Arbor Day: Earth Day’s Wingman

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Everyone loves Earth Day , right? It’s a day to celebrate the magnificence of our planet – from the oceans to the mountain tops and every bit in between. This is an important way to give back to the planet because of all the benefits trees provide.

Earth Day Activities

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April 22 is Earth Day ! nothing nearby in your community - you can spend the day: cleaning up a local park / school yard and recycling the trash you collect. by planting trees / gardens without pesticides. Other helpful links: Earth Day Canada.

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Earth Day is Here!

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Earth Day is finally here! Just by watching the news this morning I can see that Earth Day in 2009 is going to be the most successful yet. I live in Toronto, Canada and this morning and throughout the day there are many activities focusing on earth day.

Countdown Until Earth Day With Timepieces from Sprout Watches

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Even though we honor the earth every day here at Eco Chick, we still cherish Earth Day. Let us count all of the ways their timepieces give back to the Mother Earth. Looks like Sprout Watches celebrates Earth Day every day, too. to Celebrate Online Grand Opening from Earth Day through Arbor Day

Green (Living) Review, the first tree care site of its kind for DIY tree care enthusiasts, including homeowners, golf course superintendents, caretakers and groundskeepers, announces its official launch and online grand opening event will span both Earth Day and Arbor Day.

5 Ways You Can Participate in Earth Day 2009

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April 14, 2009; Boulder, Colorado : According to the Earth Day Network’s web site, it took us (collectively as a human race) about 125 years to use our first trillion barrels of oil. So this year as we celebrate Earth Day let’s remember there are simple yet effective steps we can take to help preserve our world. Here are 5 things you can do right now to honor Earth Day this year: Replace your light bulbs with energy star bulbs.

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Abby’s Blog: Kid’s Helping the Earth - Barbie Sends a Message for Earth Day

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My mom came home with a new video for me to watch this week, she said it had a good message about taking care of the earth. The DVD, Barbie Presents Thumbelina , is about how size doesn’t matter and even those of us who are small can make a difference when it comes to protecting the earth. The movie starts with Barbie taking a group of kids to a park to plant trees and the kids making fun of one small tree, that the smallest girl picked to plant.

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Earth and Basketball

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I asked him if he was sure because Earth Day is not until the 22 nd. giving the NBA a unique opportunity to reach out to an audience that may care more about “making threes than planting tree’s”. Baskteball Earth via Shutterstock.

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Green Mountain Energy Company Donates $20,000 Solar Array to Habitat for Humanity Rice Centennial House

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In addition to the check presentation, Green Mountain employees participated in one of the Habitat Build Days, working alongside students and other community members constructing the home. Celebrate Earth Month throughout April at the local events listed below.

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Youth Perspective: Youth Action Guide on the SDGs

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Students can get involved with World Water Day on 22 nd March or join the Sanitation for All campaign , collecting data and implementing action on sanitation: Get involved. Youth can also take part in Earth Day and join the Earth Day Networks initiatives to plant trees globally. Youth can also participate in the Earth Day Network’s initiatives.

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Back to School: Healthy, Stylish and Green

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However, from a nutritional point of view, breakfast is the most important part of the day. They have protein for energy, plus all your vitamins and minerals to start the day right. Bamboo, hemp and soy are other great earth-friendly fabrics. Photo credit: busymommy.

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11 Ways to Recreate the Earth

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Adopt their God-inspired earth-friendly ideas. One way to come together with those who might not be Christians is to simply care for the earth by “greening” your city or community. Among other ideas, you can: Adopt a block, plant a tree or create a mini-park for the community.

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21 Ways Faith Groups Are Combating Global Warming

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Religious communities across the country are celebrating Earth Day every day this year by taking long-term, sustainable steps to help reduce global warming. Worship day practices Building sustainable sanctuaries. Thousands committed to the year-round Earth Day Network “ Global Warming in the Pulpit Pledge ” to preach and teach on global climate change as a moral issue. Planting trees with purpose.

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Climate Change Resources

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This multi-media website provides kids, parents and teachers with customized green plans, expert tips, inspiring green short films provided by Live Earth and a "Greenroom" to share ideas with other kids. Climate Change Solutions Campaign Earth Day Network's Climate Change Solutions Campaign is a three year global campaign to educate and motivate all levels of the global community, including K-12 and college students, governments, corporations and religious institutions.