Plastic Bag Tax A Workable Solution

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As I lay there pondering the pros and cons, I let my mind wander to garbage in general, and to Janice Harris, a District of North Vancouver councilor who is advocating a national 25 cent tax on plastic grocery bags. billion plastic grocery bags used by the Irish consumer, which was intended to curb their use. The program was a resounding success, and Irish consumers, like others all the world over, responded quickly to limit their payment of yet another tax.

Natural Shampoo in Refillable, Reusable Bottles: YES!

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We go to great lengths to tote and refill our re-usable water bottles everywhere, but why don’t most of us (ahem, me) re-think how we’re using and consuming shampoo, conditioner and body washes? I was pretty alarmed to learn that 80,000 plastic shampoo bottles wind up in the ocean every year and 300 million tons of plastic waste gets dumped into our landfill system.

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The End of Plenty

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The plenty that I am talking about here is the plenty as in raw materials, as in non-renewable resources, as in “consumer goods”. It will also mean an end to the consumer society and the rampant consumerism that we know today where almost everything is made to be thrown away (only that there, actually, is no such place as away).

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Gulf Recycling Machines Convert Waste into Advertising Opportunity

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Not unlike the reverse vending machines (RVM) in Lebanon supported by Nestle and other big businesses ( not on Greenpeace’s list of favorite corporations ), RVMs will make recycling cans and plastic bottles ridiculously easy for Emiratis and expatriates. These rewards earn consumers/recyclers points that can be redeemed at participating retailers.

Sustainable, sharing communities explored in Karen Litfin’s book ‘Ecovillages’

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Los Angeles Ecovillage , for instance, is an island of frugality in the heart of Southern California’s consumer culture, whereas Colufifa , a Senegal-based village network, is primarily concerned with hunger prevention. If I had to choose one word to express the essence of ecovillage culture, it would be sharing. If I had to encapsulate ecovillage culture in one word, it would be sharing. The fields of Konohana Ecovillage all lie under the watchful eye of Mt.

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Inspiration for Mindful Consumption

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Orient Your Consumption Compass There are really two ways to approach being mindful of what we consume day in and day out. About how the stuff we consume each day is made; how it makes its way from a field or factory to your hands. You can pause to reflect on where this thing you’re consuming came from, what went into growing, manufacturing and/or putting it in front of you. Any other strategies for not getting caught up in our hyper-consumer culture?

From Consumerism to Sustainability

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Instead, we have to focus on the root problem of climate change – not to mention many other ecological and social problems – the consumer culture. To succeed, we’ll need to replace this failed cultural system with a new viable system: a culture of sustainability that focuses us away from tying our well-being so closely to how much we consume, and instead focuses on living a satisfying life sustainably.