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Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Green Living with Solar Panels: The Economics of Turning Sunlight into Electricity by greenwise on February 2, 2011 Turning sunlight into electricity is a wonderful idea. Solar panels—and I mean the photovoltaic kind—are a start. But at the moment, using solar panels to generate electricity at home is an investment in green living.

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Investing in bifacial and tracking solar systems safe bet for future

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Using data from NASA, double sided, tilting solar panels create 35% more energy, on average, than immobile single-panel photovoltaic systems, while reducing the cost of electricity by an average of 16%. So how do solar energy companies prepare for tomorrow, or at least the next 10 years?

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"The Red Faces of the Solar Skeptics"

Environmental Economics

For years, these critics — of solar photovoltaics in particular — have called renewable energy a boutique fantasy. A recent Wall Street Journal blog post continues the trend, asserting that solar subsidies take money from the poor to benefit the rich.

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See kids, economics is fun!

Environmental Economics

Happy Earth Day, one day late: Duke Energy aims to more than double the wind, solar and biomass energy in its portfolio by 2020, according to its 2012 sustainability report.

Two Financial Benefits of Solar Panels

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Two Financial Benefits of Solar Panels by greenwise on February 4, 2011 The economics of solar panels for the home was the topic of a previous post. Solar panels can be analyzed as an investment because they can be expected to last 25 years or more.

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Solar Snark

Environmental Economics

  From : If you've ever thought, "One day, I'm going to put in a solar energy system," today might be the day. And if the extent of your knowledge of solar energy systems is burning ants on a hot summer day using only a magnifying might be a redneck.

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An economic conundrum

Environmental Economics

So I read page 2 (and no more) of the NYTimes story John pointed to this morning (John read page 1) and it raises an interesting economic puzzle for environmental advocates: Simple economics suggests that if the nation is producing more energy, prices should be falling. So the question becomes, what is the value of environmental preservation relative to economic growth. 

Solar Generators – Clean Energy At Home

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Technological advancements in the energy sector have made it easier for consumers to access renewable and green energy like solar. Solar-powered generators are a better alternative. They are economical, and safe for the environment and your family. However, there are suggested compatibilities of generators and solar panels out there. Solar generators also come in different sizes. How solar generators work. Solar generators require minimal maintenance.

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Big Clean Energy News Just Keeps Coming: "Solar is Most Economical Option," Says Energy CEO

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This week Xcel Energy announced it will triple the amount of solar power it offers while also adding another 450 megawatts of wind power. We are not taking on solar because we have to, but because it is cost-effective and economical."

Solar shower bag

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Consider a solar shower bag - it's an economical, earth friendly, water and energy efficient way of staying clean while out roughing it Like to camp in the great outdoors, but the idea of going for days without a wash isn't for you?

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Bedouin Solar Power Activate!

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Abramowitz sees his solar energy company’s success of installing solar units in the desert as intertwined with the people who know Israel’s deserts best: the Israeli Bedouin. Arava Power recently installed a solar power plant of almost five megawatts at Kibbutz Ketura.

Renewable energy will not support economic growth

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable energy will not and cannot support perpetual economic growth, the way we have been doing it for so long, for too long, in fact. Solar, wind and small-scale water, cannot provide for such requirements.

What Are the Health and Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy?


For homeowners and commercial business owners, switching to solar energy provides a clean, affordable, and sustainable way to cover electricity requirements. Quick Navigation for Health and Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy. Why is solar energy good for the environment?

Solar panels and saving money at home

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The benefits of solar energy are not always openly discussed, but here are 5 good reasons. Solar energy is reliable. Solar energy is completely renewable. Solar energy is not harmful to the environment. Solar panels can show an immediate savings on the electricity bill.

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Why Are Solar Panels so Expensive? Here’s a Breakdown of Solar System Costs


Solar power rising installation trend continues. Such numbers owe this exponential growth to two factors: policy determination and solar photovoltaic (PV) cost decrease. In this article we will focus on the residential solar PV. Solar panels. Polycrystalline solar panels.

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11 million jobs filled in renewables and solar is on top!

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Increasingly, however, East and Southeast Asian countries have emerged alongside China as key exporters of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. Renewables deliver on all main pillars of sustainable development – environmental, economic and social. United Arab Emirates Irena solar power win

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Loans for rooftop solar are heating up in Egypt

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Two Egyptian banks are moving into green lending with an initiative to finance rooftop solar power systems for residential consumers. The program emerged in part due to an EBA study assessing the feasibility of rooftop solar energy generation in Egypt.

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California mandates solar panels on all new homes

Environmental Economics

If you want to build a new home in California, you will have to build one with rooftop solar, according to a new mandate from the California Energy Commission.    The solar rules will apply to new single-family homes and new multi-family housing of three stories or fewer.   Both of them know a lot about energy and environmental economics, and about California's electricity markets in particular. 

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Two Financial Benefits of Solar Panels | Living Green and Saving.

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Two Financial Benefits of Solar Panels by greenwise on February 4, 2011 The economics of solar panels for the home was the topic of a previous post. Solar panels can be analyzed as an investment because they can be expected to last 25 years or more.

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How Solar Panels Increase Agriculture Productivity


Using solar energy in the agricultural industry. However, as the population continues to grow and environmental impacts affect the planet, the sustainability and economics of the agricultural industry come into question. The benefits of solar energy for agriculture.

Solar Jobs on the Rise in the US

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Solar jobs are growing steadily, along with a number of other green jobs. The solar industry has grown into a major economic force with more than 100,000 employees in the United States,” says Andrea Luecke, Executive Director of The Solar Foundation. “We

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Arizona Solar Panel Incentives Too Effective

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APS (Arizona Public Service), the biggest utility company in Arizona, has reduced the amount they are paying customers for installing solar panels claiming that it has been too effective and is costing them too much. Kris Mayes, chairwoman of the Arizona Corporation Commission stated that, “This is a great problem to have because it means a strong solar industry has emerged in this state and that Arizonans are showing their demand for solar.”.

Jumpstarting Solar Power in the MENA Region

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The Middle East and North Africa have faced a number of hurdles in getting what experts believe could be the greatest solar power grid in the world off the ground.

Bahrain Announces 5 MW Solar Power Entrance

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But the ministry of electricity and water affairs is looking to change all of that with the announcement of a new solar energy project in the capital, Manama. According to reports and the ministry, it is the region’s first tendered utility-scale solar project.

"Supreme Court’s Stay of Clean Power Plan Fails an Economic Test"

Environmental Economics

We analyze these claims in a recent paper and conclude that the stay was unjustifiable based on economic harm to the coal sector. At the same time, technological progress and policies supporting renewable energy have reduced the cost and improved the performance of wind and solar power—and other environmental regulations have raised the cost of coal-fired generation.

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Morocco heats up with 16 new solar energy plants worth 25 gigawatts

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Solar energy companies like Martifer Solar ( ) from Portugal already has business in the United Arab Emirates. This seems to be the only way forward to advance solar energy in the Middle East, always rife with conflict and instability.

Aora’s solar tulips start shining in Ethiopia, without water!

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Investments in solar energy innovations are not dead! Remember those weird and wonderful solar energy harvesting tulips planted in Israel and Spain? These communities are in need of more than part-time solar power for lights; they need holistic sustainable development.

LA Approves Plan to Buy Solar Power from Moapa River Indian.

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Doha Climate Conference: Beyond Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy » LA Approves Plan to Buy Solar Power from Moapa River Indian Reservation. For the Moapa, the partnership could provide important environmental, health, and economic benefits. Compass.

Ladies of Solar Unite – at the Women Solar Seminar in Dubai

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If it seems like there are just too many men receiving all the glory in the solar industry and not nearly enough women, then you need to attend the Women Solar Seminar in Dubai. I am very proud to be able to host the Women’s Solar Seminar for the second year.

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Israeli Parliament Plans to be Solar Secure by 2014

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Years after the plan was first suggested, the Israeli Parliament building will finally boast a large rooftop solar array that will give the Knesset a sound measure of energy security by 2014. Green Tech and Gadgets clean tech Energy security green tech Knesset Rooftop Solar

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Free Webinar for MENA PV Solar Professionals

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Have you been watching the gradual unfolding of a hot new solar power market in the Middle East and North Africa without really understanding how to get involved? Image of solar panels in the desert , Shutterstock.

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Roof Mount vs Ground Mount Solar Systems – Pros and Cons


are solar panels, not only due to their function of converting the sunlight into electricity but also because they are the popular visual reference of any PV system. But there is also other equipment that acts behind scenes and is crucial for any solar installation. Solar Energy

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The state of solar power in the Middle East

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The unveiling of Dubai’s rooftop solar project during March 2015 is one of many steps the emirate is. taking in order to grow a domestic market regarding solar technology and usage. The year 2013 saw the launch of Shams 1 in Abu Dhabi, a large concentrated solar power plant.

Going Solar: The 21st Century Family Home Project

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The Copelands’ home solar project. 300 pounds : That’s how much coal was not burned in a distant power plant in December as a result of the solar panels we installed on our house in Wyoming this fall. Home Solar Amidst an Energy Boom.

Bangladesh Hits One Million Solar Home Systems - Compass

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OPIC, Export Import Bank, and President Obama’s Climate Legacy » Bangladesh Hits One Million Solar Home Systems. A few months back Nancy Wimmer told us about Bangladesh's solar success. It turns out all that small solar has achieved something quite big. Compass.

Solar Plant Opens In Salem, Oregon

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Sanyo Solar has just opened in Salem, Oregon, bringing with it the promise of 200 new green jobs. The new plant produces core materials for the manufacture of solar cells used in solar panels. This new investment is proof that focusing our efforts on clean technology and renewable energy, even in volatile economic times, is working and is the right strategy for Oregon’s economic future,” Kulongoski said.

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Arab aid group funds mega-solar project in Cuba

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The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), the leading national entity for international development aid, together with the Cuba’s Ministry of Energy and Mines, and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) , today inaugurated a new 10 megawatt (MW) solar PV project.

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UAE & Saudi Seek Whopping $1 billion for Solar

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Two of the top four oil-producing OPEC members , Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have joined forces in a push to secure $1 billion in funding for Middle East solar-power , Bloomberg reports.

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Scientists make spray-on solar cells efficiencies close to silicon

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To date the most efficient way of making solar cells is using silicon. Now a team of scientists at the University of Sheffield in the UK is the first to fabricate perovskite solar cells using a spray-painting process – a discovery that could help cut the cost of solar electricity.

Climate Investment Funds for Super Solar North Africa

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billion Climate Investment Fund (CIF) under a newly revised plan to construct solar plants and provide assistance that will facilitate easier uptake of further renewable generation in the future.

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Step by Step Solar Panel Installation – A Comprehensive Guide


Solar panel installation procedures have. households to go solar. 1 Finding a solar installer and getting a quote. Finding a good solar installer is crucial in order to obtain the best price-benefit relationship for your solar power system. Solar Industry.

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Solar Power to Pay off Greek Debt?

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Greece is in the process of arranging financing for a gigantic 10,000 megawatt $30 billion solar project that could be its ticket out of its financial woes. The first power plant to supply the project, a half GW solar power plant in Morocco, is beginning next year.

Sunny Solar Outlook For Middle East and North Africa

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are expected to bring 3.5GW of solar capacity online by 2015: Saudi Arabia and Turkey lead the way. Conservation of oil for export is driving Saudi’s solar targets : 16GW of PV and 25GW of CSP by 2030.