Green Building Perspectives: Consumer Electronics Association

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For this week’s Green Building Perspectives, we spoke with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is the preeminent trade association promoting growth in the $173 billion U.S. consumer technology industry through legislative advocacy, market research, technical training and education, industry promotion and the fostering of business and strategic relationships.

New Green Plug Agreement with Imagination Technologies Signals Easier Path for Consumer Electronics Vendor Adoption

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The initial step in transforming from dumb power adapters into smart power solutions is to enable electronic products to communicate over the power connector. While thousands of consumers voiced their preference for more convenient, reusable power adapters on, the perception that doing so would entail added cost in what was a difficult year for CE product vendors proved an impediment to rapid adoption.


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New year, new energy: Cleantech innovations vie for the spotlight at CES


Sponsored: Cleantech is positioned to take center stage at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show with good reason: extreme weather events spanning from wildfires to unseasonably early winter storms are showing consumers and businesses alike that waiting for government action is no longer an option.

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Bruce Klafter of Flex on driving collective action across the company’s supply chain


Bruce Klafter is vice president of corporate social and environmental responsibility at Flex, an electronics manufacturing services company. Business Green and-blockchain bruce-klafter consumer-electronics discuss-how improving-its sidebar supplier engagement supply-chain technology-as-well working-closely

California May Regulate TV Energy Consumption

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Tags: Home Energy Usage Household Appliances Household Goods Arnold Schwarzenegger California Energy Commission Consumer Electronics Association nitrogen trifluoride TV

Reduce, reuse, eCycle!

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Where will your old electronics end up this holiday season? With the Holiday season coming, many of us will be buying and receiving new electronics for the best part of the holidays – giving and getting presents of course! A new electronic “toy” is a must-have for many people at Christmas time. As a consumer your first reaction is to throw the old ones out, which really means dumping them in the trash or on the sidewalk in front of your house the day after Christmas.

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Green Tech: A Solar-Powered Home Theater

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People wonder, how can you be “green&# and have all electronics plugged in at the same time? In thinking about installing electronics for the Green Life Smart Life house one of the pieces we are working towards is overall management of electric loads. We’re not installing a theater, but we do intend to have electronics and our home will be the greenest in Rhode Island. Green and technology don’t seem to be complimentary concepts.

The Samsung Reclaim

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Electronics. It’s a newer type of phone that is looking to put a hurt on the immensely wasteful consumer electronics industry, and hopefully make people think a little bit about the problem of “throwaway” technology while they’re at it. After all, it’s getting a little crazy out there in the electronics world. Its casing is “reclaimed” from old recycled plastic, and the components are partially recycled from older phones and electronics.

Popular Plants That You Might Want to Add in Your Garden

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Back in the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showcased a number of great technologies to aid gardeners of all.

The transformation of energy technology: learnings from CES 2020


Sponsored: Sustainability was a critical component of the innovative technologies shared at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Here are three takeaways. Here is the original post: The transformation of energy technology: learnings from CES 2020. Business Green a-more-planet-frien align-material circular economy climate conferences energy & climate lead-the the-innovative year

2020 28

Circular Electronics: Designing Out Waste


Circular Electronics: Designing Out Waste Hold the phone! Can waste be designed out of consumer electronics? Building off of the established principles of the Responsible Business Alliance’s (RBA’s) previous session, this more in-depth series of case studies will explore how electronics companies are designing waste out of products and offerings, including easily repairable and modular consumer electronics.

Is it odd that I get excited when the expected price of backstop energy sources shift?

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The film is suitable for windows in highrise buildings, car sunroofs and consumer electronics such as the back of Apple Inc. Researchers at the University of California , Los Angeles have developed a transparent film that may be affixed to glass and other surfaces to capture sunlight and generate electricity. AAPL) ’s iPad, Yang Yang, a professor at UCLA’s California. NanoSystems Institute, said in an interview yesterday.

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Circular Electronics: Creating a Responsible Supply Chain, Part 1


Circular Electronics: Creating a Responsible Supply Chain, Part 1 Can we create a responsible circular supply chain for circular electronics? This more in-depth series of case studies will explore how electronics companies are designing waste out of products and offerings, including easily repairable and modular consumer electronics. This discussion explores deeper nuances of the circular economy approaches to recycling electronics.”

More than half of Dollar Store products contain toxins that can hurt you

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Consumer electronics contained lead in the solder, a toxic metal that harms brain development and could impact the workers who put these products together. Like fast food, Dollar Store and Dollar Tree items are cheap, feel good and offer a temporary fix.

GM scales up EV fleet support infrastructure


It began In January, with GM CEO Mary Barra presenting both a new business unit called BrightDrop and the EV600 at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (as well as the electric pallet, the EP1 ).

Samsung Wi-Fi Fridge Launched at CES

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Samsung Home Appliances launched several new major appliances at day one of the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. James Politeski, senior vice president of home appliance sales and marketing, Samsung Electronics America, said the app-enabled fridge lets users access the weather and recipes while getting kids ready for school or preparing dinner.

Retro is the New Recyclable

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Send us your unwanted electronics It’s amazing how electronics have changed over the years, from 8-track players to iPads and rotary dials to cell phones (don’t fret younger readers – we’ve provided some Wikipedia links so you can learn what those devices are). In fact, it seems as soon as you buy any form of electronic, it becomes obsolete by the time you break the seal on the package.

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Cobalt-free batteries will make EVs more affordable


“Two or three years from now, we will be able to introduce a cobalt-free, high energy-density cell,” said Shawn Watanabe, head of energy technology and manufacturing at Panasonic of Japan, during a session at CES 2021 , the world’s largest tech and consumer electronics expo.

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Green Life Smart Life Founder On Panel At Greener Gadgets Conference

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By being aware of the impact of the choices you make, whether it is the amount of energy a device consumes or where it ends up at end of life, we can all minimize our environmental footprint,” stated Lancaster. Lancaster is also the founder of Caster Communications , a full service public relations firm specializing in consumer electronics, clean technology and sustainable design.


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November 2009 ) – Green Plug (, the first developer of digital technology enabling collaboration between electronic devices and their power sources, today announced a joint development agreement with Imagination Technologies, a leading provider of System-on-Chip (SoC) Intellectual Property (IP). Consumers will have a choice between a device-specific power adapter and a dynamic, green power solution.

2009 100

Odd.Bot, the weed-pulling robot that could eliminate herbicides


Odd.Bot made an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last month with an informational booth and the weed-plucking device on display. The aging adage, “there’s an app for that,” is evolving into, “there’s a robot for that.”

Fisker debuts an electric luxury SUV for $37,500 at CES


At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, acclaimed American-Danish automotive designer Henrik Fisker, CEO of the eponymous startup Fisker Inc. , Eco Green Recycle ces 2020 consumer design fisker recycled carpeting solar roof

2020 36

Green Building Perspectives: NuVo Technologies

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As a company, NuVo has been at the forefront of the green movement in the consumer electronics space. . In particular, the project appealed to us because it was focused on showing and proving that green-conscious lifestyles and consumer electronics usage weren’t mutually exclusive concepts. NuVo has long been a proponent of the greening of electronics. It all adds up to a better value for the consumer, for the manufacturer, and for the planet. .

EPA Recognizes Panasonic Home & Environment Company With ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award

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Panasonic is a leader in developing and marketing the most comprehensive lineup of energy-efficient consumer electronics, information technology products, home appliances, and HVAC products, and continues to set the pace for consumer electronics manufacturers. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, ENERGY STAR offers businesses and consumers energy-efficient solutions to save energy, money and help protect the environment for future generations.

Electronic skin helps sensors heal themselves

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Future applications could include the creation of self-healing ‘electronic skin’ and prosthetic limbs that allow wearers to ‘feel’ changes in their environments. Flexible sensors have been developed for use in consumer electronics, robotics, health care, and space flight. Future possible applications could include the creation of ‘electronic skin’ and prosthetic limbs that allow wearers to ‘feel’ changes in their environments.

2015 64

Radio Shack Earns New Sales With Green Trade-in Program

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Radio Shack is the latest player in the consumer electronics space to cash in on the opportunity to open a sales dialog with consumers by suggesting that they trade in their “old technology&# for newer, more trick and more energy efficient AV, consumer electronic and mobile electronics. This article comes from the site. The publication has brought much attention attention to avid technology fans about ways to go green.

It is madness that waste is not a bigger international priority

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By 2020, e-waste from consumer electronics will jump 500% in some countries. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The talk is about CO2 and no one talks about “other” pollution and about waste. especially about waste. Our oceans are full of plastic waste and landfills leach chemicals all over the place and still everyone in power and in the NGOs has nothing else to think about than CO2.

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Urges Consumers to Dispose of Obsolete Power Supplies Through Participating e-Steward Centers SAN RAMON, Calif. With Earth Day just a few days away, Green Plug ( ), provider of the world’s first open systems universal power interface, today endorsed the emerging e-Stewards Certification program and called on consumers to dispose of eWaste responsibly by using recyclers who have qualified for the e-Stewards program, at [link].

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Imajen: Exploration tools to shape the green minds of tomorrow


In a world where consumer electronics and plastic toys are the rage, these sustainable and biodegradable set of tools could be a lot more than just fun objects. B.Sameer Kumar: Things that we pick up as young kids stay with us for a lifetime. The memories and the direction that life gives us when we are still learning the ways of the world generally help shape our convictions and actions.

2012 50

Marzan’s Luminescent Future Cityscapes With Solar OLEDs

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They are beginning to be used in advanced consumer electronics to make more energy-efficient and brighter displays using almost no energy, as they are brighter even than LEDs – with their piercingly brilliant light. Israeli inventor Meidad Marzan has a vision of solar-powered futuristic city lights.

2011 62

“Buddy List” in the Car – Transmitting to Friends on the Road

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Infotainment systems combine consumer electronics with electronic information systems and make both easier to use. In addition to making driving easier for motorists, the infotainment systems of the future will also boost traffic safety. Not far from Paris, in the city of Rambouillet, Siemens has introduced the latest trends in this field.

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Kengo Kuma weaves bamboo and carbon fiber into a nest-like structure at the V&A Museum


The sculpture was developed in partnership with Chinese consumer electronics brand OPPO. The project was developed in partnership with Chinese electronics brand OPPO, which recently built an OPPO design center in London during its new smartphone series launch.

2019 28

Samsung’s Solar Powered Phone Debuts

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Perhaps it will solve the bother of depleted batteries but on a more universal level, Samsung Electronics Co. Samsung is the world’s leading consumer electronics brand and one of the 20 top global brands so what it does commands attention. Ltd’s new phone launch promises more. It is a phone with the trappings of the usual touch phone but one crucial feature – it is solar powered.

Belmont Technology Remarketing Alleviates E-Waste Crisis

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Belmont Technology Remarketing Alleviates E-Waste Crisis Perpetuated by Shorter Lifespan of Electronics Pike Research studies show rising proportions of end-of-life electronics are causing huge problems in terms of disposal. Buying refurbished electronics from Belmont Technology Remarketing is a cost-effective and healthy way to combat the issue. The amount of electronics being disposed of unethically is growing at increasing rates.

2012 116

The Simplest Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Anything electronic in your home still draws a trickle charge of energy if you leave it plugged in. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) estimates that the average home contains 24 electronic products. Small actions like unplugging electronics or taking them off the charger can yield big results when it comes to your carbon footprint. There are so many ways you can reduce your carbon footprint after you’ve done an assessment of your contribution.

Become a Vampire Slayer

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The Act proposed that labels are added to consumer products to inform the user how much power they use when the product is on, off and in standby or sleep modes. If nothing else, this system seems to be a gentler reminder to the consumer so they know how much they could be saving themselves in electric bills alone. Recently, the media has paid a lot of attention to the fact that simply by having appliances plugged in, energy is wasted.

2014 52

Smart Grid tops the CEA’s 2010 trends list

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Annually the Consumer Electronics Association makes a list of the top technology trends to watch. The list, which has proven both accurate and insightful in year’s past, aims to guide CE manufacturers and the electronic system contractors that install their products, towards education, interest and overall awareness of technologies that may be impacting their business in the coming year. .

Electronics retailers need green to get back in black

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The Consumer Electronics Association is advising struggling consumer electronics retailers (Remember Circuit City? That’s easier said than done, of course, but articles in the electronics retail trades like this one definitely help further the conversation. Some interesting points in this article: The vast majority of consumers have no concept of a connection between green and electronics (and when you think about it, on the surface, why should they?

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Why Custom Installers Should Embrace Green

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For years, custom electronics installers as a group cared about little more than creating mind-blowing home entertainment and automation experiences for their clients, and why shouldn’t they have? They were already dealing with what many of them would characterize as an unwelcome convergence of their beloved A/V with IT/IP/PC/networking technology, so they were otherwise preoccupied with the changing world of consumer electronics.

2009 40

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Computer More Energy Efficient

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According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) computers and consumer electronics are responsible for 15% of the worlds residential energy consumption! Conservation DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects Eco Home Living Energy Efficiency Green Consumerism Green Lifestyle Home Energy Usage Reduce Simple Living Technology Work and the Office brightness computer electronics energy-efficiency Home monitors office reduce save money screen savers sleep mode


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Big box stores emerge as “gentle green giants” while 100 per cent of toys surveyed get a failing grade More than 95 per cent of consumer products claiming to be green are committing at least one of the “sins” of greenwashing, according to The Sins of Greenwashing: Home and Family Edition , conducted by TerraChoice. The Sins of Greenwashing: Home and Family Edition is the third study conducted by TerraChoice to survey of green claims made by marketers and manufacturers on consumer products.

2010 109

Greener Gadgets Conference Tackles the Feasibility of Green Tech

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The full day symposium has multiple purposes including understanding the environmental, business and social implications of “greening&# consumer electronics products tackling all elements from design to disposal. Griffith was surprised when in the tracking exercise found he was a “planet fucker&# when it was determined he consumed roughly 30% more energy than the average American - this despite his aware lifestyle and sustainable practices.

De-oink Your Energy-Hogging Electronics!

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There’s general agreement that consumer electronics products such as TVs, stereo systems, cell phone chargers and PCs consume large amounts of energy in the modern home. Some would even call consumer electronics oinky little energy hogs. How much energy does each piece of the electronics puzzle really consume? The general rule is that plasma TVs consume more energy than do LCDs, but plasma sets usually deliver a better picture.

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