Earth Day, Celebrating our Planet

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Monday, April 22, the people behind the movement known as Earth Day will celebrate a global commitment to keeping earth as clean, green and habitable as humanly possible. These are the causes, and the people, that Earth Day addresses.

Earth Day Green Tips

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Earth Day, a global “green” celebration that highlights caring for the planet and all the various forms of life on it, is celebrated on April 20 this year, at least in most of the United States. All this is topped off by an Earth Day Brunch cruise on the Odyssey.

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Happy Earth Day: If everyone lived like me, we'd need 5.6 Planet Earths to provide enough resources

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According to the Earth Day Network Ecological Footprint Calculator. You can thank me later

Earth Day Events in Jerusalem

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About a decade ago Israelis were much better at green washing and consumerism than caring for our planet through social green action. This year there are dozens of events going on around the country to celebrate April 22, as Earth Day.

7 Songs to Rock an Earth Day Celebration.

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On Sunday, April 22, we will give our planet a loud and proud shout out, "Happy Earth Day!" Whether we think about sustainable construction, our earth's elephants, or how we as a whole may make a difference, let's get those toes tappin’ for the greater good with these songs!

Earth Day 2011

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This year’s Earth Day has a slogan – “A Billion Acts of Green.” ” Today, those people are encouraged to observe Earth Day 2011 by pledging online at and to do something small but sustainable in their own lives to improve things on our precious planet. There will be rallies, workshops and other events around the United States, where Earth Day got started, and lots more all over the world in more than 192 countries.

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13 Radiant Photos to Honor Earth Day

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It’s Earth Day , which means you will see at least 100 stories in your Facebook and Twitter feeds that will list the many ways that you can become a better earthly citizen.

How we can Save the Planet with Loving-Kindness: an Earth Day Meditation.

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If you're hurting over the state of the planet and don't know where to begin, you can always begin with loving-kindness and this Earth Day-inspired meditation. Enlightened Society Green Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality awareness carbon footprint caring change Earth earth-day eco ecological green happiness healing health loving-kindness maitri Meditate meditation mindfulness mother nature nature passion planet safety save the planet self love trees

Earth Day Has Arrived

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Every day is Earth Day. A Chieftan from Nigeria We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. Native American Proverb There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. I'm an Earth warrior.

EARTH DAY every day

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While the official Earth Day falls on April 22 every year every day should be Earth Day and you can make it so by making a few small changes in your daily life.

Go Vegan for Earth Day and Save the Planet


Well, it’s a great thing Earth Day is on a Tuesday this year then Read More The post Go Vegan for Earth Day and Save the Planet appeared first on Ecorazzi. They say you should never start a new diet on a Monday because you’ll inevitably fail. Causes Eats Environment Featured News Science Vegan

5 Earth Day Resolutions to Make Today


Earth Day may only happen once a year, but the planet needs TLC every single day. So why not make Earth Day a little bit like new years eve. Read More The post 5 Earth Day Resolutions to Make Today appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Earth Day Outlook: Green Trend Update

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On April 22nd, as you celebrate Earth Day, you can wow your peers with an update on green trending that is coming down the pike. As more folks step on board the healing planet bus, many are producing some significant technological, political, and artistic innovations to fuel the fire.

Earth Day: Four decades on

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The year 1970, April 22 of that year to be precise, saw the first Earth Day. It came about very much as a result of the concerns for our Planet bought forth by a new consciousness of the Hippie Movement which, basically, gave birth to an eco-consciousness and the Green Movement. I grew up during the heydays of the Hippie Movement and what was talked about then, the pollution of the Planet, our disregard for Mother Earth, etc.,

Earth Day Twitter Chat: April 19 at 1PM

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Here at The Nature Conservancy, we’re pretty fanatical about Earth Day (that’s April 22 in case you don’t have it circled in red ink on your calendar!). So how will you be celebrating Earth Day? Share your own Earth Day plans and green tips by using #BingIt on Twitter.

Earth Day Giveaway: BBC’s Frozen Planet Prize Package

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It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year, so we thought we’d shower you with some Earth Day goods. BBC is celebrating Earth Day with the release of the new series Frozen Planet on DVD/Blu-ray and the re-release of Planet Earth, Blue Planet and more.

Why I Hate Earth Day: thoughts from an Environmental Hypocrite.

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Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for saving the planet. Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Food Green Inspiring (Wow) Clean Air Act Clean Water Act climate change Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) earth-day Environmental Protection agency factory farming green natural disasters plastic politicsIf we don’t do something, we’re screwed. The effects of climate change are becoming catastrophic, from more droughts and heat waves to increased hurricane and.

Arbor Day: Earth Day’s Wingman

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Everyone loves Earth Day , right? It’s a day to celebrate the magnificence of our planet – from the oceans to the mountain tops and every bit in between. This is an important way to give back to the planet because of all the benefits trees provide.

Earth Day 2013 Recap: Picnic Superlatives

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A huge Earth Day thank you to everyone who participated and made Picnic for Earth a worldwide celebration. to Kabul, Afghanistan, over 12,000 nature-lovers threw down picnic blankets and celebrated Earth Day outdoors with good food and great company.

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How Will Your Small Business Celebrate Earth Day 2013?

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On April 22 nd , 2013 Earth Day will yet again be celebrated throughout the globe. This year, show them how you embrace green change and celebrate Earth Day in style. Sponsor an Earth Day Spring Run. What is better than receiving a free plant on Earth Day?

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The Origin of Earth Day and Greening the Arab Spring

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But even then it wasn’t until a US senator channeled energy from anti-war protests into the first Earth Day in 1970 that the US green movement was born. This is how the first Earth Day came about. Happy Earth Day!

Science: On Earth Day, Hope for a Better Future

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As a conservation scientist, I spend my days tracking such threats as climate change, deforestation and the overfishing of our oceans. And I fully believe science will save the planet for us and the other 8 million species that live on it.

Green Up and Get Crafty for Earth Day

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will celebrate another Earth Day, giving people a chance to spruce up their green profile and reduce carbon footprints. Not everyone on earth celebrates Earth Day in April. In Tunisia, it is Independence Day. On Monday, April 22, the U.S.

6 Movies that Celebrate Nature for Earth Day & Everyday.

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Let’s let these films, vivid celebrations of Earth, remind us that the riches of our planet are worth protecting and need our rapt attention. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON: Today Only Baraka celebration cinema directors Earth earth-day elements Fire humanity Into the Wild mother nature movies music natural wonders nature samsara Werner Herzog wind world

Earth Day Greening with Bill Nye the Science Guy

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In his working hours, Nye discusses an extensive list of largely science-related subjects and earth-friendly options with his listeners. If you really get hooked on cleaning up the planet, you might even want to join the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

Native Deen: Muslim Hip Hop Group Releases Epic Earth Day Video

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So when they release a new music video for a song called “Our Earth,” the diaspora is bound to listen. “What have we done to our earth,” the band asks in the song’s chorus, “When will we open our eyes and change the way we live our lives?”

Earth Day Giveaway at Calypso Studios

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CALYPSO STUDIOS ANNOUNCES ITS FIRST EARTH DAY EVENT In keeping with the spirit of Calypso Studios S.H.O.P. Totes ™ ( S tart H elping O ur P lanet), the company is excited to launch its first annual Earth Day Event. Celebrate Earth Day carrying the bag the celebrities use!

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Five Easy Earth Day Tips

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This weekend is Earth Day! Show the world you care about the planet with these five easy tips for conserving energy, water and waste. 5 Earth Day Tips. Happy Earth Day! Energy Environment Tips earth day Green Tips Recycle Reuse upcycle Water

Five Easy Earth Day Tips

The Go Green Blog

This weekend is Earth Day! Show the world you care about the planet with these five easy tips for conserving energy, water and waste. 5 Earth Day Tips. Happy Earth Day! Energy Environment Tips earth day Green Tips Recycle Reuse upcycle Water

It’s Earth Day! How are you saving the planet today?

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The first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970, in a much different place and time. Check out this great video with the founders of Earth Day and what it means to them! If you are looking for some ways to celebrate Earth Day, check out some of the activities available across the US today: Earth Day events with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration): Check this interactive map and learn about Earth Day events in your area.

Grist's "Screw Earth Day!" Campaign Stirs Debate Among Environmental Community

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Grist Urges Public to Make Every Day Earth Day with Free Download of 'Wake Up and Smell the Planet' and Sweepstakes for Free Trip to Bonnaroo Music Festival by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Grist's irreverent Screw Earth Day! campaign has inspired a fresh look at the annual Earth Day celebration as its 39th anniversary approaches. Grist, the nation's leading online source for environmental news and information, launched the Screw Earth Day!

Countdown Until Earth Day With Timepieces from Sprout Watches

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Even though we honor the earth every day here at Eco Chick, we still cherish Earth Day. Let us count all of the ways their timepieces give back to the Mother Earth. Looks like Sprout Watches celebrates Earth Day every day, too.


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Celebration Hatched by Former US Senator by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In 1993 American Heritage magazine called Earth Day "one of the most remarkable happenings in the history of democracy." And as we approach this anniversary on Thursday, April 22, 2010, we thought you might want to find out exactly how Earth Day was born. Six years would pass before the idea for Earth Day occurred to me. It lasted 11 days and blackened beaches.

Earth Day Fest 2012 for the Whole Community

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As Paul Gilding pointed out we need about one and half Earth right now to sustain us, as we live now, and the demands are growing. This is not logical, this is not possible - infinite growth on a finite planet violates plain math. We have only one planet.

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A Billion Acts of Green® Gears Up For Earth Day

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The Earth Day Network is hosting "A Billion Acts of Green®" in 2012. April 2012 : The Earth Day Network is hosting "A Billion Acts of Green®" in 2012. " The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970.

Eight Small Ways to Make a Big Difference in the World Happy Earth Day

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So let me remind you of this: We''re all little drips in the scheme of our planet. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Civil Rights, Social Good) Green Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON/ADMIN: Popular (900 & up) Z ADMIN Green Featured Today earth-day environment Tamara Kerner

How to Make Earth Day Significant

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You probably have a handful of options in your community for what you can do on Earth Day. Hopefully, each of them would be beneficial to the planet and to yourself. Most environmental organizations or activists will tell you whenever they have the chance that “every little thing counts&# , in order to try to get you [.] [ How to Make Earth Day Significant from Green Living Ideas ].

Happy Earth Day 2009!

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Earth Day is finally here! Today is the day to get out and celebrate our planet. Happy Earth Day 2009! Tags: News and Events Earth Day Green Apple Festival Modern Environmental Movement National Mall PepsiCo And by that we mean hug some trees, plant some seeds, walk to school. Pick just one thing…it can be anything different to what you normally do, to reduce your carbon footprint today. photo credit: LollyKnit In case [.]

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Student Conservation Association Announces Earth Day Project Line-Up

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on April 14th and 21st to commemorate the 42nd annual Earth Day. Earth Day is all about conservation, participation, and celebration,” states SCA senior vice president Jamie Patten. “We

WATCH: Celebs Encourage People to ‘Get Out’ This Earth Day


Celebs like Lauren Conrad and Octavia Spencer are joining forces with the Sierra Club by asking others to "Get Out" this Earth Day and support the planet. Read More The post WATCH: Celebs Encourage People to ‘Get Out’ This Earth Day appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News lauren conrad octavia spencer shailene woodley

A Picnic for Earth Day


As Earth Day nears, we all need to take stock of how everything we do has an effect on our planet. By 2050, we’ll have 2 billion more people on the planet and it will take twice as much food to feed us!


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Flood-Ravaged Parks, Boy Scout Camps, Schools, and Other Community Green Spaces Get Special Attention by Landscape and Lawn Care Professionals on Earth Day, April 22, 2009 PLANET Day of Service HERNDON, VA, April 6, 2009 : Zoos, elementary schools,city parks, Boy Scout camps, churches, and cemeteries are just a few of the places that will receive special attention on the national PLANET Day of Service this Earth Day, April 22, 2009.

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Earth Day 2009: Rethinking Coupons

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That’s a problem for another day, sadly. Coupon Craze encourages all of us to “stop clipping and start clicking&# in the name of a better planet (and, of course, their bottom line!). Anyway, Earth Day’s as good a time as any to rethink coupons. Tagged: coupons, earth day, electronic coupons, Saving Money. Tags: Green coupons earth day electronic coupons Saving Money

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