Decorate Your Home in Eco-Friendly Style

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Decorate Your Home in Eco-Friendly Style. eco-frienfly kitchen green remodeling how to go green saving energy eco-friendly kitchen remodel eco-friendly living green home remodel save energy

Eco-Friendly Mojuhlar Flatpack Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

Check out the Furniture Home Design eco-friendly furniture store for more sustainable furniture ideas! Eco Design eco-friendly furniture flatpack furniture

More Eco Friendly Furniture Ideas

Green Furniture Home Design

Certain kinds of eco-friendly designs can be very expensive, and people are looking for ways to furnish their homes creatively without spending too much money. Eco-Friendly design is becoming very popular for this reason. Eco Friendly Living Room Furniture Ideas.

How eco-friendly are barbecues?

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Gas barbecues are certainly cleaner than charcoal but whether they are better, and especially greener and more eco-friendly, is another question. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Not very unless you use charcoal from local sources.

3 tips for eco-friendly adventure vacations

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Community Wales Xtras eco friendly adventure travel

6 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

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green home saving energy eco-friendly home energy efficiencyWhether you’re looking for small-budget upgrades or total home transformations, there are many methods to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your monthly energy bill.

Shopping Guide: Eco-friendly Craft Suppliers

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Shopping Guide: Eco-friendly Craft Suppliers: Amazon: Although Amazon is not strictly an eco-friendly shopping place, they do carry an impressive inventory of sustainable alternatives. Buy Green: You can find Non-VOC paints and eco varnishes at Buy Green.

Where are the 5 coolest eco-friendly winter sports destinations in Europe?

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winter sports destinations with an eco-friendly vibe? Each of […] Where are the 5 coolest eco-friendly winter sports destinations in Europe? | Skiing In Green & White | Europe.

Top 4 Eco-friendly Feminine Care Alternatives

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Below are the top 4 eco-friendly feminine care alternatives that are not only effective at keeping you dry and comfortable, they are also less polluting and more natural. green up your body eco friendly healthy alternative Menstruation Tampon

3 Tech Companies With Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Initiatives

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green business practices sustainability Eco-Friendly InitiativesDo you know where your e-waste goes? According to Earth911, Americans throw away 9.4 million tons of electronics every year.

8 Alternatives to Cremation: Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose of our Bodies after we’re Gone.

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Academy Apprentice/Audit Blogs Apprentice Thesis Elephant Academy Enlightened Society Green Health & Wellness bio urn burial cremation death eco-friendly eco-friendly body disposal elephant magazine green green burial impermanence mushroom suitOne question leads to the next. Is there a reverent and green way to dispose of the body?

What’s Eco-Friendly about Tires?

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This is understandable; after all, the objects we need to get our cars from point A to point B don’t exactly exude an Earth-friendly vibe. green transportation saving energy Eco-Friendly Tires When you think about the variety of products in the world that are good for the environment, tires are probably not at the top of your list. In addition, you […].

3 eco-friendly norms in Poland

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eco-friendly green living Poland I’ve been living in Poland for about 6½ years. I’ve been around the culture and habits here so long that they are practically second nature, and thus invisible, to me.

Poland 196

Making Your Office Workspace More Eco-Friendly

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Although a workspace must be functional, there is a variety of eco-friendly work space design ideas you can take into account to ensure that you’re not only being productive but also helping the Earth a little at a time.

My eco-friendly vacation

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Although there are many people who support this type of eco-friendly adventure, some seem to forget all [.] My eco-friendly vacation is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

A Few Eco-Friendly Workspace Decorating Tips

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You have unlimited options available to you if you are seeking a way to create an eco-friendly area that is yours and no one else’s. The following is a list of basic eco-friendly work space decor tips: Choose furniture that provides room for light to enter your room.

What To Look For in Eco-Friendly Products

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Eco-Friendly Products green productsWe’re living in an age where just about every company touts itself as green.

Eco-friendly Wetsuits from Patagonia

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The brand that touts itself as the “The Cleanest Line” is at it again. This time with wetsuits. Using a material called Yulex , made from the guayale plant, Patagonia replacing 60% of the neoprene in their wetsuits with the bio-rubber… for now.

ECO Keenuo: One Awesome Eco-friendly Superstore

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Choosing to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle is a rewarding commitment that involves changing pretty much every part of your life; it encompasses making your everyday decisions with the health of the environment in mind. Visit EcoKeenuo Eco superstore today

Examples of Eco-Friendly Glass Countertops

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Aside from being a recyclable product, glass is finding its way into many homes now as a countertop material for a number of reasons beyond its inate eco-friendliness! Kitchen eco friendly glass countertops glass bathroom counters glass counters glass countertops

Glass 163

Understanding the 3 R’s of Eco-Friendly Tires

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Tires are becoming more eco-friendly, which is […]. eco-innovation energy efficient materials Eco-Friendly Tires Automobile tires aren’t traditionally considered “green.”

The Most Eco-friendly Places to Live in America

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America may be trailing behind most of the rest of the world in its efforts to become more ecologically-friendly, but the good news is that change is most definitely happening, perhaps not on a nationwide level, but on a local level with some places in America doing it for themselves. Eco-friendly living Eco-friendly living can […]. green cities green travel best eco-friendly cities eco-friendly living

This summer, travel the USA the eco-friendly way!

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Community Xtras best tips for eco-friendly adventure travel vacations in the USA How to have an environmentally friendly adventure holiday in the USA

Eco-Friendly Agriculture; the Advantage of Effective Land Drainage

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Increasing Profits in Eco-Friendly Agriculture; the Advantage of Effective Land Drainage. agriculture saving water Increasing Profits in Eco-Friendly Agriculture; the Advantage of Effective Land Drainage

6 of the Most Eco-friendly Cities in Europe

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Countries and cities around the world are pushing the need to be eco-friendly, even as a marketing advantage for tourism. green cities green transportation green travel eco-friendly cities Energy and water conservation in major cities is increasingly encouraged, and some locations are speedier than others in improving their municipal carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Dining Room Furniture

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There is a surge in green technology and eco-friendly products. People can look online for furniture pieces and find a lot of different unfinished wood as well as a growing market for eco-friendly cabinets and storage containers.

4 great ways to have an eco-friendly family holiday in the UK and beyond

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Good news is, with the great variety of environmentally friendly holiday destinations and types of accommodation available, it’s now easier than ever to have a fun-packed, eco-friendly […].

Eco-friendly Paints for Green Home Improvement

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Eco-friendly Paints for Green Home Improvement are a safe and wise choice. Water-based eco-friendly paints are regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and come in any finish and style imaginable, suitable for any indoor or outdoor home need. easy green living tip green remodeling how to go green eco-friendly paint green home improvement safe home improvement

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

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Now the trend of sustainability has gone one step further to one of the least eco-friendly rooms in the house: the bathroom. Tubs and sinks themselves are seeing an eco-friendly change. Sustainable homes are all the rage.

3 Common Myths about Eco-Friendly Clothing.

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Having an eco-friendly wardrobe no longer means that one is doomed to terrible clothing choices or that one is a.

Looking for an eco-friendly getaway in the UK? Look to the countryside!

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Cumbria Derbyshire East Midlands England Europe Gloucestershire Hampshire Lake District Northern Ireland Shropshire Surrey United Kingdom Wales Wiltshire eco-friendly UK countryside holidays eco-friendly UK countryside vacation great UK country walks

Eco-Friendly Umbrellas – Futai

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Company profile and interview with Futai, supplier of eco-friendly umbrellas for Green Home. The eco-friendly handle is composed of 65% shredded wood. Make your life easier use this Eco Friendly umbrella with the convenience of the auto open and close mechanism. Tagged: eco-friendly umbrella , interview , recycled material , recycled plastic material.

Eco-friendly Back to School Shopping Guide

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The stores are stocking up with back to school this’s and that’s while I scour the web looking for great eco-friendly alternatives, Check out my guide below. This super cute eco-friendly pencil case is made from 95% post consumer recycled materials.

Vietnam: eco-friendly is the way to go

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Asia Community Con Dao Island Gulf of Tonkin Lao Cai Province Vietnam eco-friendly Vietnam green travel in Vietnam tips for sustainable travel in Vietnam| Tips For Going Green | Tourism is booming in Vietnam, and for good reasons.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Giving

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Here are some common gifts from some common gift categories that I consider to be eco-friendly: Clothing. T-shirts, PJs, sweaters, long-johns, hats all come in these eco-friendly materials, you just have to source them. Recycle all your old wax and make some cool custom candles for your friends and family for gifts. In my opinion Christmas gift giving has become insane!

Easy Ways to Make Your Space More Eco-Friendly

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Decorating your living room in a way that is aesthetically pleasing let eco-friendly is challenging for many individuals. While many upgrades to a living room are desirable from an entertainment perspective, they may not be so in an eco-friendly way.

Is this the UK's most eco-friendly family?

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Mother who quit the corporate world to turn her entire life - from her son's birthday parties to her wardrobe - eco-friendly has saved £33K (and feels 20 years younger!)

5 Tips for making your music festivals eco-friendly this summer

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Black Rock City Chicago Community England Glastonbury Illinois Isle of Wight Nevada North America The Americas United Kingdom United States Xtras best eco-friendly music festivals green music festival how be environmentally friendly at a music festival how to green a music festival

Being an Eco-Friendly Volunteer


Here are my top tips for being an eco-friendly volunteer. And they might have great tips or anecdotes from previous volunteers about being environmentally friendly in your particular destination.

Eco-friendly House Build

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Eco Gadgets Go Green Green Building Green Technology Sustainability Green TipsFrom: Senator Windows. How To."

Eco-Friendly Apartment Complexes and Communities

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Regulations for more eco-friendly apartment communities can make a major difference if they put together plans to conserve energy and save on consumption. Some require the residents to only use environmentally friendly lighting and heating.

Be Eco-Friendly – Go Paperless!

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More and more people are trying to go green in their day to day lives and there are also many businesses that are dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. If you do need to send out letters to clients and customers, go for the eco-friendly option when it comes to paper and envelopes.

4 Eco-Friendly & Stylish Home Improvement Options

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Green building and eco-friendly don’t have to be intimidating words. Although many environmentally sustainable products have a reputation for being expensive or too difficult to acquire, goods that are kind to the environment are quickly becoming more mainstream and affordable. You no longer have to sacrifice style and comfort now that many manufacturers have become […]. green construction green flooring green remodeling green home improvement green remodel