Relaxing and Eco-friendly Spring Activities

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Below are suggestions on how you may transform an otherwise soon-to-be the same old, boring and wasteful vacation into one filled with relaxing and environment-friendly things to do, sure enough to enrich your young ones during school-break. Family fun runs can be eco-friendly, too.

Eco-friendly storage in the home by reuse and repurposing

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Most of us, I am sure, are always trying to find ways to live in a bit more environmentally friendly fashion. When it comes to creating some environmentally friendly storage in the home, options are everywhere.

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Green Diva Holidays: Eco-Friendly Foodie, Gift & Decorating Fun

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I had fun doing some of my earth-friendly holiday schtick on Ebru Today last week – details about what I discussed on this timely, silly green holiday TV segment. Green Diva Mizar’s DIY: Earth-Friendly Holiday Wrapping. Green Dude Eco Ed on LED holiday lights.

Going The Extra Green Mile For Eco-Friendly Driving

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You could save thousands of dollars and large amounts of carbon emissions by having a more eco-friendly car. There is a concept called Eco-driving (there are even driving schools specializing in it). Have a gas guzzler?

Envirosax® takes a stand - making trade shows more eco-friendly

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Envirosax®, leaders in spreading the re-usability message through its products - is making a stand – by carrying this eco-friendly message through to their trade show stands. With retailers and manufacturers gearing up for the spring trade shows, Envirosax will not only be unveiling some stunning new merchandise at Top Drawer and Spring Fair, but is also furthering the company’s ethos by ensuring that they display their eco-products with a new, more eco-friendly stand design.

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Cleaning Clogged Gutters Keeps Your Home Eco-friendly: Here’s the How and Why

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The post Cleaning Clogged Gutters Keeps Your Home Eco-friendly: Here’s the How and Why appeared first on Green Living Ideas. DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects Home Energy Usage Home Improvement diy effects Gutter cleaning how to Insulation toolsby Sara Cobble, Chief Operations Officer, Pono Home Keeping your home clean and green can help you save money, live more comfortably, improve your health, and reduce environmental impacts.

Fun, Inexpensive and Eco-friendly Ways To Present a Gift Without Wrapping Paper

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There are a variety of unique, inexpensive and eco-friendly ways. eco-friendly imagination and ideas like the ones below to help that imagination. Picnic baskets are ideal eco-wrapping alternatives for gifts.

The Best Green Gifts for the Holidays

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Greenhome’s Earth kit includes a book full of eco-friendly activities for kids as well as a BPA-free water bottle and organic t-shirt. You can also make learning about the environment fun with the Earthopoly board game or a set of eco flash cards. Eco Flash Cards. Allow kids to be creative with a paint your own instrument kit or a play set made from recycled plastic, like a pizza play set , tea party play set , or tool play set. For the Kids.

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The Caboclo Project’s Perfect Sandals are Eco Friendly and Summer-Ready

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Even the tool to craft the tires and segregate the rubber from the steel wires was developed along the process. Caboclo is a beautiful line of Brazilian-made shoes and sandals that are handcrafted from chrome-free tanned leather and naturally dyed.

Growing (As a Person) in the Garden. ~ Írisz Ferencz

Elephant Journal

"As it turns out, gardening is a magical tool for healing, personal transformation and heightened awareness.". Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) eco-friendly garden green moving personal growth planting transformation vegetable

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Kalya Mommy Picks: Color Me Green Nail Boutique

Kalya Life

Say hello to Manhattan Beach’s mommy-friendly and environmentally-sound nail boutique. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and a beverage instead of the smell of acetone – a olfactory delight.

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How to Unclog a Drain Using a Sink Plunger

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Tools you’ll need for the job: A sink plunger. If so, try using this natural drain cleaner recipe for an at home, eco-friendly drain cleaner. Eco Friendly Home Maintenance Eco Home Living Green Lifestyle Clogged Drain eco-friendly Plunger sink

The sickle

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A good old-fashion sickle, sharp and perfectly weighted, is a tool just made for the job of clearing vegetation from around the trees. Using a good hand tool is all about letting the tool do the work.

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EPA Plans to Give Cars a Grade: Does Your Vehicle Deserve an A?

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How can you tell whether a vehicle is eco-friendly? However, in a couple years from now, establishing the eco-friendly cars from the bunch will be as easy as looking at a letter grade. Green Tips eco-friendly vehicles EPA proposes new car labels EPA to grade cars

Meet the Makers Debut Video: Eco Jewelry Designer Natalie Frigo Shows Us How She Creates

Eco Chic

Welcome to the new “Meet the Makers” series on Eco Chick, where we dig into designers’ creative processes, so you can see how they make their magic. What are the tools, processes and training needed to make wearable, useful art?

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Fiskars Weed Pullers - weapons of weed destruction

Green (Living) Review

The tool works with four deep-reaching stainless steel claws, which grab the tap root efficiently. Designed to make removing weeds effortless, this eco-friendly weeding system allows the gardener to work without bending down, prevent muscle strain and backache.

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Make Green Living Easy: 5 (Simple!) DIY Projects for Your Home

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Check out that link for a tutorial, the tools you’ll need, and the things to think about. Installing a high efficiency faucet aerator is also very easy, and often doesn’t even require a tool. However, they are not the most eco-friendly option on the market.

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Go Outside, Get Sweaty, Love Your Body in Ethical Summer Sportswear: 15 Fab Options

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All their clothes are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. According to Patagonia’s website, the brand started as a, “small company that made tools for climbers.” Alternative’s Eco-Jersey Long Pants. .

EG Screen: A hand held hearing diagnostic tool for infants in the developing world


Determined to help nations and individuals tackle this problem conveniently, Jisun Park devised EG Screen, a hand held hearing diagnostic tool for infant hearing. EG Screen is a hand-held hearing diagnostic tool for infant hearing.

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Teaching Green: 100 Tips, Tools, & Resources for Every Kind of Classroom

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So whether you are teaching a kindergarten class or a college-level seminar, whether you are teaching science or language arts, you will find a wealth of tips, tools, and resources below to make your job easier. Green in the Classroom: 5 Eco-Friendly Teaching Units.

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Four Home Energy Inefficiencies You Can Remedy This Weekend for $100 or Less

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The programmable thermostat is one of the best ways to save energy and lower utility bills when pursuing eco-friendly projects in the home. Eco Friendly Home Maintenance Ellery Homestyles energy-efficiency green diy green home home energy efficiency

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… and Refuse!

Living Green & Saving Energy

The concepts of green products and being eco-friendly and eco-conscious have been popularized, and are used successfully in marketing “green” products. But the next step is more responsible eco-consumerism, as Jacquie Ottman examines in her book “The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding.”

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Chemical Exposure Before You Even Think About Getting Pregnant

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While clever and visually appealing packaging may assert that they’re safe, “eco” or even natural, a pre-pregnant or pregnant gal would probably prefer to avoid them if she knew the full story. Be sure to use the tool prior to making any purchases.

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Easy Maintenance Tips For Your A/C Unit to Improve Energy Efficiency

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Your tool should have multiple sizes to choose from. DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects Eco Friendly Home Maintenance Home Energy Usage A/C coils condenser energy-efficiency fans filter grate vents

Easy Maintenance Tips For Your A/C Unit to Improve Energy Efficiency

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Your tool should have multiple sizes to choose from. DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects Eco Friendly Home Maintenance Home Energy Usage A/C coils condenser energy-efficiency fans filter grate vents

How to design eco wedding card?

Green Prophet

Creating and sending out eco-friendly wedding cards is a great way to contribute to saving the planet as a couple. If your plan is to use eco-friendly stationery throughout your event and planning, there are many ways of achieving this.

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Most Popular Articles on Eco - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

Eco-Vegan Girl

Vegan-Related Recipes Eco-Related Health Calendar Contact Eco-Vegan Dog ENGAGE Productions Friday, March 25, 2011 Most Popular Articles on Eco-Vegan Gal I love Google Analytics. If this is your first time here, Welcome to Eco-Vegan Gal!

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10 Small Business Green Advertising Tips

Green Home Blog

Eco-Label. Whether it is recycled printing paper to certified green products attaching an eco-label is one of the first steps to be able to add to your advertising. Eco-Run Website. Use Tracking Tools. 10 Small Business Green Advertising Tips.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Picking Out the Perfect Green Present

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Instead of running around at the last minute, this year put some eco-thought into your holiday gifting. Folding Solar Panel If you are gifting someone that gets off on techno toys help them release their geeky green side by wrapping an eco-friendly something to add to their electronic arsenal.

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Introducing Campaign Furniture: An Alternative to IKEA?

Green Furniture Home Design

Sewell and company say that their sofas and chairs that can be put together, without any tools, in just a few minutes. In keeping with what we like to feature here at Furniture Home Design, Campaign’s very eco-friendly furniture is made of recyclable laser-cut steel tubing and organic cotton.

Apparel Corporations Unite to Reduce Environmental Impact

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A recent article by Christina Binkley in The Wall Street Journal reported on a new rating tool setup by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). Apparel Corporations Unite to Reduce Environmental Impact.

How to Use Wood-Grain Furniture More Sustainably


eco-conscious, using wood-grain furniture has a natural appeal to your aesthetic. The FSC regulates the use of illegal chemicals and pesticides and honors indigenous peoples’ rights, thanks to a set of 57 criteria and 10 principles that ensure an eco-friendly forestry true wood-grain product.

Driven by Solar launches new rechargeable Ultrapower lawn mower


Sonia Renthlei: Driven by Solar has introduced an eco friendly lawnmower that uses the power of batteries to trim your lawns. While push mowers are also an eco friendly alternative, their performance is hampered by the lack of a motor and aren’t able to effectively trim thick grass.

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Solar Bottle Lights a Bright Idea for the Developing World

Green Prophet

But now a creative and entrepreneurial Filipino man has found a cheap, easy, electricity-free (and eco-friendly) way to light people’s homes and is installing his lighting system one home at a time. Click here to view the embedded video. This idea is so simple, yet so brilliant.

Spring Greening ~ 5 Ways to Green Your Kitchen this Spring from

Green (Living) Review

Preparing and cooking your food with eco-friendly kitchen accessories. When preparing and cooking food, try using bamboo cutting boards and bamboo cook’s tools made from certified organic bamboo for a more eco-friendly and food-safe kitchen. Eco-friendly cleaning.

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Fiskars reinvents mowers for reel gardeners

Green (Living) Review

With a shed (already) full of award winning tools, they set out to reinvent the reel by combining the best qualities of push mowers with the advantages of modern technology. Eco friendly InertiaDrive technology results in twice the cutting power and 60% easier push of traditional designs.

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Recycled Tea Strainer Lamp Creates Soothing Glow

Green Prophet

Items found in the kitchen are often endowed with unusual shapes and holes, and many a designer have found ways to convert kitchen tools into light fixtures. Read more about other eco-friendly light fixtures: Lightexture Lamps Combine Ethereal Light and Energy Efficiency.

Needle into Spring: Acupuncture for a Green Start

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Therefore, if you want to catapult your way into a green friendly spring with the energy and gumption to ‘hit-the-ground-running’, acupuncture just may be the tool to get you there. As spring springs you may be feeling a little sluggish from your hibernating winter ways.

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Solar Spring: Growing With the Sun

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Currently, solar designers study the process in which plants convert sunlight into sugar (photosynthesis) and incorporate this cellular building block into a new solar capture tool. The first phase was to find a viable replacement for the current eco-unfriendly glass and plastic materials.

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Go UnDiet – Packaged Food Review | The Green Samaritan

The Green Samaritan

Go UnDiet: Packaged Food Review by is a great little web tool to look up a multitude of food items and get a at-a-glance review of the nutritional information as well as a Registered Dietitians thoughts.

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Tips to Become Greener at Home

Green Prophet

Many also go online to get more information about how to make changes that will help them to be more eco-friendly. There are many resources and tools that you can access and there are even eco-friendly products you can purchase online.

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Guest Post: Chemical-Free Pest Removal for Your Home and Furry Friends

Hug a Tree with Me

If anything in this article is above your head, it’s advisable to call a pest control professional, but insist on them using eco friendly methods which they may offer. If you need to, you can rent large dehumidifiers at tool rental shops.

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ESA Goes Clean Space

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This will be done by using “new tools to assess environmental effects, more eco-friendly replacements for materials and techniques, and ways to halt the production of more space debris and bring down existing debris levels.” Eco Travel ecofriendly SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS

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