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Christian Neumann, Linwood Pendleton, Marianne Kettunen and Tundi Agardy: The value of ecosystems and the associated services they provide is receiving growing attention both in the public and decision-making arena. The language of Ecosystem Services essentially translates the complexity of ecological processes and functions into descriptors that define the socio-economic-ecological link. The language of Ecosystem Services creates new connections.

Forest’s Ecosystem Management

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When is an Ecosystem Service Not an Ecosystem Service?

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If an ecosystem produces something useful, but nobody uses it, is still it an ecosystem service? If we become more honest and robust in our valuation, however, we will very soon find ourselves saying that some ecosystems in some places aren’t worth very much at all.

Can Grasslands, The Ecosystem Underdog, Play an Underground Role in Climate Solutions?

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Never underestimate the underdog — in sports or in ecosystems. Globally, grasslands are one of the most converted and least protected ecosystems (Hoekstra et al. Strategies that avoid conversion of ecosystems take advantage of this natural ability to offset carbon emissions.

Burning for Biodiversity: How Hunting Promotes Healthy Ecosystems in the Australian Desert

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Now, anthropological research shows that Martu burning — performed during hunting for sand goanna — actually increases biodiversity and benefits the desert ecosystem.

Designer Ecosystems

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More and more frequently I hear about ecosystem restoration—the attempt to reestablish a natural ecosystem on degraded land. Sometimes I even hear that “designer ecosystems” might provide services or experiences similar to or better than nature. Ideas Ecosystem Services

UN values ecosystem loss to trillions of dollars a year

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Their numbers are amazing – according to their recently released report, the world’s loses ecosystem worth up to $10.6 The study authors have calculated the cost of the “lost ecosystem services value” our planet has suffered in the last decade and a half.

I've been slow to adapt but my new research field is "ecosystem services valuation" #chump

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environmental economists should have a lot to say about the last item under the first bullet point (a later slide mentioned "ecosystem services valuation" under "research agenda"

Watch How Wolves Rebuilt an Entire Ecosystem

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The video below is a must-watch, because in a brief and beautiful explanation, it is clear why top predators are so very important to healthy ecosystems. The post Watch How Wolves Rebuilt an Entire Ecosystem appeared first on Eco-Chick. Have you ever heard of Rewilding?

Nutcrackers, Whitebark Pine, and a Bond That Holds an Ecosystem Together

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Her doctoral work here in Wyoming’s Bridger–Teton National Forest—just east of Grand Teton National Park and smack in the middle of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem—has included 76 radio-tagged nutcrackers. From the Autumn 2015 issue of Living Bird magazine.

Environmental Impact of Pharmaceuticals on the Ecosystem - The Gradual Pollution of Major Bodies of Water


Once upon a time, in a land almost no one living has ever seen, the rivers and streams of North America were so pure one could drink with cupped hands or a tin cup.

Deep Sea Mining: The Next Big Threat to our Oceans.

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Nautilus Minerals will be the first company making a high-stakes gamble with our oceans' fragile ecosystem, and the first to commercialize on the natural.

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Sustainable Ocean Development is Possible: Q&A with Maria Damanaki

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Healthy oceans, development and economic growth can coexist. That’s the idea behind an emerging Nature Conservancy strategy led by Maria Damanaki, TNC’s new Global Managing Director for Oceans.

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Coastal Wetlands Prevented $625M in Property Damage During Hurricane Sandy

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Climate Change From the Field Ideas NatureTech Ecosystem Services Nature-based Solutions Oceans Valuing NaturePut a dollar value on it: engineers, ecologists and risk modelers team up to measure the value of coastal wetlands for reducing hurricane risk.

A good example of why we need ecosystem services valuation

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Off-shore windfarms versus rare birds.who should win

The Marsh Arabs Who Restored A Global Ecosystem

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And a new generation of Iraqi environmentalists as well as the Marsh Arabs have played their part in restoring a global ecosystem which has existed for over 7,000 years.

Book Review: Capitalizing on Nature- Ecosystems as Natural Assets

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“Nature has provided ecosystems and their benefits to us for free… perhaps because this capital has been provided freely to us, we humans have tended to view it as limitless, abundant, and thus perhaps always available for our use, exploitation, and conversion.” (p.3).

How Permaculture Can Restore Ecosystems & Communities

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Maddy Harland tells the story of the Shona African community who healed their damaged ecosystems. communities ecosystems permacultureThey restored their springs, rebuilt their soil, regenerated their agriculture and alleviated poverty and malnutrition.

Science: On Earth Day, Hope for a Better Future

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Ideas Ecosystem Services Nature + People TechnologyThe word “science” means many things to different people. While some see science as nerdy and boring, others are in awe of the discoveries that have been made and the technologies that change our lives. To me, science means hope.

For the Love of Oysters

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To answer this question, we are focusing on the ecosystem services that oyster reefs provide — from protection against damaging waves and storms, to improving water quality and clarity and enhancing habitat for marine wildlife. I’ve been in a love affair with oysters for nearly 20 years.

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The Relevance Imperative in Conservation

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Is it because they benefit from an ecosystem service? Ideas Biodiversity Economics Ecosystem Services Nature + People Nature-based SolutionsWhat’s in it for me? That may sound like a selfish question.

Poisoning Vultures Will Come Back to Bite Us

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In Africa, however, many vulture populations are understudied and those studies that have been published on the declines of vultures and the impacts of removing vultures from the ecosystem in Africa come from only a few countries. The world’s vultures are in crisis.

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Saved by Sand Dunes

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Climate Change From the Field Ideas Ecosystem Services Nature + People Nature-based Solutions Resilience Valuing NatureOn the five year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, a return to the Jersey Shore towns saved by sand dunes.

New Science Shows Seagrass Meadows Suppress Pathogens

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And her thoughts immediately jumped to the seagrass ecosystems around the islands where she and her colleagues worked with collaborators at Hasanuddin University in Indonesia. Seagrass ecosystem in Spermonde Islands ©Joleah Lamb. NatureNet Fellows Science Update.

The genesis of ecosystem services

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The  Chronicle of Higher Education profiles Gretchen Daily and the  Natural Capital Project : No one knew exactly how the science of ecosystem services would work, beyond the idea that it would combine ecology with economics.

Reviving the Commons: Using Incentives to Protect the Nation’s Sources of Fresh Water

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The landowner’s cost reimbursement can be increased in relation to buffer width to incentivize landowners to pursue wider buffers (left) and the additional ecosystem services they provide (from Sweeney and Blaine 2016).

Hurricane Sandy and the Flooding that Wasn’t

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Climate Change From the Field Ideas Nature Tech Ecosystem Services Nature + People Nature-based Solutions ResilienceThis is one of the most important stopover sites for migratory birds in the world, but no one in the group in front of me has binoculars or a scope.

Maintaining Healthy Forests Takes More than Planting Trees

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From the Field Climate Economics Ecosystem Services Fire Forests Invasive Species Research Resilience RestorationWhat can we do to slow climate change and restore America’s forests? I used to think the answer was to plant more trees. Mic drop. But wait, that’s not the whole story.

Peter Kareiva on “What’s Good for Nature is Good for Business”

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People and Conservation business case for conservation Ecosystem Services natural capital Peter Kareiva video By Bob Lalasz, director of science communications for The Nature Conservancy . Capitalism eats nature for breakfast — that’s received wisdom among environmentalists.

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Is Nature Ready to Transform Big Business?

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At a recent ACES (A Community on Ecosystem Services) conference, we brought together members of three collaborations, representing different sectors and stages of maturity, to discuss the strategic fit of valuing nature to their business and lessons learned from their collaborations.

Nature’s Climate Solutions

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We have identified three approaches that show tremendous promise, and we are working around the world to expand their scale: Preserve Healthy Ecosystems : Destruction of tropical forests is the source of 15% of current greenhouse gas emissions.

Can We Restore…Everything? 100 Words from Hobbs, Ellis, Marvier & Others

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The paper’s authors, led by Carolina Murcia of the University of Florida and the Orgainzation for Tropical Studies, said the evidence is clear: Any ecosystem can be restored, given enough resources. The answers are as various as ecosystems, novel or otherwise. Novel Ecosystems.

Why The Nature Conservancy is Restoring Streams by Acting like a Beaver

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From the Field Wildlife Ecosystem Services Field Notes Mammals Resilience Restoration Water WetlandsThe Nature Conservancy is working like a beaver ( Castor canadensis ) by mimicking beaver dam building to restore streams and floodplain habitat in Montana and California. No kidding.

Bringing Behavioral Insights into Conservation Programs and Policies

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Ideas Economics Ecosystem Services Human Well-Being Nature + People Nature-based Solutions Social Science Valuing NatureBehavioral science and economics have provided important insights for health, finance, and many other domains, but are largely untapped resources for conservation.

Mapping Reduced-Impact Logging With Lidar

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Climate Change Asia Pacific Climate Ecosystem Services Forest Carbon Forests ResearchWhat can light beams tell us about the state of tropical forests?

If You Don’t Invest in Your Water Supply, Someone Else Will and It Won’t Be Pretty

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This approach also benefits wildlife and the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem by reducing fish-killing dead zones caused by too much nitrogen running off farms. Water Ecosystem Services New York urban conservation Water ConservationWater purification systems at Bret Lake, Switzerland.

Can Traditional Agriculture Restore the Reef?

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These may appear to be marginal conservation lands, but they can still provide important ecosystem services.”. Agriculture Coral Reefs Ecosystem Services food security Hawaii marineTraditional taro cultivation provides many ecological and economic benefits. Photo: © Grady Timmons/TNC.

Using Cloud Computing to Untangle How Trees Can Cool Cities

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Trees provide numerous valuable ecosystem services to communities: benefits associated with air and water quality, energy conservation, cooler air temperatures, and many other environmental and social benefits. Ideas NatureTech Ecosystem Services Human Well-Being Research Technology

New Science: Helping Businesses Understand What Water is Worth

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Now, companies have a new model to assess just how valuable reliable access to water is to their business, thanks to new research published recently in Ecosystem Services. Science business case for conservation Climate Change Dow Chemical Company drought Ecosystem Services water scarcity

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Civilization without destruction

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Photo © The Nature Conservancy The true power of nature Our latest research tells us that better management of forests, farms and other ecosystems can deliver at least 20% of the carbon mitigation we need in striving to reach the 2°C goal. “Forests precede civilization; deserts follow.”