Message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama on his 79th Birthday.

Elephant Journal

The global environment has declined so therefore now the environmental situation has reached a crisis stage. And, it is important to give proper care to environmental preservation including the ecosystem. In today''s world Poverty has increased.

Angela Adams’ Nature-inspired Modern Rugs, Wovens, and Pillows

Eco Chic

I’m probably drawn to them because they are all interpretations of native Maine ecosystems, from ocean waves at dusk (the rug above) to woodland paths , to seaglass (bottom rug image). I am in LOVE with Portland, Maine-based design house Angela Adams.

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Seed Money Available to Protect Mediterranean Basin Birds

Green Prophet

BirdLife International has created a fund to underwrite environmental preservation projects in one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots: the Mediterranean Basin. Seed money up to $1 million to protect your local birds. Apply today.

2012 106

Why Solar Cookers Should Spread Like Satellites in Morocco

Green Prophet

Lacking access to natural gas, these villagers have had no choice but to burn biomass to produce the family’s meals – a situation that also has grave environmental consequences.