Radio Shack Earns New Sales With Green Trade-in Program

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If $50 here or $100 there inspires people to start spending with the upside being corrosive and no-so-eco-friendly AV gear gets recycled - then there seems to be little to no down side to this innovative and creative program. This article comes from the site. The publication has brought much attention attention to avid technology fans about ways to go green. If you thought sex sells then wait until you see how green sells.

Green Building Perspectives: OmniMount

Green Life Smart Life

For this week’s installment of Green Building Perspectives, we spoke with OmniMount, who will be outfitting the home with the company’s revolutionary OmniLite product. The OmniLite Series is the first environmentally friendly flat panel mounts by a major U.S. The eco-friendly OmniLite Series™ packaging is designed with installation instructions and a mounting template printed right on the inside of the box, giving installers everything needed to mount a flat panel.

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Colors You Should NEVER Paint Your Walls

Green Furniture Home Design

With the exception of dedicated home theater rooms, black should be never be considered for a home; it does not look tough, and it does not look elegant. A painted accent stripe is a great option, and some are considering eco-friendly wallpapers instead of paint. Painting a room is a great way to revitalize its appearance.

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2009 Solar Decathalon Lights Up Washington, D.C.

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Each of the contest entries were designed and built in the home state of the design teams. A week before the start of the competition, the homes were sent to Washington, D.C. These projects are state-of-the-art homes (up to 800 sq. which are self-sustaining, energy efficient and eco-friendly. During the competition, the homes were judged on 10 criteria, including architecture, engineering, lighting and home entertainment.

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