Why the renewable industry needs to invest in graphite, and turn to local sources

Green Prophet

A Canadian company is touting its “mine local” and “mine revival” mindset showing investors that when renewable energy resource mining, the industry should also walk the walk for reducing carbon emissions. . Recycling mines as part of the new eco-mindset? .

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Living the good life in town and city

Green (Living) Review

This is a fallacy, however, for it is a mindset rather than being dependent on location. Living the good life” of a homesteader, as said, is dependent on your mindset much more than it is on your location and it also does not just and only mean growing your own food.

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Purchasing “green” can be good, but buying less is better

Green (Living) Review

Many companies offer token green products – and they are nothing but tokens and often not as green as advertised – with the hope that consumers won't see how unsustainable the whole system is to begin with. Alas the consumer mindset will take a while to eliminate.

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Travel and Leisure: Make it Eco-Friendly!

Green Living Ideas

While many hotels are working to lower energy consumption, the fact remains that a large hotel consumes way more energy than a local home. Keeping a limited consumption mindset is a great way to lower your overall earth impact.

Going Cold Turkey on Black Friday

Sightline Daily

I found it really sweet and moving to see people expressing their desire to free themselves from the numbing consumer mindset. Wattpublishing, Flickr.com. It was last year around this time that I decided 2012 would be a year of buying nothing new.