Global Citizenship Course

The Green Changemakers

Source: [link] [link] Modules Module 1 ~ Getting Curious: Beginning to Question When Isidore Isaac Rabi, winner of Nobel Prize in Physics was asked why he became a scientist, he replied, “My mother made me a scientist without ever knowing it.

Take an econometrics course

Environmental Economics

We just added an additional quantitative course to our majors. When students start complaining I'll point them here: The knock that liberal-arts graduates can have a tough time landing a first job is borne out by the data. Yet a new analysis of help-wanted postings for entry-level jobs suggests that those graduates can improve their job prospects markedly by acquiring a small level of proficiency in one of eight specific skill sets, such as social media or data analysis.

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Early Antiviral Response in the Nose May Determine the Course of COVID-19

Environmental News Network

Early Antiviral Response in the Nose May Determine the Course of COVID-19Over the past 18 months, researchers have learned much about COVID-19 and its viral cause, SARS-CoV-2.

Freakonomics » Taking a Course From Gary Becker

Environmental Economics

Blog powered by TypePad Member since 05/2005 « The only thing I ask is that you please not treat me like a celebrity | Main | Benefits and costs of EPAs mercury rule » March 16, 2011 Freakonomics » Taking a Course From Gary Becker Steven D. Levitt: Up until now, the only way to take a course taught by Gary Becker was to be a student at the University of Chicago.

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I'll never "winterize" my courses again

Environmental Economics

We got some decent snow today so App State cancelled classes with the encouragement to "winterize" missed courses: Due to increasingly inclement weather, all classes on March 14 are cancelled. Students  should check their email and monitor ASULearn and their course web pages for alternative assignments or meeting methods.    Faculty  are encouraged to utilize  course winterization  methods.

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Nina Teaching SF Writing Course at George Brown College FALL 2015

The Alien Next Door

I'm back at George Brown College, teaching my 12-week long writing course on how to write science fiction. The 12-week course starts SEPTEMBER 22 (TUESDAY) and runs until DECEMBER 8th. Called “Creating Science Fiction”, the course runs TUESDAY nights from 6:15 to 9:15 starting September 22nd through to December 8th and costs $285. You can register for the course here: [link]

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Nina Teaching SF Writing Course at George Brown College Spring 2015

The Alien Next Door

I''m back at George Brown College, teaching my 12-week long writing course on how to write science fiction. The course starts April and runs until June-end. Called “Creating Science Fiction”, the course runs Wednesday nights from 6:15 to 9:15 starting September 17 through to December 3 and costs $278. Meant for both beginning writers and those already published, the 12-week course is run like a workshop with student input and feedback on student’s WIPs.

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Of course, the Senate Democrats' climate plan must tout jobs

Environmental Economics

Because jobs are the only benefit of environmental policy (sarcasm): Leading Senate Democrats unveiled their vision Tuesday for a comprehensive energy policy overhaul that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through new technology. The legislative proposal, put together by Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.),

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Permaculture Design Courses in Costa Rica at Punta Mona

Green Living Ideas

Stephen Brooks is a permaculture expert and festival organizer for the wild and wonderful Envision Festival, along with upcoming permaculture design courses in Costa Rica at the lovely Punta Mona educational center. The post Permaculture Design Courses in Costa Rica at Punta Mona appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Green Lifestyle community Costa Rica Envision Festival herbal medicine permaculture permaculture design course

Permaculture and Community Resilience - Free online course

The Green Changemakers

Key design drivers Before we get into the details and content of our COVID-19 Community Resilience & Permaculture Course, we want to share some of our values, beliefs and design drivers for this course. Thank you for becoming active and being part of this course!

Some reading for your research methods course (maybe)

Environmental Economics

Retraction Watch : From time to time, we find online college syllabi among those sites referring us traffic, and some professors have told us that they use Retraction Watch in their classes. We’re pleased and humbled by that. In a new paper published in the Journal of College Science Teaching , three professors at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia, discuss why retractions are good case studies for teaching ethics and examining the scientific process in class.

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Carving a New Course in River Science

Cool Green Science

But some begin to carve a course into the hillside, capturing other rivulets that work together to erode deeper and deeper channels, ultimately changing the topography of the hillslope. Science doesn’t advance as a unidirectional monolith, like a glacier carving a valley. Rather, it’s more like thousands of tiny rivulets wending their way through the leaf litter and grasses at the top of a hillside.

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Sustainable, Online Green Courses for 2014

Green Prophet

I introduced Green Prophet readers to environmental e-learning and Laurie updated us with details on Mitx, Coursera and Udacity environmentalism courses in Februrary 2013. A new term has just begun with a wide selection courses related to environmentalism. So this is a good time for a refresher on how Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) work. I will also provide a list of upcoming courses in green energy, sustainability and other aspects of environmentalism.

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A demand / consumer surplus experiment for your lower level environmental economics course

Environmental Economics

I used VEconLab's demand experiment in my sophomore level introduction to environmental and resource economics course this week: This exercise introduces the notion of demand as a function with "steps" that represent maximum willingness to pay, i.e. the marginal value of consumption. I used it to illustrate demand curves (the course has no prequisite) and consumer surplus.

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Friday beer post: all in moderation, of course

Environmental Economics

How this accidental discovery evolved into the first keg party, of course, is still unknown. My favorite archeologists have determined that: We needed beer. Luckily, from time to time, our ancestors, like other animals, would run across fermented fruit or grain and sample it. But evolve it did, perhaps as early as 10,000 years ago. Maybe they got the idea after watching Animal House? Current theory has it that grain was first domesticated for food.

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Grow lettuce like astronauts at American Hydroponics course

Green Prophet

Next month in September from the 20 to 22 hydroponics supply store American Hydroponics ( click here for details ) is offering a two-day course to show how it’s done. Testimonial on the American Hydroponics course here: Click here to view the embedded video. The course, which costs $995 and limited to 20 people, will give people the experience to start a small hydroponics farm in the city –– whether you live in Jeddah or with Jedis.

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"Professor Leaves a MOOC in Mid-Course in Dispute Over Teaching"

Environmental Economics

The professor is a past-president of the Southern Economics Association (here is his vita ): Students regularly drop out of massive open online courses before they come to term. McKenzie, an emeritus professor of enterprise and society at the university’s business school, sent a note to his students announcing that he would no longer be teaching the course, which was about to enter its fifth week. Mr. McKenzie’s microeconomics course, however, will continue—just without him.

2013 149

Aviation is plotting a sustainable course


Aviation is plotting a sustainable course Joel Makower Mon, 03/22/2021 – 00:05 This article originally appeared in the State of Green Business 2021. body, set a course for airlines to offset emissions of international flights above a 2019-20 baseline. And, of course, there’s the option of not flying at all, or at least not as much. Read more: Aviation is plotting a sustainable course.

Sustainable Diet and Sustainable Finance E-courses

The Green Changemakers

Find out more by taking our free e- course on Sustainable Finance [link]. You have two homes: Earth and your body. Your daily food choices affect both of them! Learn how to lead a climate-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Watch the video preview below and enroll today [link] Investments we make today will affect our world tomorrow! What are the opportunities, challenges, and enabling conditions for countries to benefit from growing sustainable investment opportunities?

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Meru University Offers new Online Permaculture Course

Green (Living) Review

To register for this course, go to [link] This press release is presented for your information only.

National Trust launches new heritage gardening courses

Green (Living) Review

The National Trust has announced two new heritage gardening courses, representing the charity's most significant development in horticultural training for 20 years. Co-funded by the National Gardens Scheme, the new courses will offer budding gardeners the opportunity to study for qualifications in heritage gardening and replace the Trust's Careership training scheme launched in 1991*. The new courses start in September 2012 and there are 10 places available on each.

Forget Golf Courses: Subdivisions Draw Residents With Farms

Green (Living) Review

When you picture a housing development in the suburbs, you might imagine golf courses, swimming pools, rows of identical houses. "Golf courses cost millions to build and maintain, and we''re kind of overbuilt on golf courses already," he says. But now, there''s a new model springing up across the country that taps into the local food movement: Farms — complete with livestock, vegetables and fruit trees — are serving as the latest suburban amenity.

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We won't rest until every public official takes a benefit-cost analysis course

Environmental Economics

If only Congress would mandate more frequent and longer vacations we could increase the number of jobs (sarc): According to the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA), which publishes the peer-reviewed “Shore & Beach,” the travel and tourism industry accounts for 10 percent of the U.S. job market, “more than all U.S. manufacturers combined.”. While officials including U.S.

2013 146

Of course, many people will only be able to take a shaky hike to the bathroom

Environmental Economics

Since they overdid it last night: People who want to start the year off on the right foot might consider taking a New Year’s Day hike. Every North Carolina state park and recreation area will offer a “First Day Hike,” part of a growing tradition among state parks nationwide. There are more than 40 scheduled hikes statewide, via My big New Year's week hike is scheduled for Friday

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GREAT CHRISTMAS IDEA: Gift an online gardening course – instantly

Green (Living) Review

A Christmas gift of a gardening course with some of the world’s best gardeners is just a click away as MyGardenSchool launches a unique online gift certificate A Christmas gift of a gardening course with some of the world’s best gardeners is just a click away MyGardenSchool, the world’s first online gardening school, has today launched gift certificates for each of its 23 online gardening courses, just in time for Christmas.

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Correct Your Course on Natural Gas, Mr. President

Sierra Club Compass

By Deb Nardone, Beyond Natural Gas Campaign Director. Today President Obama took several important steps down the trail towards addressing climate disruption. But when it comes to natural gas, the president is taking the wrong path. The president was exactly right when he said no single step can reverse the impacts of climate change. The scale of the challenge, and the duty to our children and grandchildren, will require multiple steps, all at the same time, to urgently address the problem.

Environmental Health Courses Not In Best Medical Schools: New Study

Green Prophet

Out of the 25 universities surveyed – 10 in United States, 10 in Europe and five in Israel, only the clinical medicine program at Bar-Ilan University in Israel required a course related to environmental health. Only four other university programs out of 25 offered such courses at all, and they deemed such courses optional electives. Air pollution is one of many environmental factors that impact public health.

Steering a New Course for Kenya’s Fisheries

Nature Conservancy - Science

Separated from the main land by a narrow channel and protected from the vast Indian Ocean by a series of long coral reefs, the Lamu archipelago along Kenya’s northern coast boasts an impressive diversity of ecosystems and marine life. Here, Lamu’s traditional fishing boats, known as dhow, dot the seascape with their characteristic tall triangular sails.

Perils of Flying on Nature’s Course

Eco Friendly Daily

Lightning usually strikes a sharp point usually the nose or a wingtip, courses through the exterior and exits through another sharp point like the tail without harming the plane. Even as the search for debris of Air France Flight 447 intensifies, the deeper quest for answers continues. What caused an experienced pilot and a top line jet to crash into the Atlantic? The most probable answer so far seems to be that it flew into the path of a natural phenomenon.

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Marine Resource Economics has published an unpublished paper off the reading list of "Wilen?s resource economics course at UC Davis" (fn 3)

Environmental Economics

Three of Professor Wilen's students (including current and former editors of MRE) introduce the paper like this: Throughout his career, James E. Jim) Wilen has had a remarkable influence on the development of resource and fisheries economics through his path-breaking research contributions, influence on fisheries policy, and outstanding legacy as a mentor.

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Estimating WTP with the Turnbull in a sophomore level environmental and resource economics course (ECO 2620): Part 1 (Crosstabs in SPSS)

Environmental Economics

2018 100

Free Online Permaculture Design Course

The Green Changemakers

You can now study permaculture online completely FREE with world-class instructors including Larry Korn through our new Online Permaculture Design Course. You can immediately begin viewing the complete 72+hour course lectures free at [link] There is no catch -- permaculture is rapidly changing the world, and we''re doing our part to dramatically accelerate that change by making this incredible wisdom available completely free.

‘Agrihoods’ Provide Suburban Living Built Around Community Farms – Not Golf Courses

Green (Living) Review

California’s first farm-to-table new home community just opened. Called “ The Cannery ,” it’s a residential project designed and put together by The New Home Company. Designed with a seven acre urban farm near the center of downtown Davis, this 100 acre project is considered to be the very first agrihood built on what used to be industrial land.

2016 101

And you thought those MBAs weren't paying attention in their economics course

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: All that knowledge you imparted to us is being used in the real world.I appreciate it

2011 116

SafeMed Offers Course on Ballast Water and Invasive Species

Green Prophet

Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Tunisia and Turkey were among the representatives at the SafeMed course on the environmental risk of ballast water last month. The course was offered in Malta and is designed to emphasize the effective implementation of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM Convention). SafeMed’s course is a step in the right direction.

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KidWind Provides A Hands-On Renewable Energy Course

Green Living Ideas

KidWind Provides A Hands-On Renewable Energy Course (via Clean Technica ). What better way to encourage more renewable acceptance than having kids learn about it at an early age? This great program works with kids across the United States in 2014, including some international events.

Putting on the Greens – Are Golf Courses an Environmental Hazard?

Eco Friendly Daily

As the ball lands on a perfect patch of green grass many might just wonder whether golf courses are ideal offspring’s from the marriage of nature and entertainment. Wannabe enthusiasts take up the sport for the relaxation amidst verdant greens but many don’t realize how potentially damaging a golf course can be. A golf course is not confined to a stadium or an arena. A typical modern day 18-hole golf course covers nearly 150 acres of maintained land.

Coursera’s Free and Green Harvard, Princeton and Stanford University Courses

Green Prophet

Check out some of the excellent university courses offered free and on-line. This self-described ‘social entrepreneurship company” partners with top universities to offer free online courses, giving anyone anywhere access to world-class education. Web-based technology enables preeminent professors to teach tens of thousands of students via video lectures, pdf course books you can drop onto your e-reader , links to articles and supplemental video. (The

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Complete FREE Permaculture Design Course

The Green Changemakers

We are making the 72-hour permaculture design course available online completely without charge (this is normally $2000+ course!) Read more @ [link] Permaculture is literally changing the world, and we're doing our part to dramatically accelerate that change by making this incredible wisdom available completely free -- but we need your support, and we've got some amazing perks (including the full course on DVD!)

How Do You Stop Greenwashing? Train Better Activists, Of Course

Green Prophet

We speak to the Lebanese eco-campaigner Wael Hmaidan about corporate funding of green organisations in the Middle East and finding solutions. In a previous post, I posed some questions about green groups in the Middle East receiving funding from not-so-green corporations. Is it a good thing if they are working together to protect nature? Or are green organizations in the Middle East simply being duped by corporations who want to look green?

2011 66

Free online course: The Science of Happiness

The Green Changemakers

That’s where this course comes in. The Science of Happiness” is a free , eight-week online course that explores the roots of a happy and meaningful life. Created by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, the course zeroes in on a fundamental finding from positive psychology: that happiness is inextricably linked to having strong social ties and contributing to something bigger than yourself—the greater good.

Nina Munteanu Teaching Science Fiction Writing at George Brown College Toronto

The Alien Next Door

This fall I will be teaching a course on how to write science fiction at George Brown College in Toronto. The 12 week course that starts on Wednesday September 18th (6:15 to 9:15 pm) through to December 4th 2013 will focus on writing science fiction toward publication. If you or anyone you know in the Toronto area with or without a WIP is looking to learn the essential tools of writing science fiction, then this is an ideal course for you.

2013 100

How a Blue New Deal charts a course for a sustainable sea change


Excerpt from: How a Blue New Deal charts a course for a sustainable sea change.

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