Sustainable Cleveland, Sustainable Future

Conservancy Talk

The 2017 Sustainable Cleveland Summit brought together more than 500 community leaders to help design Cleveland’s sustainable future. I was delighted to be invited by the Mayor and Matt Gray, Cleveland’s Chief of Sustainability.

You’re Invited! Our Sustainable Future Discussion on the Future of the Circular Economy with GM, H&M and More

Eco Chic

We’re going to be talking about the Circular Economy with some amazing folks (see the lineup below) for Our Sustainable Future: How the Approaching Circular Economy will Change Fashion, Cars, and Buildings f or the (Much) Better.

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Could Mindfulness hold the key to unlock a sustainable future?

The Green Changemakers

Posted by sdreyerleon in Uncategorized July 6, 2011 Educating for Sustainability: A Mindfulness Practice! During the interview, Thich Nhat Hanh says something that cuts to the heart of what I see as the relationship between mindfulness and sustainability.

SUSTAINABLE FUTURES: Replacing Growth Imperative and Hierarchies with Sustainable Ways

The Green Changemakers

In May 2008 Coalition for Environment and Development launched a nine-month research project under the title CULTURES OF SUSTAINABILITY - SUSTAINABILITY OF CULTURES: Africa-Asia-Europe Dialogue on the Future of Low Ecological Footprint Communities.

Smart Strategies for a Sustainable Future

The Green Changemakers

Green Communities is a web-based toolkit and planning guide designed to help communities access the tools and information to help them become more sustainable, Green Communities. Begin your journey toward sustainability by clicking on Step 1: Where are we now! This step helps communities design a community assessment leading to an overall profile of existing community environmental, economic and social conditions. Step Four - Sustainable Action Plans How Do We Get There?

Local Communities Showcase the Way to Sustainable Future

Green Life Smart Life

In the midst of this global economic crisis, there is a movement happening in some of the hardest hit places in America – local communities. This movement is showing that Main Street truly is the way to building a better, more sustainable future. Dedicated to promoting and sustaining local business, Local First organizations across the country are campaigning for a shift in the way we act, in the way we think and most importantly, in the way we spend.

2009 40

The Necessary Revolution: Creating a Sustainable Future

The Green Changemakers

What only a couple of decades ago was still a vigorous scientific debate has become as close to a consensus as scientific communities ever achieve: human-induced climate change from greenhouse gases concentrating in the atmosphere has reached a threshold of significant social and economic impact—and we are only now at the start of experiencing the effects. Tags: Future Sustainable-development Economics Peter Senge and Bryan Smith "The Industrial Era is ending.

2008 40

Nature’s Place on the Global Stage

Conservancy Talk

How to lift millions from poverty while ensuring that a growing middle class uses resources sustainably are at the top of the agenda. He noted that for his country, “marine-based nature is a driver for sustainable development”.

New research shows that despite the economic recession, consumers still place considerable value on sustainability

Green (Living) Review

Havas Media unveils Sustainable Futures 09, a research based framework that allows companies to measure, track and connect sustainability to brand value In one of the first indicators since the global economic downturn, Sustainable Futures 09, Havas Media’s new research and measurement framework, reveals that even during these challenging economic times, consumers are not losing sight of the importance of sustainability.

2009 100

How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


As important as forests are both environmentally and economically, many of our global forests are severely affected by deforestation. Additionally, trade agreements push governments to use only sustainable products. Forests cover 31 percent of earth’s land.

2018 97

Incorporating Plants in the Existing Urban Fabric


Perhaps a bold assumption, but one might argue that sometimes simple is more efficient and that by following what flows naturally within a set environment and connecting to the local natural habitat, is a much better way of using resources and creating an environmentally sustainable future.

2018 56

Measuring Wealth in Footsteps

Environmental News Network

A country with a growing GDP may have dwindling ecological wealth because many economic activities deplete natural resources. GDP see’s these economic activities solely as income rather than a liquidation of assets.

Prosperity of Cities - Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Housing

The Green Changemakers

[link] Sustainable Housing for Sustainable Cities , A policy framework for developing cities Your browsing history: Sustainable Urban Energy The concept of housing requires a new understanding to effectively address the pressing issues of slums, the urban divide, economic and human development, and climate change. No longer regarded as simply a roof over one's head, housing today plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable development.

Dream of a Nation

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Management Sustainable-development Ebook Economy Peace Economics Governance Community Education[link] [link] THE BOOK With over 400 pages of material that makes complex issues graspable, Dream of a Nation is a tool that will inform and engage.

The UN asks Pope to fight for water

Green Prophet

He cited Francis 2015 encyclical Laudato s í, which “teaches us the importance of a balance between human beings and nature to guarantee a sustainable future for our planet.”

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Sustainable Urban Enterprise

The Green Changemakers

How can they provide the right environment for sustainable enterprise to flourish? But sustainability is also rapidly becoming a factor for forward thinking businesses as outlined by Forum for the Future in “Sustainable Urban Enterprise: creating the right business environment in cities” ( Sustainable Urban Enterprise ). Sustainable-development Urban Economics Social Enterprise

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Rain Forest Destruction - Still Happening


Let every individual and institution now thinks and act as a responsible trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a sustainable future, eliminate pollution, poverty and violence, awaken the wonder Believe or not folks, destruction of our rainforest is still alive today and it happens to be one of the most serious environmental problems we tackle because of habitat loss and its contribution to climate change.

Qatar: First Saltwater Barley Crop Sprouts in the Desert

Green Prophet

Speaking at a Sustainable Qatar Meeting at the Friends of Environment Center, cultivation coordinator Patrick Brading stressed that their seawater greenhouses, scaled up, could go a long way to ease food insecurity and provide employment opportunities.

Qatar 108

Jordan’s Queen Rania Featured at World Future Energy Summit

Green Prophet

We hope to meet Jordan’s beautiful Queen Rania; or at least catch a glimpse of her today as she pushes a sustainability message. . Her Majesty is an influential voice and a strong advocate for sustainable development throughout the region.”.

Jordan 111

Waste Incineration: Advantages and Disadvantages


On the other hand, waste incineration in developing countries is not as practical neither economical as in developed countries, since a high proportion of waste in developing countries is composed of kitchen scraps.

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Green tourism the “next big thing” in Middle East

Green Prophet

An exciting tourism project is set to promise a bright economic future for Saudi Arabia. This year’s Hotel Show Dubai, taking place at Dubai’s World Trade Centre from September 28th-30th, will be focusing upon sustainable hotel design.

One Planet Living

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[link] Guiding Principles - Take action Individuals Government Businesses Guiding Principles of One Planet Living ® To achieve a sustainable future, we need to design communities which enable people to live sustainably.

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The myths of sustainable consumption and sustainable growth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Across the globe the concept of sustainable consumption is being touted as the way of the future, a change in lifestyle and values that promises “green growth”– economic growth that doesn’t hurt the environment. The term itself is, however, an oxymoron for it also keeps relying on the other oxymoron, that of sustainable growth. Permanent consumerism and consumption is not sustainable and there simply is no such thing as sustainable growth.

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The 20th Anniversary of the Environmental Justice Executive Order

Sierra Club Compass

Meanwhile EJ activists continued to fight for the health and sustainability of their communities. Seriously overburdened communities, for example are suffering detrimental health effects and economic deprivation from chemical accidents and proposed coal terminals.

Training manuals and education resources on sustainability

The Green Changemakers

Sample Student Work When the Chips Are Down Posters Students in an AP Environmental Science class at Piedmont High School learned about the social implications of national Ecological Footprints in Facing the Future's activity, “When the Chips Are Down.” Ecological Footprint of Transportation- Poster/Research Project This student from Meg Gorman's Economics class at San Francisco Waldorf School researched the Ecological Footprint of transportation throughout history.

2008 40

Unearthing the true cost of fossil fuels and the true value of photovoltaics

Green (Living) Review

Two new studies published by Carol Olson and Frank Lenzmann in MRS Energy and Sustainability—A Review Journal ( MRS E&S ) shed light on the true economic, social and environmental impacts of photovoltaics as compared to those of the fossil fuel supply chain. Olson and Lenzmann, who work at the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, compared the economics associated with all the major fuel supply chains, including oil and gas, coal and nuclear.

How a Southern Californian Community Organized to Push for Rooftop Solar Jobs

Sierra Club Compass

What if your community was given the opportunity to embark on a path to a sustainable future with good jobs in one the fastest growing industries in the nation? By Erica Thames, Opa'maggio Casciani, and Yassamin Kavezade, Sierra Club's My Generation Campaign volunteers.

Will 2013 Herald The Arab Green Spring?

Green Prophet

Banking on Masdar to lead the Arab world in sustainability in 2013? If so, the region could easily see a large percentage of energy coming from non-traditional sources, and may well be a litmus test for the future of the global push towards greener technologies.

2013 88

Sweden has run out of rubbish

Green (Living) Review

One does not have to be an economist to know that this is one highly enviable energy model and that, besides the economic benefit, the Swedish system of sustainability clearly has vast environmental benefits.

Sweden 136

Sustainable Agroforestry Systems and Practices in Agriculture


Resistance of farms to unpredictable weather extremes, resistance of farmers to harvest fluctuations and resistance to current and future environmental challenges. Quick Navigation for Agroforestry Practices and Systems in Sustainable Agriculture. Sustainable Farming

2019 63

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling


Expanded supplies lower prices and make such product creation more economical. Its true disadvantages are few, but it has one big one that must be acknowledged as we contemplate the pathway toward a more sustainable future …. Recycling and the future of the planet.

2018 62

The New Horse-Powered Farm – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The New Horse-Powered Farm Tools and Systems for the Small-Scale Sustainable Market Grower by Stephen Leslie Foreword by Lynn Miller ISBN: 9781603584166 RRP: £28.99

Review 130

Saving the Least Protected Habitat on Earth

Conservancy Talk

From the Great Plains to Kenya to Patagonia, The Nature Conservancy is working with ranchers to implement sustainable grazing techniques like this that benefit both nature and traditional ranching culture.

Earth 111

Sierra Club India: Off-Grid Solar Wi-Fi

Sierra Club Compass

It''s increasingly clear that our current centralized energy and financial systems fail the poor, and, as a result, a sustainable future is distributed. That''s because these are large systems (1 kW or more) so the economics are slightly different.

India 83

Why a (Nearly) Deserted Island Gives Me Hope for the Oceans

Conservancy Talk

Oceans are the socio-economic backbone of coastal communities. So it’s encouraging to see island nations stepping up to protect and sustainably manage their marine resources. Deserted islands have long captured our imaginations, from Robinson Crusoe to Gilligan’s Island.

Ocean 95

Resources for Rethinking

The Green Changemakers

Resources for Rethinking (R4R), a project of Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) , provides teachers access to materials that integrate ecological, social and economic spheres through active, relevant, interdisciplinary learning. We call this learning Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). link] Review Tool Summary Issues & Themes What sustainability issues does the resource explore?

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Emerald Edge: Old Growth Forest Injects New Life into Conservation

Conservancy Talk

In many places around the world, The Nature Conservancy partners closely with indigenous communities like these, working together on a sustainable development agenda that benefits people, nature and the climate. It can be hard to define what connects us to particular landscapes.

To Preserve the Earth, Rethink Our Relationship with Nature

Conservancy Talk

’s new and ambitious 15-year Sustainable Development Goals. The need to maintain economic growth while reducing carbon pollution. ” It’s almost as if the “sustainable” in sustainable development has been an afterthought.

Key Learning Strategies for Environmental Education, Citizenship and Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

[link] Key Learning Strategies for Environmental Education, Citizenship and Sustainability Which learning strategies best contribute to students becoming engaged and active citizens involved in achieving environmental, social and economic sustainability?

Geothermal Energy Pros and Cons


Geothermal power is a clean source of energy that could become one of the pillars of our sustainable future. The research is still in its early stages, so we have to wait to find out if this technique proves to be safe and economically-viable.

Changing the Way We Think About Water: Q&A with Peter Gleick

Conservancy Talk

We need to move toward a sustainable water future, where our water needs can be met while protecting and satisfying the needs of the environment and future generations. Photo credit: © Ami Vitale Mark Tercek: What gives you hope for our water future?

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Interview with Masdar’s Director of Sustainability – Dr. Nawal Al-Hosany

Green Prophet

Al-Hosany who joined Masdar in 2008 as the sustainability associate director is now its director of sustainability. She also director of the influential Zayed Future Energy Prize. The future energy mix will include renewables, and we should embrace this transition.

2012 113

The extreme focus on materialism and its impact on the Planet

Green (Living) Review

Our values, at both the collective and personal levels, are misaligned with a sustainable future. And the talk is even of sustainable economic growth and such like but there is no sustainable growth. So just what are sustainable values?

Impact 141