Consumption in Dubai – Breathtaking Photos of Our Environmental Impact

Green Prophet

Consumption is Richard Allenby-Pratt’s latest personal photography project; like Abandoned , which was woven together by a central theme, this new series will examine the impact that consumer culture has had or is having on the environment. To be continued… Lifestyle & Culture consumer culture environmental art nature Photography Richard Allenby PrattRichard Allenby-Pratt’s popular Abandoned photo series still haunts us.

Mine Landfills, Not Asteroids!

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Not content to change our consumer culture , which has been vastly destructive not just to the planet , but also to our very social fabric, Google billionaires are supporting a hugely expensive scheme to pull asteroids into the moon’s orbit and mine them for gold, platinum, and other rare earth metals. Business & Politics asteroids consumer culture earth Google landfills mining Planetary Resources pollution resource extraction


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Environmentalist Torn Between Red and Green on Valentine’s Day in Iraq

Green Prophet

It’s time for us to turn our backs on consumer culture and reclaim our hearts. :: Jordan Times. Lifestyle & Culture consumer culture environment green issues valentines dayIraqis are celebrating this Valentine’s Day with shelves full of red stuff, but Tafline questions whether this is love.

Iraq 73

The Rise (& Fall?) Of Consumer Society in the Middle East

Green Prophet

When we think of consumerism and the consumer society, the Middle East is not the first thing to come to mind. Even so, over the last half a century the region has been transformed into a consumer society. Well for my Phd I want to Harvard in the US and whilst I was there I noticed a huge difference in the US consumer world compared to the Middle East and even Israel. These were developed during the oil boom which was a linchpin of the consumer society.

What’s the Connection Between Minimalism and Sustainability?


And, what’s more, even if they could, should a culture of consumerism be something countries aspire to cultivate? Consumer culture and the environment. According to one study, the products we consume are responsible for 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Since developed countries consume disproportionately to the rest of the world, those numbers will only continue to rise as consumption accelerates at home and worldwide.

2018 63

The great British make off: how a new materialism can give us back control

Green (Living) Review

A true march of the makers will turn the tables on our abusive consumer culture and deliver the richer relationship with ‘stuff’ that our economy is crying out for Materialism has become synonymous with consumerism – wasteful, debt-fuelled and ultimately unsatisfying.

2017 101

Mehen – play board games like an ancient Egyptian

Green Prophet

We are revolting against technology overuse, promoter and consumer culture. It was the only multiplayer game known to Ancient Egypt. It’s called mehen and maybe possibly for the first time in 5000 years it is brought back to glory in a Kickstarter campaign by Pandora Games.

2020 70

The pathological consumption of the majority

Green (Living) Review

Researching her film The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard discovered that of the materials flowing through the consumer economy, only 1% remain in use six months after sale. The growth of inequality that has accompanied the consumer boom ensures that the rising economic tide no longer lifts all boats, not that it ever really did. To some extent some of us are already doing it by moving away from the consumer culture and -society, by reusing, upcycling and by making do and mending.

2017 124

Sustainable Happiness – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Already in the general introduction to the book the reader will be confronted with the origins of our consumer culture and how it was created and it may come as a surprise and even a shock to many how we are being duped into believing that we can buy ourselves happiness. Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Sustainable Happiness : Live Simply, Live Well, Make a Difference Edited by Sarah van Gelder and the staff of YES!

2015 112

David Thomas Smith “Google Maps” Your City As a Persian Rug

Green Prophet

According to CoCreate , Smith said the works are meant to reflect upon “global capitalism, transforming the aerial landscapes of sites associated with industries such as oil, precious metals, consumer culture information and excess.” ” “A true hyper-reality that needs no introduction: Las Vegas (Nevada) consumes so much water to support its increasingly thirsty population, that the mighty Colorado River barely reaches the sea.”

2013 87

Good-lifers are Nazis

Green (Living) Review

This box is also reserved by the neoliberals for those that refuse to take part in the consumer culture and go different ways, including making (do) and mending, demanding the right to repair, sharing, and much more.

2017 101

The End of Plenty

Green (Living) Review

The plenty that I am talking about here is the plenty as in raw materials, as in non-renewable resources, as in “consumer goods”. It will also mean an end to the consumer society and the rampant consumerism that we know today where almost everything is made to be thrown away (only that there, actually, is no such place as away).

2016 101

Natural Shampoo in Refillable, Reusable Bottles: YES!

Eco Chic

We go to great lengths to tote and refill our re-usable water bottles everywhere, but why don’t most of us (ahem, me) re-think how we’re using and consuming shampoo, conditioner and body washes? I was pretty alarmed to learn that 80,000 plastic shampoo bottles wind up in the ocean every year and 300 million tons of plastic waste gets dumped into our landfill system.

2017 35

Gulf Recycling Machines Convert Waste into Advertising Opportunity

Green Prophet

But Averda – informed by four decades of waste management and in-house research and development – has reached even further into the psyche of Emirate consumer culture by turning recycling into a golden advertising opportunity for the country’s big brands. These rewards earn consumers/recyclers points that can be redeemed at participating retailers.

East Germans combating shortages of consumer goods

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) From October 10 to October 16, 2016 there was an exhibition in the museum of the city of Jena – Germany, formerly German Democratic Republic – about how the citizens of the German Democratic Republic, often referred to as (communist) East Germany were combating and overcoming the shortages in consumer goods with ingenuity and DIY. When then consumer goods were available, from various sources, many no longer wanted to be seen making their own things.

2016 101

Consumerism, a Serious Addiction

Green (Living) Review

Frugality seems to have gone out of the window and when people try to be frugal and live more or less outside the consumer culture they are being likened by governments to terrorists because they do not do their bit to get the economy growing. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Over the last half a century and a little more we, in the developed world, have fallen prey to a serious addiction, aside from that to oil, the addiction to consumerism, of always wanting more, more and still more.

We’re Number One!

Green Life Smart Life

As the first and last word in disposable consumer culture, America has enormous and deep-seated habits that it must change, and all of those changes can’t, won’t and shouldn’t happen overnight. I don’t view green as an absolutist philosophy. There are shades of green, and that’s good. It’s a process, and those leading the green charge must be encouraging to everyone who is trying to make small, positive changes in their lives and in their lifestyles.

2009 43

China’s Cleanup

Eco Friendly Daily

Many American’s even feel recycling to be an unnecessary practice in such a large consumer culture, but in a nation where the ability to buy new items on a regular basis is not so manageable, recycling comes into fashion more and more. In fact, China is the world’s largest consumer of paper waste, recycling nearly 65 million metric tons and saving 54 million tons of wood from harvest.

China 43

Individual responsibility versus collective action: An examination of the impact of environmental advertising

Green Blog

Environmental advertising (or “green” advertising) assures consumers that they can evoke positive environmental change by adopting simple habits and by purchasing green goods provided by companies (Maniates, 2001). These include wearing clothing made from sustainable fibres, consuming local and organic food, purchasing hybrid cars or choosing cosmetics made with natural ingredients. Muldoon’s research draws on the concept of the citizen-consumer in the realm of environmentalism.

2010 65

State of the World 2010

The Green Changemakers

Free State of the World 2010 Downloads The Rise and Fall of Consumer Cultures by Erik Assadourian A culture of consumerism has imperiled the environment and a new culture of sustainability is needed. Media: Broadcasting Sustainability by Jonah Sachs, Susan Finkelpearl, Robin Anderson, Pamela Miller, and Amy Han By entertaining and educating, the media can play a huge role in changing the culture of consumerism.

2010 50

Wake Up to Blue Carbon

Nature Conservancy - Science

Depending on your politics, history, culture or geography, you may want to focus attention on over-consumption, or overpopulation, or the industrial revolution, big agriculture, fossil fuels or deforestation. We can’t halt the juggernaut of consumer culture. Climate change is a portfolio problem. There’s no one cause, but rather a calamitous portfolio.

2015 41

The Western Woman Will Save the World.

The Alien Next Door

and author of “Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality”) “Each stage of a woman’s life is organized around what Goddess Cultures called the blood mysteries: menarche, (the first monthly flow of blood); childbirth, which is accompanied by blood from birthing; and menopause, when a woman’s “wise blood” remains inside her to give her wisdom. The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Monday, December 7, 2009 The Western Woman Will Save the World.

2009 186

Creating a Roadmap for Environmentally Sustainable Meat Production and Consumption

The Green Changemakers

by Danielle Nierenberg Presenting a road map for environmentally sustainable meat production and consumption, Senior Researcher Danielle Nierenberg is speaking on a panel at the European Commission’s Green Week in Brussels today.

Books that Changed Everything

Green Living Ideas

Radical Homemakers- Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture , by Shannon Hayes. People are not moving into the kitchen, garden, and garage just to fulfill gendered expectations, but rather to reclaim skills and knowledge that has been lost to a consumerist culture. Falling in love with books is much like falling in love with humans: not only do they teach you new and exciting things about yourself, they open you up to as-yet unknown possibilities in life.

Plastic Bag Tax A Workable Solution

Eco Friendly Daily

billion plastic grocery bags used by the Irish consumer, which was intended to curb their use. The program was a resounding success, and Irish consumers, like others all the world over, responded quickly to limit their payment of yet another tax. Is it about a solipsistic, narcissistic consumer culture that views the now as more important than the yet to come? It was pouring rain, and my wife and I had just settled into bed.

Beyond Consumerism: Replacing the Value of "More" with "Enough"

The Green Changemakers

In addition, plenty of powerful forces benefit from consumer spending, and they won''t give up their positions of power without a fight. It is important not to underestimate these entities and the often subtle methods they use to influence consumers. But bankers, advertisers, and manufacturers are simply responding to consumer demand (although they''re complicit in creating some of that demand).

Greener Gadgets Conference Tackles the Feasibility of Green Tech

Green Life Smart Life

The full day symposium has multiple purposes including understanding the environmental, business and social implications of “greening&# consumer electronics products tackling all elements from design to disposal. Griffith was surprised when in the tracking exercise found he was a “planet fucker&# when it was determined he consumed roughly 30% more energy than the average American - this despite his aware lifestyle and sustainable practices.


The Green Changemakers

It is by design an institution of domination and the champion of a materialistic consumer culture that has no evident place in healthy societies. Part IV: Awakening Consciousness and the Human Possible Humanity is experiencing a deep awakening of cultural and spiritual consciousness that opens the way to a conscious recreation of human culture and institutions. Walking away from Empire Living Community into being A PCDF Web Essay by David C.

2008 40

Dumpster diving; 2009's fastest growing industry

Green (Living) Review

The mission, so to speak, of the Freegan and Dumpster Diving movement is that if you have a problem with the consumer culture in the our society then do all you can to stop participating in it. Freegans want to separate themselves from what they see as an unethical consumer society. It is an attempt to live in society and consume less and reuse more than most people do.

Why the Sharing Economy is a Big Opportunity for Cities

The Green Changemakers

That’s why consumer culture is a dead end. And for culture and leisure, we could look at the enabling infrastructure like policies for expanding public space. by Joe Peach Our friends at Shareable recently published Policies for Shareable Cities - a report on how urban leaders can encourage a shareable economy through policy changes.

Sustainable, sharing communities explored in Karen Litfin’s book ‘Ecovillages’

The Green Changemakers

Los Angeles Ecovillage , for instance, is an island of frugality in the heart of Southern California’s consumer culture, whereas Colufifa , a Senegal-based village network, is primarily concerned with hunger prevention. If I had to choose one word to express the essence of ecovillage culture, it would be sharing. If I had to encapsulate ecovillage culture in one word, it would be sharing. The fields of Konohana Ecovillage all lie under the watchful eye of Mt.

2016 40


Green (Living) Review

Indigenous cultures have a lot to teach us about sharing, sustainability, and a spiritual relationship to Mother Earth, explain Freddy Treuquil and Victor Lem Masc. He also founded and directs the Native Spirit Foundation , a non-profit charitable organisation which promotes the knowledge and preservation of indigenous cultures and supports education in indigenous communities. The one who understands his culture can understand his past. green living indigenous cultures

The Work Ahead

The Green Changemakers

Shannon is the author of Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture , The Grassfed Gourmet and The Farmer and the Grill. Shannon Hayes’ newest book is Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity From a Consumer Culture , Left to Write Press, 2010. by Shannon Hayes Growing renewed relationships with our food, homes, and communities requires hard work. It’s time we embrace dirty hands.

2010 40

Garden of Simplicity

The Green Changemakers

As a path that emphasizes freedom, simplicity also means staying focused, diving deep, and not being distracted by consumer culture. by Duane Elgin Simplicity is the new mantra for the overworked, over-stressed, and over-cluttered, and for those who want to lighten their impact on the Earth. The author of the classic book on voluntary simplicity says the ways to simplicity are many.

2008 40

MIndfulness over Matter

The Green Changemakers

By the way, "eat up," "squander," "ravage" and "destroy" are all dictionary meanings of the word "consume." They are, by definition, what our "consumer culture" does. And there is no time of year when the culture does it with such a vengeance as the holiday season. I have a theory about why the holidays have become so commercialized in the United States, and it is not materialism.

2009 43

Inspiration for Mindful Consumption

The Green Changemakers

Orient Your Consumption Compass There are really two ways to approach being mindful of what we consume day in and day out. About how the stuff we consume each day is made; how it makes its way from a field or factory to your hands. You can pause to reflect on where this thing you’re consuming came from, what went into growing, manufacturing and/or putting it in front of you. Any other strategies for not getting caught up in our hyper-consumer culture?

The Movement to Live More Simply Is Older Than You Think

The Green Changemakers

If we want to wean ourselves off consumer culture and learn to practice simple living, where might we find inspiration? Roman is an Australian cultural thinker and cofounder of The School of Life in London. What might history teach us about living more simple, less consumerist lifestyles? by Roman Krznaric The ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes took simple living to the extreme, and lived in an old wine barrel. Painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme, used courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Stronger Citizens, Stronger Cities: Changing Governance Through a Focus on Place

The Green Changemakers

The two dominant frameworks for citizenship in political theory,” he explains, “are the liberal framework, where citizens are voters and consumers of goods, and the communitarian framework, where citizens are volunteers and members of communities. We can’t just provide civic engagement opportunities, we also have to create a culture of success around engagement if we want it to translate to feelings of greater attachment to a place.”

Five Reasons Arts Education Is Essential to Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

Such cultures of creative collaboration can be key to the development of innovative solutions to meet future challenges, especially on a local level. A lot us (starting with me) fail at this in the current consumer culture. But an arts project like this one at Troy Howard can demonstrate to students that by shifting from consumer to producer they become the source of the beauty, values, and character that they believe products can and should embody.

2010 43

From Consumerism to Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

Instead, we have to focus on the root problem of climate change – not to mention many other ecological and social problems – the consumer culture. To succeed, we’ll need to replace this failed cultural system with a new viable system: a culture of sustainability that focuses us away from tying our well-being so closely to how much we consume, and instead focuses on living a satisfying life sustainably.

Can Money Buy Education?

The Green Changemakers

I am a product of a culture that believes education comes from experts. As a culture, we believe the opposite. To be deemed “educated,” a person must be in attendance at an institution, where they pay money, accept the teachings offered by their professors, repeat back the opinions and lessons of the classroom, participate in a collegiate culture, and in exchange, receive a diploma. Can Money Buy Education?

2010 40

How to Be More than a Mindful Consumer

The Green Changemakers

The story of a T-shirt not only gives us insight into the complexity of our relationship with even the simplest stuff; it also demonstrates why consumer activism—boycotting or avoiding products that don’t meet our personal standards for sustainability and fairness—will never be enough to bring about real and lasting change. That’s why striving to make responsible choices at the individual consumer level, while good, is just not enough.

Haiti 40

For the Greener Good: Public Lecture Series

The Green Changemakers

It calls on experts from diverse backgrounds to investigate links between environmental sustainability and design, public health, energy policy, bioscience, infrastructure, education, and even popular culture. Conversations That Will Change the World For the Greener Good April 22, 2008 Investigate China’s plans for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and the tension between cultural preservation and the creation of new “green” buildings.

2009 40