New wood culture

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A new term is making the rounds, so to speak, and it is called “wood culture”, “new wood culture”, or “wood culture renaissance”, and we can but hope that it is catching on. This is the heart of The New Wood Culture or Renaissance.

Culture Wars.

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Culture wars. Half of twitter and instagram/facebook is just soapboxing at one another, trying to be the witty jerk at the cafeteria table in Junior High ’cause we failed the 1st time round. If only there was a social media dedicated to working things out, we could save the world. Well that’s what we’re working on. You […]. Main Categories* Arts Elephant Academy Enlightened Society Right Livelihood Waylon Lewis ecosystem

Photographing Yosemite Climbing Culture

Wend Magazine

From Yvon Chouinard setting routes and inventing dependable climbing gear, to advanced climbers scaling big walls and base-jumping, the culture of climbing is constantly evolving. His photos are an endeavor to represent the courage, determination, and heart of the climbing culture.


Green (Living) Review

Indigenous cultures have a lot to teach us about sharing, sustainability, and a spiritual relationship to Mother Earth, explain Freddy Treuquil and Victor Lem Masc. The one who understands his culture can understand his past. We don’t come here to impose our cultural values.

Do birds avoid predators because of culture?

10,000 Birds

Tradeoffs in behavior, and plasticity. We assume natural selection has shaped birds to avoid predators. Noticing predators, reacting to them perhaps with an alarm call, and escaping them, as well as other behaviors, keep the bird alive and thus allow it to reproduce. We would expect, then, that natural selection favors birds that are good at these things. But we often assume too much when it comes to natural selection.

East Maui: the heart of Hawaiian culture at Travaasa Hana

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| Truer Shade of Green | The heart of Hawaiian culture is family, food, and ’aina, or a connection to the land.

Yoga Culture—the Dangers.

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Feminism is about inclusivity. It is about building a supportive community and honoring each individual for their divine gifts—it is not about shaming and blaming the bravery of one who has spoken out and spoken up. We must not invalidate someone else’s trauma just to avoid inconvenient circumstances. Even when we allow ourselves to look away, there is still a sound, there is still suffering, deep-seated trauma, repercussions.

This Week in Pop Culture: Bird Edition

10,000 Birds

Maybe migration has seeped into the cultural zeitgeist and turned everyone a little bird-crazy. It seems like lately, every time I glance at a screen or opened a newspaper (okay, let’s be realistic, the newspapers were on screens too), there’s some kind of interesting bird-related content.

How my Silence perpetuated Rape Culture.

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Enlightened Society Equal Rights Inspiring (Wow) be the change Brock Turner consent donald trump equal rights gender norms locker room talk rape culture sexual assaultBut for women like me, a safe place would be really nice right now. Because this has been.

10 Ideas for Raising Culturally Aware Children.

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The value of cultural sensitivity is particularly important to observe during these times of Presidential candidate followers and racist me. Arts & Culture Family, Youth, Enlightened Education culturally diverse families For Children international people are people Racism teaching children traveling

Rape, Cultural Appropriation & Bad Music.

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Culture is what happens when we come together. It''s a verb, not a noun. At least it acts that way. It is something we experience collectively, not something we own and protect.

We are Grossly Underestimating the Power of Cultural Exchange.

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Apprentice Thesis Elephant Academy Enlightened Society Right Livelihood art China Colin Powell cultural diplomacy diplomacy hard power hawaii Kauai mindful communication missile strike false alarm north korea ping-pong soft powerWith tensions rising between the United States and North Korea, the missile threat was all too real, all too possible. What alternate reality am I living in, I thought?

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How to Build a Mother Culture.

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I thought about being 20 and going through a bad breakup, the day that a girlfriend, seeing my destructive behavior gave me my first tool when she’d said to me: Family Inspiring (Wow) Love Non New-Agey Spirituality friendship independent women losing a parent mom mother culture motherhood parenting raising children self-care spiritual medium trust yourself

Secrets of Green Cultures Part 1: The Nabataeans, Water Warriors

Green Home Blog

Imagine a culture that could teach today’s society a thing or two about respecting and harvesting the free, natural resource of water. Take it from the Nabataean culture as they practiced foresight and forethought outdoing their struggling neighbors.

To Become 21st Century City, Los Angeles Plan Aims To Curb Car Culture

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car culture Los Angeles"The car capital of America is officially changing its tune."

Why Cultural Diversity Is as Essential to Human Survival as Biological Diversity

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cultural diversity green living Just as we recognize the importance of biodiversity for the survival of the planet, so we must preserve the diverse ways of knowing that exist among humanity.

Ecotourism in New Mexico-Where Culture and Nature Converge

Wend Magazine

New Mexico is a place of converging cultures, a state where ranch lands border Native American reservations; where filmmakers, skiers, and artists flock; where Hispanics and descendants of Spanish conquistadors live together, along with 19 sovereign Native American nations.

Birds, culture, and Scenic Beauty along the Northern Peru Birding Route

10,000 Birds

Hugh made things easier on me, as now I will only talk about other nature and cultural sites along the route covered in the Northern Peru World Birding Rally Challenge. Needless to say this birding style does not allow time to stop at other nature and cultural sites along the way. For those who also enjoy stopping at cultural and scenic sites, the northern Peru route is the one to bird. Birding culture northern Peru

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Refugees Will Enrich the West Culturally & Materially.

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Some Syrian refugees are just young and gutsy. For example, take my friend Muhammad, from a small camp on one of the Greek islands. Enlightened Society awareness change compassion enrich the West immigrant groups immigration life politics refugees Syria Syrian refugees

Secrets of Green Cultures Part IV: Food Preservation

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However, many modern cultures continue to treat food with great irresponsibility– unnecessary waste, genetically modified organisms, manipulated animal handling and much more. Many of the secrets of ancient food preservation depended upon the geographical location of each culture.

Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce & Conservation: A Book Review by a Curious Bird Feeder

10,000 Birds

So, I was happy to see the publication of a book on all aspects of wild bird feeding—history, culture, and economics. Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce & Conservation by Paul J. million people who feed wild birds, Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce & Conservation is likely to enhance your enjoyment and expand your knowledge base.

Your New Superpower: Creating a Culture of Regenerative Sustainability.

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In the early years of the 21st century, we are witnessing and creating changes on scales and in ways never before seen. And this is the time in our human history when the biggest change we face is whether we will choose a pathway to.

Running-Rape Culture. ~ Melissa Prax

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Health & Wellness athletics feminism rape culture running running-rape culture training I enjoy the motivational high fives I sometimes receive from dog walkers, or a fellow runner smiling at me. There are opposite expressions of different motivations when it comes to appreciating me instead of gawking.

Climate Culture

The Green Changemakers Climate Culture is the first fun and personal utility to help you make smarter choices that reduce your impact on climate change and save some cash. We have this faith because we see every day that we are part of a culture that wants to make smart decisions. Our culture spans people of all shapes and sizes - teachers, lawyers, hippies, neocons, libertarians, doctors, mothers, students, retirees, plumbers, construction workers, waitresses, and bankers.

Finding Joy in a Culture of Inconvenience.

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This is one of the many reasons we moved nearly 6,000 miles away from our home: we needed to leave the culture of convenience, because it was cultivating a sense of. Adventure Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Travel Catalan convenience expat family For Children fresh food inconvenience living abroad market mindful present moment Sarria Square Spain travel

Secrets of Green Cultures Part III: Recycling Forefathers

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These are only a few examples of the many forms of secret recycling that past cultures have practiced. Next up: Secrets of Green Cultures Part IV: Food Preservation. Okay they may not be your direct forefathers but they sure knew the meaning of recycling.

France Takes Bullfighting Off Cultural Heritage List


Thanks to pressure from animals rights activists, France has removed bullfighting from its cultural heritage list. Usually it is Spain that comes to mind when the subject of bullfighting is Read More The post France Takes Bullfighting Off Cultural Heritage List appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Sports Top News

Here’s 45 Things we can Do Right Now to Stop Rape Culture & Misogyny.

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I remember the jokes, the "locker room talk" that's so prevalent in rape culture. Z ADMIN Love Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today #metoo misogyny rape culture sexual abuse trauama weinsteinThere I was, being the "cool girl" by being silent in the face of misogyny and of. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Love Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only.

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Five Tips to Cope with Culture Shock—at Home.

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Adventure Enlightened Society Green Travel culture shock high context culture home coming journey low context culture mindful travel travelingHere are some "re-integration tactics" that we’ve all used but sometimes need gentle reminders of how powerful they can be.

Yoga, Culture & Hummus. ~ Rachelle Tratt

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It has become one of my purposes in life to share the beauty of the land, the cultural richness and to change the view of Israel that media so falsely portrays.

Secrets of Green Cultures Part V: Ancient Healing

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To understand ancient healing and its green applications, one must think outside the box. These remedies often work through a human-nature or human-energy connection with the capability to heal the root cause as opposed to band-aiding symptoms.

Kino talks with Waylon about Alo and Dana & the Path of Yoga in an Instagram culture.

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Kino talks with Waylon about Alo and Dana & the Path of Yoga in an Instagram culture. Health & Wellness Walk the Talk Show Editor's Picks Walk the Talk Show Featured Walk the Talk Show Popular Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis Waylon Lewis WAYLON: Today Only Yoga #mayitbeofbenefit Alo alo yoga dana falsetti elephant journal kino macgregor meditation walk the talk show Waylon Lewis (by or about

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Redefining Consent in our Rape Culture: The Video Everyone Should See.

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Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Love & Relationships Writer's Contest June 1-14 awareness British Brock Turner college campus consent Judge Aaron Persky no excuse rape culture Stanford rape Thames Valley Police women

I Refuse to be Silent about Rape Culture.

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Enlightened Society Equal Rights Inspiring (Wow) be the change Brock Turner consent donald trump equal rights gender norms locker room talk rape culture sexual assaultBut for women like me, a safe place would be really nice right now. Because this has been.

Improving our Home’s Harmony with Cultural Inspiration.

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This realization finally hit me a few years ago in the middle of a ridiculously small and petty argument with my spouse. A bit of research convinced me that it was a lack of. Health & Wellness Right Livelihood chaos China color declutter feng shui home home decor India Japan

Call for Papers: Economic and Social Impacts of Stocking Cultured Fish

Environmental Economics

American Fisheries Society 145th Annual Meeting August 16 - 20, 2015 | Portland, OR Call for Papers (Deadline March 13) Economic and Social Impacts of Stocking Cultured Fish.   The symposium is intended to lead to a better understanding of how stocking cultured fish affects the benefits to the public from fishing. Sponsored By: Fish Culture and Socioeconomics Sections

A Yogi in Mourning Amidst a Culture of Positivity.

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I questioned if our fascination with “positive vibes only” was unknowingly segregating the very people who could really benefit from a welcoming, non-judgmental practice environment—one unconcerned with whether we had found our bliss yet or not. Health & Wellness Yoga allowing feelings good vibes only mourning no mud no lotus positivity

UNESCO to Protect Olives and Turkish Coffee as Cultural Heritage

Green Prophet

To eat cous cous, chickpea soup or other spicy Moroccan dishes means to consume not just the plate of food at hand, but also a long history of rich cultural tradition, ritual, and knowledge – from animal husbandry to water management and terraced agriculture.

How to Create a Culture with Liberty & Equality, both.

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Enlightened Society Right Livelihood collective culture groupthink herd mentality individual manners patriarchy social harmony social norms societyLet’s play the game, and play it well at that, but never allow ourselves to forget that it is.

Cultural Intelligence

The Green Changemakers

CQ, or cultural intelligence, is more than just a kitschy catch phrase for cultural competence. Cultural intelligence is defined as the capability to function effectively across national, ethnic, and organizational cultures. Michigan State University) is the author of the newly released book, Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The New Secret to Success (AMACOM; September 2009). Cultural Intelligence. Tags: Culture Education