"An Oklahoma Suburb, Tornado-Ready"

Environmental Economics

That would increase the cost of an average Oklahoma home by $2,000. Not a bad deal, you might say, considering that an average of 64 tornadoes strike Oklahoma every year, behind only the considerably larger state of Texas, with 149, and Kansas, with 93, according to the federal government’s Storm Prediction Center. But research I did with Daniel Sutter, an economics professor at Troy University in Alabama, suggests this belief may be wrong.

Economics of Natural Hazards on public spending for safe rooms at schools

Environmental Economics

If you consider that Oklahoma has 1,780 campuses and estimates to provide a safe room run from $500,000 to $1,000,000 per campus, the outlay to protect all schools would be immense, $1 to $2 billion dollars.   In our book  Economic and Societal Impacts of Tornadoes  and the follow up to that book  DeadlySeason:  An Analysis of the 2011 TornadoOutbreak , Dan Sutter and I show that these programs are well outside that benchmark for most uses of the program. 

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"80% Of Americans Support Mandatory Labels On Foods Containing DNA. DNA!"

Environmental Economics

recent survey conducted by the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics found that 80.44% of respondents supported a government policy mandating labels on foods containing DNA. population, conducted every month by Oklahoma State agricultural economist Jayson Lusk and research specialist Susan Murray. Not from the Onion: A.

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Is it ironic?

Environmental Economics

Inhofe of Oklahoma are among the most vocal Republican skeptics of the science that burning fossil fuels contributes to global warming , but a new study to be released Thursday found that their states would be among the biggest economic winners under a regulation proposed by President Obama to fight climate change. climate regulations have the most to gain in terms of actual economic interest,” said Trevor Houser, an analyst at the Rhodium Group and a co-author of the study.

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A Comment on “An Adding Up Test on Contingent Valuations of River and Lake Quality”

Environmental Economics

Whitehead Department of Economics Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina. Natural Resource Damages Associated with Aesthetic and Ecosystem Injuries to Oklahoma’s Illinois River System and Tenkiller Lake. " Ecological Economics 130 (2016): 356-360. John C.

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Daily Demand and Supply: Gas vs Liquids

Environmental Economics

  The Oklahoma-based company is making the move in response to the lowest natural gas prices in a decade. “We We have committed to cut our dry gas drilling to bare minimum levels that are likely to be maintained until expected drilling economics on dry gas plays return to levels competitive with expected returns in Chesapeake's lineup of liquids-rich plays, which we believe is the best in the industry,” said Aubrey McClendon, Chesapeake's CEO, in a statement.

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My eBird 10th Anniversary

10,000 Birds

I don’t think I have added any new species, but I did add Alaska, Kansas, and Oklahoma to the group state list. Moreover, it contributes to science (and economics ) and the price is right.

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Comment on Desvousges, Mathews and Train (2015) continued: WTP Estimates

Environmental Economics

" Land Economics (1999): 284-294. Natural Resource Damages Associated with Aesthetic and Ecosystem Injuries to Oklahoma’s Illinois River System and Tenkiller Lake. Land Economics 91(2015): 556-571. " Land economics 66, no.

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A price floor for U.S. gas

Environmental Economics

in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the first week of January, the National Development and Reform Commission (which is China’s economic planning agency) announced that price of Diesel and Gasoline would not be lowered as long as the price of oil is below $40. Maximilian Auffhammer at the energy blog with no name : The national average price for gasoline is $1.80 this week, with a minimum of $1.29

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Comment on Desvousges, Mathews and Train (2015) continued: cognitive burden

Environmental Economics

" The Economic Journal 107, no. Natural Resource Damages Associated with Aesthetic and Ecosystem Injuries to Oklahoma’s Illinois River System and Tenkiller Lake. " Ecological Economics 84 (2012): 121-128. Land Economics 91(2015): 556-571.  " Ecological Economics 128 (2016); 17-22.  Desvousges, Mathews and Train (2015)  [DMT] find that their contingent valuation method (CVM) survey does not pass the adding up test.

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Mankiw: The Key Role of Conservatives in Taxing Carbon

Environmental Economics

But economic growth has not suffered. There is a lot that environmental groups seem to get wrong about environmental economics, sure enough. Once again, a majority of Congress has spoken out against a carbon tax,” Oklahoma Sen. Because conservatives heart climate policy?    This summer, a friend sent me  a remarkable headline  from The Seattle Times: “ ‘Green’ Alliance Opposes Petition to Tax Carbon.”.

Climate Change and the Future of Bison

Nature Conservancy - Science

Every time grazers are harvested for food, it contributes to the economic sustainability of grasslands, making it less likely this habitat will be converted to other uses. The climate of Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma is 17°F hotter than at Cross Ranch in North Dakota.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Monoculture Farming


By becoming specialized in producing only the most economical options, operating costs of farms decreased, and farm management became simpler as farmers could follow the same plans every growing season. It’s simply the most economical option. Farming is one of our oldest.

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What Has the Endangered Species Act Ever Done for Us? More Than You Think.

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Nature Conservancy and local zoos have played a large role in restoring burying beetles to parts of their historic range in Rhode Island, Oklahoma and Missouri. 99% of species protected by the endangered species act have been saved from extinction. You read that right, 99%.

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Wisconsin-Koch Connection Back in the News, AFP Rally at State.

PR Watch

At AFP-Ohio were proud to work with ALEC and stand with them to advance economic freedom and prosperity." Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Volunteer. Optional Member Code. Sign up. Reports Lisa Graves. Mary Bottari. Brendan Fischer.

The Fracking Frenzy's Impact on Women | PR Watch

PR Watch

That combination includes a "swarm" of earthquakes in north-central Arkansas tied to underground injection of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing (Greenwire, June 22, 2011), along with other tremors in central and southern Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, the rate of earthquakes greater than magnitude 3.0 earthquake near Oklahoma City in November. There are 181 injection wells in the Oklahoma county where the November earthquake happened. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us.

Climate Denial is Dead—Just Not in Congress

Sightline Daily

There’s far-reaching acceptance that global warming is caused by human activities, even in such reliably red states as Texas and Oklahoma.

State of North America’s Birds Report Released to Commemorate Centennial of the First Migratory Bird Treaty

Nature Conservancy - Science

Even during times of tremendous economic and political instability, our three nations recognized the importance of migratory bird conservation and united to protect our shared species. One hundred years ago, North Americans united for birds.

8 Fracking Myths Debunked – Updated

Green Living Ideas

Still, earlier this month scientists linked hundreds of earthquakes across Oklahoma to a handful of fracking sites, and that is worrying news.

U.S. High Speed Rail Announced

Eco Friendly Daily

In the recent economic stimulus package, $8 billion has been allocated for high-speed rails across the country. to Florida, a line from Texas to Alabama, a line through Florida, a Texas to Oklahoma line, a California line from San Francisco to L.A.

Is it Obama? Is it Gore? No! It's the Green Ninja! | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

The National Center for Science Education lists four new bills in the last week alone that have been introduced in state legislatures: two in Oklahoma, and one each for Missouri and Colorado. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays.

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CMD Special Report: ALEC's Gun Agenda Flourished with Koch.

PR Watch

In the process of taking a $260 million business in the late 1960s to a $20 billion corporation by 1994, Koch Industries had ripped off tribes in Oklahoma, as well as the American taxpayer, by routinely under-reporting the amount of oil pumped from fields. Skip to Main Content Area.

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Weekend Reading 7/12/13

Sightline Daily

Here’s a sobering chart from Mother Jones : Even in what’s been labeled an economic upswing, wages are falling. Also, Google got in some hot water for throwing a political fundraiser for climate denier and Republican Senator from Oklahoma James Inhofe. Serena. “Drive to a spin class at the gym! There, you can ride up imaginary hills with your fellow creatures trying to escape the perils of the sedentary life!”

What if the Secretary of the Department of Commerce doubted the law of demand?

Environmental Economics

In his previous job as the attorney general of Oklahoma, he sought to use legal tools to fight environmental regulations on the oil and gas companies that are a major part of the state’s economy. the Interior Department, the Office of Management and Budget and even Mr. Obama, outlining the economic hardship caused by the environmental rules.Mr.

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Copenhagen or bust?

Green Blog

Other countries only approached their targets due to decreased economic activity, primarily Russia. James Inhofe, Republican senator from Oklahoma, intends to set up a sideshow in Copenhagen for climate change deniers. Photo credit: JC i Núria.

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Climate Future

The Green Changemakers

Climate Future Get your own at Scribd or explore others: Education Climate Futures analyses the social, political, economic and psychological consequences of climate change and describes how different global responses to the problem could lead to five very different worlds by 2030. NATO is ready to go to war if necessary to enforce the 2020 Beijing Climate Change Agreement, and water shortages have already forced the abandonment of Central Australia and Oklahoma.

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Kyocera's solar modules power England's first 'zero carbon church'


The renovation of the church is exemplary and many are likely to follow suit with respect to both its ecological and economical sustainability. Oklahomas first zero energy home. You can find it in Valencia community in Edmond, Oklahoma. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login. slideshows. Greenlists //. gallery //. Transportation. Architecture. Technology. Green Products. Solar Power. More >>.

Conference Presentations (downloadable): Building Safe, Healthy and Livable Communities

The Green Changemakers

Fresh Food for All: Integrating Food Systems into Planning and Economic Development [CM 1.5] From Dustbowl Days in Old Oklahoma to a Sustainable, Smarter Future [CM 1.5] Parks Rescue and Restore Economic, Environmental and Public Health [CM 1.5] Supporting Regional Farmers as a Rural Economic Development Strategy [CM 1.5] [link] Program The three-day conference program includes over 100 sessions and close to 400 speakers.

Weekend Reading 11/30/12

Sightline Daily

In that hippie hotbed of eastern Oklahoma, a port authority is backing out of its marina lease owing to a coal dust epidemic from stockpiles at a nearby power plant plus traffic problems arising from coal trains that routinely blocked the street.

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