Building Positive School Culture

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Here are eight guidelines for improving your school culture based on the Boys Town Education Model , which has helped hundreds of troubled schools turn their school culture around. Get on the Same Page Every classroom environment contributes to your school culture.

Imlay City, Michigan: Mulefoot Gastropub redefines the food culture

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A friendly guy, we soon […] Imlay City, Michigan: Mulefoot Gastropub redefines the food culture is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Secrets of Green Cultures Part V: Ancient Healing

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To understand ancient healing and its green applications, one must think outside the box. These remedies often work through a human-nature or human-energy connection with the capability to heal the root cause as opposed to band-aiding symptoms.

14 Ways To Create Honesty In A Dishonest Dating Culture.

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Here is how we can find a little bit of honesty in increasingly dishonest dating culture.

New wood culture

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A new term is making the rounds, so to speak, and it is called “wood culture”, “new wood culture”, or “wood culture renaissance”, and we can but hope that it is catching on. This is the heart of The New Wood Culture or Renaissance.

Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce & Conservation: A Book Review by a Curious Bird Feeder

10,000 Birds

So, I was happy to see the publication of a book on all aspects of wild bird feeding—history, culture, and economics. Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce & Conservation by Paul J. million people who feed wild birds, Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce & Conservation is likely to enhance your enjoyment and expand your knowledge base.

How to Reclaim Our Wild Genius in a Status-Quo Culture.

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If we trained ourselves as a society to look for human wildflowers, how many geniuses would we cultivate? If we valued diversity, celebrated differences, invited the unknown, and turned our new normal into constant mental, spiritual, and emotional expansion, what would we become? How many more lights would illuminate the world? Enlightened Society Green Right Livelihood California construction environment genius green growth

2017 30

France Takes Bullfighting Off Cultural Heritage List


Thanks to pressure from animals rights activists, France has removed bullfighting from its cultural heritage list. Usually it is Spain that comes to mind when the subject of bullfighting is Read More The post France Takes Bullfighting Off Cultural Heritage List appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Sports Top News

Spain 16

The Things our Lonely Culture is Desperately Seeking.

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Our culture is embarrassed, ignorant and fearful of transcendence, often to the point of calling it madness. Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) addiction enlightenment spiritual growth spirituality transcend

The Year of the Monkey & Yoga’s Counter-cultural Mathematic.

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Yoga has morphed, and that is why it’s ridiculous to light a candle for any single expression. I’ve seen both camps in recent articles: One titled its contribution, “True Yoga,” while another asked in good ol’ slang, “What the Hell. Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Yoga burning chinese calendar god heat tapas year of the monkey yoga wisdom

Chimps Can Pass Down Knowledge, Culture to Peers


Humans tend to think our ability to build tools and pass down our culture to future generations sets us apart from all other living creatures, but a new study is Read More The post Chimps Can Pass Down Knowledge, Culture to Peers appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Redefining Consent in our Rape Culture: The Video Everyone Should See.

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Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Love & Relationships Writer's Contest June 1-14 awareness British Brock Turner college campus consent Judge Aaron Persky no excuse rape culture Stanford rape Thames Valley Police women

Can Polyamory Help Destroy Rape Culture? ~ Tikva Wolf

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It may be entertaining to watch awkward fumbling and forceful passion on the screen, but this kind of indirect communication seeps out into our actual romantic encounters far too often. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) consent polyamory relationships

10 Ideas for Raising Culturally Aware Children.

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The value of cultural sensitivity is particularly important to observe during these times of Presidential candidate followers and racist me. Arts & Culture Family, Youth, Enlightened Education culturally diverse families For Children international people are people Racism teaching children traveling

Culture Shakti: Are our Stupid Selfies Killing Yoga?

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My point is, you don’t know her heart…and every. Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) WAYLON: Editor's Picks Yoga instagram Rachel Brathen robert sturman social media yoga girl yoga selfies

Enough is Enough: Zero Tolerance for Rape Culture on Facebook. {Trigger Warning: Disturbing Material}

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By removing images that promote violence against women, we are sending a bigger message to our culture at large. Facebook does not have to be a platform for rapists and men who abuse women.

Ecotourism in New Mexico-Where Culture and Nature Converge

Wend Magazine

New Mexico is a place of converging cultures, a state where ranch lands border Native American reservations; where filmmakers, skiers, and artists flock; where Hispanics and descendants of Spanish conquistadors live together, along with 19 sovereign Native American nations.

These Disney-inspired Paintings show Exactly what’s Wrong with our Culture.

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Gillette has been widely credited as Banksy’s muse. Arts Enlightened Society Green WAYLON: Today Only art banksy billboard dismaland disney Jeff Gillette landfill Los Angeles mickey mouse Muse

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Saudi’s Fledgling Cycling Culture (Video)

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Albeit huge advocates of urban cycling , we have been sensitive to the fact that – mostly because of culture – the practice hasn’t taken off in the Middle East.

Do birds avoid predators because of culture?

10,000 Birds

Tradeoffs in behavior, and plasticity. We assume natural selection has shaped birds to avoid predators. Noticing predators, reacting to them perhaps with an alarm call, and escaping them, as well as other behaviors, keep the bird alive and thus allow it to reproduce. We would expect, then, that natural selection favors birds that are good at these things. But we often assume too much when it comes to natural selection.

UNESCO to Protect Olives and Turkish Coffee as Cultural Heritage

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To eat cous cous, chickpea soup or other spicy Moroccan dishes means to consume not just the plate of food at hand, but also a long history of rich cultural tradition, ritual, and knowledge – from animal husbandry to water management and terraced agriculture.

Can Forest Carbon Markets Provide for a 40,000-Year-Old Culture?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Can a forest carbon offset project protect the resources and culture of indigenous hunter-gatherers in northern Tanzania? The Hadza are a consensus-based culture; in their own groups, they do not have leaders or hierarchy. Will the Hadza survive as a culture?”

Cultured Meat Confusion: The Answer Is Veganism And Always Has Been


The cultured meat movement – or the “clean meat movement” as they like to call it – seems to be muddying the already troubled waters surrounding our societal perception of animals.

Silence of the Rattlesnake Researchers: Snakes, Culture and Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

The cultural hatred of snakes can run deep. Wildlife biologist Doug Blodgett is mum about the locations of rattlesnakes: to protect the snakes from people. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC. By Matt Miller, senior science writer.

How to Build a Mother Culture.

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I thought about being 20 and going through a bad breakup, the day that a girlfriend, seeing my destructive behavior gave me my first tool when she’d said to me: Family Inspiring (Wow) Love Non New-Agey Spirituality friendship independent women losing a parent mom mother culture motherhood parenting raising children self-care spiritual medium trust yourself

In a Remote Alaska Rainforest, a Tribe Protects Habitat and Restores Culture

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On Prince of Wales Island in Alaska, the restoration of rivers goes hand-in-hand with the restoration of cultural traditions. Haida community members were trained in ecological monitoring protocol so they could restore streams important for their community’s food and culture.

Take a time machine through culture to understand climate change

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This past March Abu Dhabi city has witnessed its most intense rain storm in recent memory. Storms usually do not make it to Arabian cities on the Gulf; they jump on summer monsoon winds from the Indian Ocean only to break on unfortunate shores of Oman.

Compassion is the Cure in a Culture of Depression.

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We have seen the genius of someone riding the waves of life as a passionate expression of joy, and the wave that crashes on the shore before it’s time.

Culture Minister’s Daughter Arrested in Connection with Qatar’s Fire

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Qatar’s Culture Minister’s daughter is among five people who have been arrested in connection with the fire that swept through Doha’s elite Villaggio Mall on Monday.

Qasr Garden Museum: Iranian Prison Transformed into a Hot Cultural Attraction

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In addition to a handful of galleries, the new cultural complex boasts a library, amphitheater and gorgeous gardens that create a calm and tranquil atmosphere at a space that used to cause fear and trembling in the hearts of political dissenters.

Iran 13

DB: How one City Celebrated Mexican Culture in Trump’s America.

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The following poem is devoted to those cultures whose food, architecture, hospitality, and entertainment impacted our everyday lives. Arts Enlightened Society Equal Rights Literary Journal america cultural diversity Festival fiesta heritage mexican poem poetry viva la vida

All the Cheese, None of the Whine. How to Free Yourself from a Culture of Complaint.

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We have created a culture of complaint; seeking the fault over the good, exposing the inadequacy before highlighting the abundance, making the.

The Culture of 'I Want and I Want it Now!'

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) This culture that governments have nurtured over the last decades that was really what lies behind the UK riots. It is this culture that is destroying our community and it takes away any and all feelings in a charitable way towards others amongst us. The very fabric and structure of our society is being destroyed by this attitude, this culture of “I want and I want it now”. We must kill this culture and that the sooner the better.


Green (Living) Review

Indigenous cultures have a lot to teach us about sharing, sustainability, and a spiritual relationship to Mother Earth, explain Freddy Treuquil and Victor Lem Masc. The one who understands his culture can understand his past. We don’t come here to impose our cultural values.

Butoh Artist Vangeline Challenges Throwaway Culture Through Dance

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The program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. The post Butoh Artist Vangeline Challenges Throwaway Culture Through Dance appeared first on Eco-Chick.

“I hate Celebrity Culture.” Prince Joffrey

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Jack Gleeson’s (King Joffrey from Game of Thrones) essay “I Hate Celebrity Culture”(video) Some of us want to be famous, some of us don’t want to be famous but become famous, and many of us worship, to one degree or another, those who are famous.

Afghans for Afghans: Crafting a Cultural Connection

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A classic and common piece of Americana holds links to a misunderstood culture. I found a bag of small yarn balls. I’d left it long ago at a friend’s house in New Jersey: my Amman-bound suitcase was fatter than the airline allowed.

Britain sees death of throw-away culture and is becoming a nation of regenerators

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Research that was launched to coincide with the start of Climate Week 2013, Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, has identified the rise of the ‘Re-Generation’. Instead of disposing of unwanted items, consumers are choosing to recycle, re-use or re-sell items they no longer want. The figures reveal an overwhelming reluctance to consign used items to the bin.

Photographing Yosemite Climbing Culture

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From Yvon Chouinard setting routes and inventing dependable climbing gear, to advanced climbers scaling big walls and base-jumping, the culture of climbing is constantly evolving. His photos are an endeavor to represent the courage, determination, and heart of the climbing culture.

Paper Culture’s Gorgeously Graphic (and Green) Eco Stationery for Summer Parties and More

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Simple – trust the experts at Paper Culture who have created the perfect combo of modern design with an eco-friendly attitude. Check out a few of our favorites from Paper Culture’s summer party invitations and get ready to swoon: Simply Summer – Sometimes simplicity is supreme.