The Latest Most Urgent Reason To Breed And Consume Less

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By 2100, at least ten billion people will devour the planet. Adjusting the graphs by just half a child, the UN established that there could be as many as 15,800,000,000 people literally devouring the planet by the century’s end.

We must consume less. and this not just with regards to energy

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) On a finite Planet, such as our Earth is, the very idea of perpetual growth of the economy that we are being indoctrinated to accept is preposterous and it is simply not possible. We have to consume less (and learn to make do with what we have) rather than wanting more and more and bigger and bigger still. 2015 Technorati Tags: consumption , consumer society , less is more

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Consume less Pollute less

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If we could all just chill out on unnecessary impulse buying, we could start saving money and the planet. So I was looking over the top 50 entries for the Greener Gadgets competition and I came across a pretty nifty concept. Ruhel Mohammed submitted his idea for the Guilty wallet based on the idea that consumerism is at the root of our environmental problems. We just keep buying crap, and when we are bored with it or the newer version comes out, we toss and buy more crap.

The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

In closing I will say again what I said already earlier in that I suggest that the book “ The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time ” be made compulsory reading for all involved in so-called waste management and also those in design of products and packaging.

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How to do your bit for the planet

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But are these efforts to save the planet enough? Here is what they said: "Buy less stuff. At the moment it's essentially impossible to live a consumer lifestyle and do no harm, so the best you can do is nudge the market in that direction. The most surprising result of strategic consumption could be that shopping, that traditionally most narcissistic of consumer actions, may actually lead us to civically reengage."

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Minimalist Living: Is Less More?

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Minimalist Living: Is Less More? We live in a consumer driven society and with it comes incredible waste. Consume Less, Donate More, Trash Less – A 2010 EPA report showed that Americans discarded 142,000 computers and 416,000 mobile devices every day.

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Hit the switch and join millions for Earth Hour 2014

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It’s Earth Hour this weekend, which means you have the chance to join millions of people around the globe in a united effort to consume less energy.

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10 Ways to Prevent Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution


To imagine the severity of the global pollution even better, there is an animal in the remote Arctic whose body contains one of the highest level of pollutants of any organism on this planet. Consume less & choose sustainable products. It will thus emit less air pollutants.

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8 Things a Student Can Do Every Day to Make the World Better

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Consume Less. Recycling is great, reusing is awesome, but consuming less beats it all. No, we aren’t talking about eating less, taking less medication or living an ascetic life. And please, for the planet’s sake, use shower, not the bath.

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Dissent not allowed

Green (Living) Review

Climate change is real and human activity, such as general pollution from burning coal, oil, and even natural gas, is to blame, as is the deforestation of our Planet, which has been rampant ever since the very beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Our Planet's climate is indeed changing and the Earth is throwing a serious wobbly but it appears that there are many other man-made, and also natural, factors at play that are the cause of this and not just CO2 emissions.

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Water Pollution Facts, Causes, Effects & Solutions


Long, long ago our planet was just a rock, a shell that had cooled over its molten hot interior, devoid of life. Our planet needs water to maintain life. Of the water that covers 70 percent of our planet, only 2.5 Consume less. Drive less.

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What I Learned from E.O. Wilson

Conservancy Talk

He warns that smart use of our natural resources will not be enough to save the diversity of life on Earth and challenges us to “set aside half the planet in reserve.” There is no other species that has a greater impact on the planet. I was first introduced to author and biologist E.O.

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Throwing away food is like stealing from the poor – Pope Francis

Green (Living) Review

In the industrialised world the majority of waste is by consumers, often because they buy too much and have to throw away what they do not manage to eat. We don''t need to recycle more; we need to consume less, make do with what we have and reuse things on all levels.

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Purchasing “green” can be good, but buying less is better

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While purchasing “green” can be good, but buying less is better and making is better still. In reality, however, those products are often less than green, despite their appearance, and the marketing that goes with them all too often. Eat better and eat less.

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Israeli Researchers Create World’s First Brain to Computer Interaction

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” With 7 billion people consuming the earth’s dwindling natural resources , a rising number that is rapidly reaching proportions that could collapse the planet, the question of artificially prolonging human life with technology remains a sticky one.

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Big Brother? Masdar Monitors Student Energy & Water Consumption

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Naturally these twenty-somethings – among the world’s brightest – will strive to achieve the maximum amount of comfort in their spaceship home away from home even as they are participating in one of the most expensive carbon-less experiments on the planet.

Make 2009 Your Green Year

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Humans are finally seeing the effect they are having on the planet and they finally may be ready for change. We think more about what we are doing and the effect it is having on the environment, we consume less and we eat much better.

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Living deliberately

Green (Living) Review

If we chose not to drive, for instance, and chose to walk or use the bicycle instead our environmental footprint is considerably reduced and even more so if we consumer less and live with what we have rather than buying new all the time.

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Living the “Green Life”, Living the Good Life

Green (Living) Review

One important change we must all consider and undertake and that is to transition from a consumer to a producer (no, not making movies, necessarily). What does it mean moving from being a consumer to being a producer?

Sustainable Architecture: Learning from Nature & The Magic of.

The Alien Next Door

Engineers copied the way the insects constantly open and close vents in the mound to manage convection currents of air and the building consumes less than 10% of the energy used in a similar sized conventional building. “We

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Top Ways Renters Can Live Greener

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Words to live by: consume less and live more. Designating time to run your recyclables to a recycling center does help the planet, but don’t forget about reuse in other ways such as purchasing a reused dining room table or accepting hand-me-down furniture and decorating accessories.

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Living in gratitude instead of desire

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Here is what I think: that being grateful for what I have makes me want less. Wanting less makes me consume less. Consuming less makes me treat the planet more kindly.

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The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

GBP In this beautiful anthology of folktales from various parts of the world and different cultures, young readers will learn about the way that different cultures all over the Earth set out to live in harmony with the rhythms and patterns of Nature and our Planet.

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Preventing Light Pollution

Eco Friendly Daily

With the growing world energy consumption and our dwindling natural resources people are looking at all aspects of our life and how we can change to consume less energy. They do this with the type of lighting which shines light down only, it requires significantly less energy.

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Green Building Perspectives: NuVo Technologies

Green Life Smart Life

As a company, NuVo has been at the forefront of the green movement in the consumer electronics space. . In particular, the project appealed to us because it was focused on showing and proving that green-conscious lifestyles and consumer electronics usage weren’t mutually exclusive concepts. Our OLED Control Pads consume less energy (and look better) than the LCD controllers used by other players in our category.

Hey Good Looking – Tips for a Greener Kitchen

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The last thing on your mind is saving the planet. But all that constant opening and closing of refrigerators and freezers for chilled o-j and Popsicles can consume a whole heap of energy. It’s six o’clock, you’re tired, you get in the door and dump your groceries on the kitchen bench.

Hugo Chavez on climate change and capitalism

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What we are experiencing on this planet is an imperial dictatorship, and from here we continue denouncing it. And long live the people and democracy and equality on this planet! And consequently we will begin to save the planet. “The rich are destroying the planet.

Tunneling through to power saving gadgets with efficient electronics


The global energy demands are constantly on the rise and most of the homes across the planet still depend heavily (and even entirely) on conventional grid powers supply along with gas lines. The transistors are far sturdy and are being tried out in circuits to test consumer feasibility.

Greener Gadgets Conference Tackles the Feasibility of Green Tech

Green Life Smart Life

The full day symposium has multiple purposes including understanding the environmental, business and social implications of “greening&# consumer electronics products tackling all elements from design to disposal. Griffith was surprised when in the tracking exercise found he was a “planet fucker&# when it was determined he consumed roughly 30% more energy than the average American - this despite his aware lifestyle and sustainable practices.

Sanctimonious Slebs? No Thanks!


The Guardian is reporting today that plans for an all-day save-the-planet-athon on the BBC have been dropped. Who really wants to be lectured on consuming less by multi-millionaires like Ricky Gervais and Graham Norton? Tags: Madonna live earth Chris Martin Sienna Miller Planet Relief Speculation is that some Beeb suits felt that it would breach their impartiality guidelines.

Less Work, More Living

The Green Changemakers

by Juliet Schor Working fewer hours could save our economy, save our sanity, and help save our planet. Earn less, spend less, emit and degrade less. One thing we do know is that people who voluntarily start working less are generally pleased.

10 Earth Friendly Ideas

The Green Changemakers

Concerned about the pace of climate change and its effects on the planet? We also turn off the TV standby button, and switch off unnecessary lights, just our small bit to try to save our precious planet for our grandchildren! Make transportation choices that consume less energy (e.g.

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Summary of Climate change

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If we know how our actions affect our planet, it would be criminal to keep acting like we are now, knowing that it jeopardizes future generations.”Greenhouse Book review from Benjamin “Climate Change is an issue of intergenerational justice.

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Next Steps in Education for Sustainable Development

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Richard Crookes These characteristics have evoked a response in kind from those with responsibility for environmental protection: consume less, produce less waste in manufacture, recycle wastes, or dispose carefully.

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10 Solutions for Climate Change

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Oil is the lubricant of the global economy, hidden inside such ubiquitous items as plastic and corn, and fundamental to the transportation of both consumers and goods. Consume Less —The easiest way to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions is simply to buy less stuff. Sometimes buying more means consuming less. Be Efficient —A potentially simpler and even bigger impact can be made by doing more with less.

Less Is More?


Writing in today's Guardian (but unfortunately nowhere to be seen on-line), our old friend George Monbiot rips into "Green Consumerism" saying that it never suggests you consume 'less' and only focusses on consuming 'better'. While I agree that most of the 'ethical living' press is promoting the "keep on buying and save the planet" message, there are several ways that you can spend as much as you like and be eco-friendly: 1.

The Garden Of Simplicity

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They concluded that: "A great change in our stewardship of the earth and the life on it is required, if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet is not to be irretrievably mutilated." As a path that emphasizes freedom, a choiceful simplicity also means staying focused, diving deep, and not being distracted by consumer culture. Living with less also decreases the impact of our consumption upon the Earth and frees resources for others.

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