an entry into a “most boring blog headline” contest. Rather, it is derived from an obscure song by a British band (Marc Riley and the Creepers) titled “Another song about motorbikes”.

2020 183

Aviation needs a moonshot: Geoffrey Lipman on greening emissions globally

Green Prophet

The high environmental footprint of air travel is something that most people are by now well aware of.

2020 91

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When Does Collecting Customer Data Become Intrusive?

Green Prophet

Is your personal data being sold on the darkweb? In some western east countries, even environmental activists are persecuted. Know your rights and what tools can stop identity theft or incrimination.

2020 67

Top 8 Reasons For Considering A Garden Building

Green Prophet

A tiny house, a room of one’s own, a little office, pottery studio, or granny flat. Building a tiny home in your garden might be a better eco investment that renting a whole new space. Have you ever thought of investing in a structure set up in your backyard?

2020 62

Matters of Genealogy: How DNA Testing Can Benefit You

Green Prophet

Studying twins and the effects of one twin on Space travel, via NASA. Depending on your interest in the subject of genetics, you are likely to be aware of just how simple it can be to have your DNA samples mailed out, and for your chosen company to test and provide you with all sorts of details.

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