Hollywood Sets New Trend: Recycle Your Home Theater (LA Style)

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California has been on the forefront (at least in the US) of green building and sustaibable practices. Now that its inhabitats are going green, they need to do something with the old, and they’ve got some good solutions, including refurbishing some items for service men and women. Green is in - especially in trendy West Los Angeles. Solar companies are installing system after system on top of $4,000,000-plus homes as if there is no recession or housing slump.

Radio Shack Earns New Sales With Green Trade-in Program

Green Life Smart Life

The publication has brought much attention attention to avid technology fans about ways to go green. If you thought sex sells then wait until you see how green sells. Radio Shack is the latest player in the consumer electronics space to cash in on the opportunity to open a sales dialog with consumers by suggesting that they trade in their “old technology&# for newer, more trick and more energy efficient AV, consumer electronic and mobile electronics.

Solutions For Recycling Your Televisions As You “Transition” To A New HDTV

Green Life Smart Life

There are a lot of reasons for consumers from the Greatest Generation to Generation Y to invest in a new TV assuming they are using an old, standard definition television. The volume of channels offered to consumers on even basic “digital&# cable is many times greater than what you can get over the air. One of the best reasons to buy a new television today is the fact that old CRT televisions are not very “green.&#

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