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With this growing marketplace comes a responsibility to educate ourselves and to be aware of our impact worldwide, and Fair Trade policies aim to make it easier for us to do just that. What does it mean to be Fair Trade? The idea of Fair Trade encompasses a range of goals, but the most of important of these is the welfare of those producing the good we purchase. Fair Trade is not about charity, though. How does Fair Trade certification work?

Fair Trade

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The term “Fair Trade” is getting more familiar to many consumers. The Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) is part of a global network trying to change international trading conventions. Environment Green Tips certification Fair trade logo standards

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Break Your Ramadan Fast With Fair Trade

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MADE is encouraging Muslims to embrace ethical living this Ramadan and to break their fast with Fair-trade. A UK-based organisation called MADE is asking Muslims to look again at the way that their food is traded and to consider going Fair-trade this Ramadan.

How Fair Trade Products May Help Improve Our Health.

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When a product is fair trade certified, you can rest assured that it’s produced according to strict environmental, economic, and social guidelines. And though fair trade goods have been touted as simply a trend or fad, the numbers show otherwise.

What Exactly Does Fair Trade Mean?

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So in the interest to sound hip and cool , they throw around words like "fair trade" and "organic". So here is a Wikipedia 101 on the phrases "fair trade", "locally grown", and "organic".

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Conscientious Coffee: Why Choose Fair Trade and Shade Grown Coffee?

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Fair Trade Java: What’s the “Buzz&# ? It’s overwhelming to imagine, but it inspires Robert and Elizabeth Thompson, owners of Fair Grinds Coffeehouse on New Orleans’ tree-lined Ponce De Leon Street. Mr. Thompson is passionate about the business of fair trade coffee because he believes in preserving the age-old practice of careful coffee growing. A popular Crescent City cafe, Fair Grinds is fair trade in every sense, he explained.

Shade Coffee: Not Just for the Birds

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billion cups makes coffee the second-most traded commodity in the world! Typically, tropical forest has been cleared, rows upon rows of coffee plants planted and the little red beans harvested, traded through big corporations, and shipped around the world.

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Must-Have Summer Skirts and Clutches from Fair Fashion Boutique Sarafina

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Bita Diomande grew up in developing countries around the world where she honed a keen fashion sense while witnessing stark economic disparities first hand. Seeing this made me want to create a business where all players were respected and given a fair living wage.

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Tel Aviv’s Social Economic Academy Teaches Food Politics

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Which may be why the Social-Economic Academy in Tel Aviv just offered a new food politics course called “Between Funding and Food&#. Fair Trade. For more information about the course, visit the Social-Economic Academy website (in Hebrew).

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Heroines for the Planet: Sseko’s Liz Bohannon Empowers Ugandan Women with Sandals

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Our primary focus is on continuing to grow our production and employment capacity in Uganda so that we can empower women through educational and economic opportunities. Featured Worldchanging Women Africa ecofashion Fair Trade fair wage uganda

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Why We Love NYC’s Think Coffee

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Whether it is a small family farm in Nicaragua or a Brazilian plantation or a cooperative in southern Ethiopia, each has its own economic, social and political climate. Escapes Fair Trade farmers health java New York City NYC think coffee travel

"Many Academics Have Taken Money From Google Without Disclosing It"

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Those studies included research suggesting that collecting user data was a fair trade for the services Google provides or that it hadn’t competed unfairly against market rivals. Based on my limited search of the 300+ studies, the economics research acknowledges funding from Google Where have I heard a story like this before?

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Employee Pricing- Fair Indigo

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You may remember the product review I did for Fair Indigo on Icy the Penguin, see it HERE. We actually returned to Fair Indigo about two weeks later and bought second Penguin because my daughter is so in love with him. Anyways, I though you might be interested in the email I received from Fair Indigo this morning. It reads: Dear Friends, Your help is needed to keep our mission of fair trade a reality.

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Win It: Fraise Du Bois Bouquet


Organic Bouquet aims to make a positive impact on the world and brings awareness to environmental, social and economical sustainability. Did you get a late start to your summer planting?

T-Shirt Company Uses Profits for Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries


Naked Hippie has a focus on fair trade, organic and sustainable production processes. They hope that by investing in microloans they can help entrepreneurs in developing countries to grow their businesses, support their families and encourage economic development in the community.

How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


As important as forests are both environmentally and economically, many of our global forests are severely affected by deforestation. reforming trade agreements. Additionally, trade agreements push governments to use only sustainable products.

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Top 10 Green Mother’s Day Gifts


These gorgeous handbags are cruelty-free, made with organic and fair trade fabrics, and are sewn by hand in the USA. Instead, consider Organic Bouquet , a flower delivery company that takes pride in environmental, social and economic sustainability. Fair Trade Coffee.

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Could co-operatives replace private business to create a stronger economy?

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Following a research project into the potential of the co-operative model, Rob Harrison proposes why it could offer an alternative to capitalism It’s one thing to point out the flaws in our current economic system, but another entirely to propose a practical working alternative.

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One Planet Living

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Tags: Sustainable-development Urban Economics Green Community

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Green Siem Reap | Where To Eat Near Angkor Wat | Eco-Friendly.

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At the time, Siem Reap , a sleepy town adjacent to Angkor Wat, was also in the grip of post-war agony, economic hardship and the persistent threat of landmine explosions. Sustainable, Fair Trade The vision is to be a “sustainable social enterprise.”

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31 Ways to Jump Start the Local Economy

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TOGETHER WITH FRIENDS Form a dinner club and hold a weekly potluck , or trade off cooking and hosting. Check out Craigslist’s “barter” category, and learn what WTT means (Willing To Trade). For example, buy fair trade coffee, change to energy-efficient lighting, or carpool.

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Cape May, NJ: green is here to stay

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We try to select earth-friendly, fair-trade products whenever possible,” Pam says, “and we feel good about making choices that support our overall commitment to the planet.”. | Green Garden State |. G reen New Jersey ? Is that an oxymoron?

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Juno & Jove’s Fresh Spring Style (and a Discount for You!)

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If you’ve pulled out your spring and summer clothes and are a little disappointed in what you’ve got to work with (I know I scaled WAY back in clothes shopping over the last few economically tough years), it may be time for a bit of a shop.

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5 Fashion Brands Inspired by (and Supporting) African Women

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FashionAble’s goal is to help Ethiopian women find alternative ways to support themselves that do not involve the sex trade. Like many companies on this list, Awava’s goals are to build supportive economic conditions for Ugandan communities.

Shop Organic

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Many critics also suggest that the price gap between organic and conventionally-produced goods reflects more of an economic avarice than a truly higher production cost in other words, that some companies or vendors will charge more for something with an organic label because they know they can.

Shine Bright with Recycled Metal Jewelry: 5 Sustainable Picks

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Roberts uses metals that are either sourced locally in LA, or come from a fair trade mine—and she gives back too; part of her line’s profits go to the LA Food Bank. Bario Neal also makes custom-made fairly mined commitment rings to help you ethically pop that most important question.

Going Green In Your Home

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But in Israel, fair trade is much more local.

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Giving to environmental causes is only 3% of total philanthropy, and only 3% of this comes from businesses.

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Based in Bristol and created by our master herbsmith we only use the finest grade organic herbs sustainably sourced and fairly traded. This was just one of many facts presented during last evening’s ‘1% for the Planet’ UK launch, during which environmentalists gathered to introduce the not-for-profit organisation trying to recruit businesses to donate 1% of their turnover to environmental causes.

Wild Products

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Along with simply reducing the rate of general consumption of products, fair trade and similar approaches are trying to satisfy a need for more ethical shopping. Until recently, people led fairly traditional lives, relying on hunting and basic farming. We seem to spend a lot.

Fairtrade urges world leaders to empower farmers to fight back against climate change

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Their message is a simple one: provide small farmers with a fair return for their products, invest in them as individuals and as organized groups, genuinely act to empower them, and they will be able to help find their own solutions. On the eve of the annual United Nations Climate talks, in Cancun, Mexico, the global community turns its attention once more to the problem of climate change and the on-going pursuit of a global deal.

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Economies For Life

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Economic refugees. Insider trading. Trade wars. The language of economic dysfunction has become so common that when I use the term “the global suicide economy” in my talks, I rarely need to elaborate. Until recently, however, most people responded with polite but resigned skepticism to my message that economic transformation is possible. Suppliers with steady markets and fair dealing. Tags: Sustainable-development Economics by David Korten Enron.

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To Love Or Not To Love

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Coffee sources are chosen for both quality and ethical trading criteria. In 2009, Starbucks became the largest purchaser of Fair Trade coffee. In addition, Starbucks typically pays a bit more than the going rate to ensure fair working wages.

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Sustainable Technology Education Project

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The Sustainable Technology Education Project (STEP) aims to increase people's awareness of sustainable technology, enabling them to recognise the economic, environmental and social impacts of their own technology choices. General What is sustainability?

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Eating Real Food Can Save The Environment | Green Prophet

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But economics are a significant factor in the food movement as well.

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Israeli Study: Smog Bad For Wall Street

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These findings lend support to the relationship between air pollution and mood established by psychologists, and the relationship between mood and economic consequences established by economists,” they note.

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Hotspots for People: A New Conservation Strategy

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Understanding the trade-offs between green and gray infrastructure is a life-or-death matter and will require serious interdisciplinary teams of ecologists and engineers. A new vision for New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta: Applying ecological economics and ecological engineering.

Gorgeous Green Girls Compete to Win the Project Green Search Model Competition

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Ariel Clay is a Fair-Trade activist who knew “… early on that I wanted to help to bring environmental awareness and beauty to this world while at the same time helping those in need,&# and plans to donate her volunteer time to the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy.

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A Just Foreign Policy Resource Guide

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economic, military, and covert influence is waning—and why that’s a good thing. In this interactive lesson plan, three policy options have been framed to help students think about divergent policy alternatives, each driven by different underlying values, each with merits and trade-offs. www.veteransandfamilies.org Promote Fair Trade and Economic Justice A just foreign policy supports trade that brings profits back to communities.

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Weekend Reading 12/6/13

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Never thought I’d say that either…), here he is on greed and economic inequality : Some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world. On the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s passing, I suggest reading his lengthy obituary in the New York Times.

Individual responsibility versus collective action: An examination of the impact of environmental advertising

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In fact, consumers are increasingly concerned about political ideas within their consumption habits—consumer boycotts, Fair Trade Certified alternatives and concerns over sweatshops are all examples of this. Photo credit: Jesse Kruger.

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Gift Economy

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Maintaining economic and social relations outside of the market keeps cooperation and ethics thriving. Gifting is not an economic activity so much as a spinning of that web, continually reinforcing interconnectedness and the collective.

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Everyday Acts of Sexual Violence?Why it's Important Not to Dismiss.

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Perhaps because it was a sheltered and protected sort of town, rape happened more to women who came from economically lower backgrounds, while people in bigger houses refused to assist. Want to stay in touch with elephant?

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New Solutions reports (communitysolution.org)

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Download PDF (1.5mb) Buy a printed copy New Solutions 6: Peak Oil – Peak Empire | July 2005 When Peak Oil occurs, wars of national energy liberation are highly likely unless we allocate the remaining fuels based on a concept of fair trade rather than free trade.

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