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3 tips for eco-friendly adventure vacations

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Community Wales Xtras eco friendly adventure travel| Greening Your Adventure | “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks,” said John Muir, the Scottish-American naturalist and tireless advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States.

Oaxaca, Mexico: an eco-hacienda muy tranquilo

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All Mexico North America Oaxaca Oaxaca City Benito Juarez National Park eco-friendly Mexican hacienda hotel Green Hotel in Oaxaca City Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles San Felipe del Agua| Hacienda Gone Green | The city of Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s great treasures.

7 eco-eateries in São Paulo

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Apfel The clue is in the name: this German-inspired restaurant […] 7 eco-eateries in São Paulo is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Winning some (eco) green in Vegas

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| The odds of finding an eco-tourist in Las Vegas are about as good as my winning a slot machine jackpot. | Green? Wanna Bet? | And yet there are always a few winners, aren’t there?

Where are the 5 coolest eco-friendly winter sports destinations in Europe?

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winter sports destinations with an eco-friendly vibe? Each of […] Where are the 5 coolest eco-friendly winter sports destinations in Europe? | Skiing In Green & White | Europe.

What To Look For in Eco-Friendly Products

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Eco-Friendly Products green productsWe’re living in an age where just about every company touts itself as green.

An ECO Christmas

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at the old blog address~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An ECO Christmas Part 1 Ok, so how do I have an ECO friendly Christmas and make everyone, including my three children, happy? Planting a new Christmas tree after is a great way to leave an eco-friendly legacy.

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Examples of Eco-Friendly Glass Countertops

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Aside from being a recyclable product, glass is finding its way into many homes now as a countertop material for a number of reasons beyond its inate eco-friendliness! Kitchen eco friendly glass countertops glass bathroom counters glass counters glass countertops

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United Airlines launches Eco-Skies Vacations in Costa Rica

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| Green Travel News | United Eco-Skies Vacations, a new United Airlines travel program, offers sustainable and environmentally responsible vacation options. “United […] United Airlines launches Eco-Skies Vacations in Costa Rica is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Manhattan: An Eco-Friendly Element in Times Square

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| The Big (Green) Apple | From the bustling street, you might not suspect that Element Times Square West is one of New York City’s eco-pioneers.

Bali: green inspiration at Desa Atas Awan eco-boutique resort

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Bali: green inspiration at Desa Atas Awan eco-boutique resort is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | Down Duvets in Bali? | | When afternoon rain clouds part, the limitless panorama stretches well beyond Bali’s southern shores. Ahhhh, this is more like it.

My eco-friendly vacation

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Although there are many people who support this type of eco-friendly adventure, some seem to forget all [.] My eco-friendly vacation is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Huge eco-friendly luxury living project coming to Cairo

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But plans for a new building in the heart of Cairo hope to change this high cost to the environment, combining luxury living with eco-friendly technology. Luxury usually comes at a high price, not only financially but environmentally too.

Sleeping around in eco-luxe Kuala Lumpur

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Sleeping around in eco-luxe Kuala Lumpur is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | Surreal Nights In Malaysia’s Capital | Circling high above Kuala Lumpur, I’m in a free-fall. It’s about the weirdness of what waits in that vast metropolis below.

Europe’s 8 best ‘eco’ classical music festivals this summer

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All the best artists and orchestras […] Europe’s 8 best ‘eco’ classical music festivals this summer is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | Concertos in Green | Superstar pianist Hélène Grimaud is a synesthete, a person who experiences sounds as colors—Bach in orange and red, Beethoven in bright yellow and green. But you need not have her extraordinary acuity to go green with classical music, especially in Europe during the summer.

Take a Green Vacation: 16 Ways To Be An Eco-Volunteer

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Take a Green Vacation: 16 Ways To Be An Eco-Volunteer. green travel green vacation how to go green eco-volunteer

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Gift Ideas from Etsy ECO Team

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10 Eco Fashion Companies You’ve Never Heard Of.

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Here are some of the best eco-fashion companies you''ll want to support and share! Ecofashion Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only eco fashion eco fashion brands made in the USA clothing mindful consumption shop local sustainable fashion There are cool companies doing good things all around us.

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We Go ECO - GreenSmart Review and Giveaway

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We ask where the materials come from, who makes them, how are they made, what resources and how much are consumed to do so, what are the conditions, what is the eco - footprint, and more. Do you see that super sexy water bottle up there in that picture? Take a look. Do you see it?

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Masdar “eco-city” is getting its first 500 homes – finally!

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Cities eco-city green design Masdar City Masdar City Homes MIST Woods Bagot Masdar is taking decisive steps to build Masdar City’s first private homes.

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We Go Eco with GoodKind Pen

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1 extra entry: Put my "We Go ECO Back to School" event blog button on your blog-you can find the code on the right sidebar. * There was a time, before I was born, when things were not disposable. Investments were made, products were brought home, and they lasted.

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Envision Festival 2015: Costa Rica’s Burning Man with an eco-twist

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| Green Travel News | Envision Festival returns to the breathtaking shores of Uvita, Costa Rica, February 26 through March 1, 2015.

Getting Rid of Ants the Eco Friendly Way

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There are numerous ways to get rid of ants in an Eco friendly manner. Boric acid and vinegar are also completely Eco friendly and natural ways to get rid of the little pests. Healthy Homes eco friendly ant removal non toxic ant killerSpring and summer are the favorite months of ants. These are common household pests that can multiply in large numbers and be a serious threat to your home.

Arabian eco-fashion show asks: how green is your abaya?

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Designers from around the world will parade their latest collections in Abu Dhabi’s first-ever Eco Fashion Show, a five-day event featuring couture-with-a-conscience this April. What’s an eco- Muslimah to do? Eco-couture for men and children will also be displayed.

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Jordan’s eco park helps the country go green!

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Nestled in the hills and landscape of north-western Jordan, lies a green oasis with an eco-minded philosophy: Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark (SHE.). Travel beehives conservation dam eco park EcoPeace Jordan nature recycling Sharhabil trails Ziglab dam

How to go green with eco-friendly clothing

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You can wear more than just a burlap sack, you can actually be quite stylish with eco-friendly clothing. So, they are getting in on the eco-friendly trend. So, let’s talk about eco-friendly friendly fashion, okay? Eco-friendly and trendy.

Gorgeous resort proposed for Wadi Rum: sensitive beauty or eco-beast?

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Wadi Rum is best known to Westerners for its connection with Lawrence of Arabia, but its wider appeal as a spectacular eco-adventure destination is likely what underpinned this project. Cities Arab Revolt eco-adventure eco-tourism Wadi Rum


Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Right, that is the headline that came with the press release and then it continues, as below: An innovative eco product is aiming to bring a touch of style to home recycling.

Living Eco-Logically: 9 Powerful Visual Reminders.

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Writer's Contest 2** *Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green WAYLON: Today Only Bicycling eco ecological green inspiration lifestyle permaculture sustainable

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Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Christmas

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In this article we will discuss ways to enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas. While this is the most eco-friendly way to send out holiday cheer, some people still prefer tried and true greeting cards that they may display around their home or save as a keepsake.

4 Eco-Friendly Household Decisions to Start the New Year Right.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Green Featured Today conscious Earth eco-friendly greenLet's be honest. Sometimes we can forget how significant our own impact on the environment can be.

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25 eco-athletes swim to save the Dead Sea

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Artist Spencer Tunick lured hundreds into the sea for an eco-float, but this was the first time swimmers traversed the full width of one of the earth’s saltiest waterbodies. “We’re Travel eco-tourism Israel Jordan open water swimming Palestine

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Eco-friendly concrete now mandatory in Dubai

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As of April 1, OPC use is limited across the emirate; building permissions are reliant on developers specifying eco-friendly Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCMs).

Natalie Portman’s Eco-Friendly, Vegan Wedding


Read More The post Natalie Portman’s Eco-Friendly, Vegan Wedding appeared first on Ecorazzi. The flowers for the ceremony were all indigenous to the Big Sur area, and the entire menu was 100% animal-free. Eats News Top News Vegan natalie portman

5 Spectacular Eco Mosques Of The World

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Green Prophet loves to cover where eco meets faith and the Middle East. Zaufishan puts together a handy list of five of the world’s most beautiful eco-mosques. Architect Marks Barfield will be designing the £13 million eco mosque on a 0.4 Image:: Eco Friend.

Top 4 Eco-friendly Feminine Care Alternatives

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Below are the top 4 eco-friendly feminine care alternatives that are not only effective at keeping you dry and comfortable, they are also less polluting and more natural. green up your body eco friendly healthy alternative Menstruation Tampon

Meet the teen eco-rapper headed to COP21!

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Colorado-raised eco-activist and rapper Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is a powerful voice in the youth-led climate movement. Cities Climate Change COP 21 eco rapper Xiuhtezcatl Martinez youth activism

Eco-friendly Paints for Green Home Improvement

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Eco-friendly Paints for Green Home Improvement are a safe and wise choice. Water-based eco-friendly paints are regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and come in any finish and style imaginable, suitable for any indoor or outdoor home need. easy green living tip green remodeling how to go green eco-friendly paint green home improvement safe home improvement

Eco-Friendly Education: Ways to Go Green

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Eco-friendly education determines ways through which we can better ourselves, our society, and our environment. Currently, educational institutions seem to be overloaded with the need for budget cuts.

7 of the Coolest Eco-Lodges in South America.

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Adventure Green Travel backpacking eco-lodge hostels hotels lodging mindful travel South America sustainable lodgingWith all of the options for lodging, being mindful and supporting hostels and hotels that are ecologically and socially responsible.