Come@Me: Hunting Is Not Conservation

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The definition of the word HUNT is “to chase or search for game or other wild animals for the purpose of catching or killing.” ” The definition of the word CONSERVATION is “the act or an instance of conserving or keeping from change, loss, or injury.”

Hunting and Conservation: A Personal Perspective

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By Mike Palmer, The Nature Conservancy in Canada. My hunting partner, Lindsey, was wedged in the back of the plane between backpacks and rifle cases, probably thinking the same thing. We were starting a 10-day hunting trip into the front range of the Mackenzie Mountains.

Kentucky: First in Crane Hunting?

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As part of my effort to keep concerned wildlife enthusiasts informed about the proposal to hunt Eastern Flyway sandhill cranes, it is my duty to tell you that there’s another vote coming up. More than 10,000 people hunt cranes in North America each year.

Auto-pilot Conservation in the Era of Trump

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But a handful of federal conservation programs have permanent and stable funding mechanisms that allow them to operate regardless of who is in the White House. Among them are Federal Duck Stamps and related waterfowl conservation programs.

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Oregon Wolf Hunt On Hold

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A scheduled wolf hunt in northeastern Oregon will remain on hold. If the hunt goes through, only two wolves would remain: the alpha female and a pup born just last spring. The temporary reconsideration is costing conservation groups.

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Stop the Tennessee Sandhill Crane Hunt! (Again)

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Yes, the earth has gone around the sun twice since the uproar from birders and other lovers of wildlife managed to convince the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to table the idea of hunting Sandhill Cranes in Tennessee for two years. Cancel the 17-year-old annual festival, and propose a hunting season on cranes. If it’s an attempt to resuscitate the slowly dying sport of hunting, it’s ill-advised, and unlikely to have the desired effect.

Aboriginal hunting practice helps kangaroos

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This hunting tradition has been practiced for more than a century, and studies show that these fires have ecological benefits. Thus, the Martu play an important role in conservation by maintaining a varied environment in which they live and hunt that benefits kangaroos and other wildlife.

Pakistan shoots down illegal Arab hunting

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Last year, Green Prophet broadcast the alarming news of a Saudi prince who poached thousands of protected birds during a 21-day hunting safari in Pakistan. The hunters use falcons to kill the birds; special hunting permits also allow temporary import and re-export of the falcons.

Killing Fields: Egyptians Hunt Down Migratory Birds

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It is a little known fact outside of conservation and hunting circles, Sherif Baha el Din from Nature Conservation Egypt told The Guardian, but Egyptian hunters will destroy thousands of migratory birds in the coming weeks as they make their way from Europe back to Africa for the winter.

#CeciltheLion is a dangerous direction for conservation

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Another day, another dead lion erupting in the world’s media, another opportunity for me to annoy my few remaining anti-hunting friends. Often just for being a woman (its telling how many of these “outrages” about hunting involve women, not men. Conservation is not about identifying enemies and fighting them, its about identifying problems and finding and implementing solutions. Conservation hunting internet

Citizen Science Tuesday: Great Eggcase Hunt

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Eggcase hunting. Citizen Science Tuesday connects you with opportunities to be a part of conservation science with outdoor projects around the world and online projects to try from the comfort of your own home. What Is The Great Eggcase Hunt? Photo © The Shark Trust.

Shorebirds Are Still Being Hunted, Often Legally

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This event brought widespread attention to the fact that people are still hunting shorebirds for recreation and subsistence in parts of the world. The Snipe Hunt: Myth and Reality. 1910: The Shea White Plumage Act protected egrets, herons, gulls, and terns from feather hunting.

How Long Must We Live With These Wildlife Conservation Myths?

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The myths that hunters and anglers pay for the majority of our wildlife conservation (debunked in my post on The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Who Pays for It ) and the misconception that “predator management” is a necessary part of the wildlife conservation equation.

The Snipe Hunt: Myth and Reality

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There is a common belief that a “snipe hunt” is some sort of wild goose chase, a hazing ritual for naïve outdoors folk. The truth of the mythical snipe hunt is that the “fake” tools and techniques a rube is supposed to use are actual tools and techniques for catching real snipe. .

WATCH: Colbert Blasts Rhino Hunt Auction ‘for Conservation’


Read More The post WATCH: Colbert Blasts Rhino Hunt Auction ‘for Conservation’ appeared first on Ecorazzi. The Colbert Report takes on Dallas Safari Club''s plans to ''save the rhinos'' with the chance to kill an endangered rhino. Animals Causes News Top News Video stephen colbert

Silence of the Rattlesnake Researchers: Snakes, Culture and Conservation

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For good reason : they do not want their research to endanger the rattlesnakes they’re trying to conserve. Rattlesnakes live for 20 to 40 years, and have low reproductive rates,” says Chris Jenkins, executive director of the Orianne Society, an organization devoted to reptile conservation.

A social cost of carbon witch hunt in the Department of Energy

Environmental Economics

A Treasure Hunt for Prairie Wildflowers

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Each year, Nature Conservancy staff engage in a treasure hunt. The Nature Conservancy and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources planted 140 acres of prairie this season, and the blanket flower seed was collected and put into the mix.

When conservation and animal rights collide

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In responding to Suzie’s post defending wildlife rehabilitation I began to think again about the areas in which animal rights and animal welfare overlap with the field of conservation, and the ways in which they don’t. Conservation Animal Rights

Poop, Parasites, and Whooping Crane Conservation

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Hausheer, science writer for The Nature Conservancy. Habitat loss and hunting reduced their population to just 16 birds in 1941, after which every remaining wild bird was captured to start a captive breeding program. Science bird conservation research whooping crane

Rudolph Versus Bambi: A Conservation Story

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Theodore Roosevelt hunted them in the Selkirks in 1888 , thirteen years before he became president (he tells the excellent story of that adventure in his book The Wilderness Hunter ). Theodore Roosevelt saw all manner of interesting critters on his 1888 hunting trip to the area.

Burning for Biodiversity: How Hunting Promotes Healthy Ecosystems in the Australian Desert

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Hunting and fire — wartilpa and waru — are inextricably linked for the Martu people, the traditional owners of the Western Desert. In winter, the Martu burn as they hunt to clear away the spinifex grass, making it easier to locate goanna burrows and tracks in the rust-colored sands.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes 2015 Expansion of Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on National Wildlife Refuges

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Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe today announced as part of Great Outdoors Month the agency is proposing to expand fishing and hunting opportunities on 21 refuges throughout the National Wildlife Refuge System. The Service is committed to strengthening and expanding hunting and fishing opportunities,” said Ashe. “By Hunting, within specified limits, is permitted on 335 wildlife refuges. Why would you open it up to hunting?

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The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Who Pays for It

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The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation (NAMWC) is often held up as the best system of wildlife management and conservation in the world. Developed in the post-frontier era, the NAMWC helped put a stop to wanton wildlife destruction in an era where many species were being hunted and trapped ruthlessly to the brink of extinction. New Ideas In Conservation. funded by the non-hunting public.” All individuals share the costs of conserving wildlife.

How About a No-Hunting Stamp?

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I urge conservation minded readers to engage in a dialog with Ingrid, here on 10,000 Birds , and anywhere else we can get out the message that hunters and anglers aren’t the only supporters of habitat preservation! I’ve never hid my disdain for how the Duck Stamp skews perceptions of who uses and supports public refuges in the United States. Thankfully, others are challenging the assumptions inherent in this very flawed system.

Kathmandu: hunt for the green heart

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A winding road climbs into the 700-acre forest of ancient trees that was once the private hunting grounds of the royal family.

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Bioacoustics for Conservation Land-Use Planning

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Here in the Adelbert Mountains, acoustic survey data collected by Nature Conservancy scientists will help inform conservation land use planning efforts aimed at protecting forests, for the benefit of both biodiversity and human-well being. Conservation Geographer.

A Modest Proposal for a Wildlife Conservation Stamp

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A mockup of what a Wildlife Conservation Stamp might look like. Duck hunting is big business in the United States. Of all the dollars spent bagging ducks, a piece of the pie goes to the federal duck stamp program , which just went on sale; anyone over the age of 16 who wants to hunt migratory ducks needs to buy the stamp annually, and the funds raised go toward conservation and preserving and improving habitat for ducks and hunters alike. Birds Conservation duck stam

Green is Good: Science-Based Conservation in the 21st Century

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Nature Conservancy scientists look into buckets of water collected from the vernal pools on the Howard Ranch near Sacramento for research into the effects of cattle grazing on California’s delicate vernal pool habitats. The Nature Conservancy has grown since then.

Building a UK Youth Movement for Conservation

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In part, these experiences have been what has inspired us to both pursue careers at The Nature Conservancy. More than half of all UK wildlife species are in decline, yet the amount of time people spent volunteering for conservation has dropped by 23 percent in recent years.

Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than Climate Change

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If business news organizations can talk freely about deer, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) needs to speak openly as well. Views on deer management are deeply entrenched , both among those who hunt and those who don’t. Biological Conservation 142: 2012-2022.

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Are We Losing Our Wetlands Conservation Legacy?

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Will wetlands and the services they provide remain a part of our conservation heritage? Are we at risk of losing one of our all-time greatest conservation successes? The Nature Conservancy has purchased and restored wetlands across the country.

Review: When Conservation is Successful (Too Successful)

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The recovery of the white-tailed deer is one of wildlife conservation’s great success stories. Deerland: America’s Hunt for Ecological Balance and the Essence of Wildness. In our crowded world, conservation success can bring new issues, new complications.

The Wildlife Conservation Stamp: An Additional Income Stream for Our National Wildlife Refuges

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Many of these refuges and associated Conservation Areas, which have the potential to protect more than 1 million acres of vital wildlife habitat, have been forged through creative partnerships with sportsmen, conservation groups and private landowners.

Open Season on Bald Eagles

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Bald Eagle image is by Francois Portmann and is used with permission You know, I’ve been thinking about this whole dustup over hunting cranes in Tennessee and now Kentucky. I think it’s time to hunt Sandhill Cranes. We’ve always hunted Bald Eagles.

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Why Is It Important to Conserve Biodiversity?


Quick Navigation for Why Is It Important to Conserve Biodiversity. METHODS OF BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION. In-situ and ex-situ conservation methods. What is biodiversity conservation? Why should we conserve biodiversity? What is biodiversity conservation?

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Tell Congress To Fully Fund The Land And Water Conservation Fund

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Created by Congress in 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) was a bipartisan commitment to safeguard natural areas, water resources and our cultural heritage, and to provide recreation opportunities to all Americans. It was a simple idea: use revenues from the depletion of one natural resource – offshore oil and gas – to support the conservation of another precious resource – our land and water.

Wild Turkey Restoration: The Greatest Conservation Success Story?

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The return of the American wild turkey is either an incredible conservation success or too much of a good thing, depending on who you ask. The restoration of the American wild turkey may be the greatest wildlife conservation success story.

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Rudolph Versus Bambi: A Conservation Dilemma

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We’re running it here for your holiday reading pleasure, and welcome your opinions on this conservation challenge. Theodore Roosevelt saw all manner of interesting critters on his 1888 hunting trip to the area.

Lion Hunt Raffle Angers Animal Activists


A controversial raffle that offered hunters the chance to kill a lion at a conservation area has, unsurprisingly, outraged animal activists. Martin Nel Safaris was selling 100 tickets at $1,500 Read More The post Lion Hunt Raffle Angers Animal Activists appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Elk Antlers on the Prairie: A Shed Hunt to Benefit the Local Community

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I’m at The Nature Conservancy’s Zumwalt Prairie Preserve in northeast Oregon for what has become an annual event: a search for antlers shed by bull elk each spring. Drew Beachy, son of assistant steward Mike Beachy, hoists one of the first antlers collected during the hunt.

Hunt has begun for ‘good lifers’

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Bill Seeks to Keep Animal Activists Away from Seal Hunt


Conservative MP, Greg Kerr’s proposed Bill C-555, modifies the distance that unauthorized persons, or observers must keep from those harvesting seals. Read More The post Bill Seeks to Keep Animal Activists Away from Seal Hunt appeared first on Ecorazzi.