New Yorkers go hard against fossil fuels, divest $215.5 billion pension funds from fossil fuels

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So New Yorkers have a lot to celebrate now that their elected mayor Mayor Bill de Blasio declared that he will stop all new fossil fuel projects within and serving the city. The writing’s on the wall: move your money out of toxic fossil fuels and into real climate solutions.”.

How Fossil Fuel Money Plays in Northwest Elections

Sightline Daily

Over the last few years, the Northwest has been embroiled in an increasingly heated debate over its participation in fossil fuel exports. We picked five electoral contests that we believe illustrate the breadth and depth of fossil fuel money in Northwest politics. Whether in highly contentious well-publicized races or predictable landslides, fossil fuel interests can be major players.


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The problems with our fossil fuel economy

Green (Living) Review

We are talking fossil fuels in general. Oil too is on its last legs – as regards supplies, probably, even if it may last for another hundred year or so, as the geologists stated – and it is definitely not sustainable as fuel, same as coal. On the other hand oil is a substance much needed for other things, other than burning it up as an energy source, and we, therefore, should and must conserve it for those uses.

Putting an Honest Price on Fossil Fuels


The task of leaving these dirty fuels in the ground can not be accomplished by trickery and gimmicks. This is the last chance for the liberal; left and the conservative right to cooperate for the good of the world.Not one dime of the carbon fee should be used to make the government bigger. Six minutes on climate change from James Hansen. "We We must leave most of the remaining coal in the ground as well as the tar sands and tar shale.

Arab Nations De-Vesting in Oil to Invest in Renewables

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Countries with fossil fuel-dependent economies are making a marked shift towards renewable energy. In addition to a heightened awareness of the environmental impact of the fossil fuel industry, the main drivers for change are economic.

2020 79

10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth

Green Home Blog

This is a result of water, electricity and fossil fuels needed to maintain thousands of animals daily. Every aspect from spreading fertilizer, to pumping water, transporting fuel and refrigeration, combine to deplete about one-third of American fossil fuels. Tagged: fossil fuels , meat consumption , ocean depletion , vegetarian diet , wasted resources , water conservation , world hunger. 10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth.

How to Cut Your Gas Expenses in Half

Living Green & Saving Energy

How to Cut Your Gas Expenses in Half, drive fuel efficient cars, use you bike, walk or even e-bike. how to go green reduce fossil fuels saving energy saving money conserve gas how to save money save energy save gas save money

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Practical Ways to Conserve Water and Energy

Hug a Tree with Me

The effort of conserving water and energy simply means to waste less, save more and use wisely. Traditional energy is derived from fossil fuels that contributes to pollution and climate change, overusing it adds to the degradation of the environment. 13 Practical Ways to Conserve Energy: Upgrade to energy star appliances.

10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity


Quick Navigation for 10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity. The role of science and technology in conserving biodiversity. Protecting habitats before they have been altered is the best form on biodiversity conservation and is most successfully implemented by government regulations. We use huge amounts of fossil fuels, which directly cause climate change. . The role of science and technology in conserving biodiversity. Biodiversity is the pillar that allows.

2018 76

Mankiw: The Key Role of Conservatives in Taxing Carbon

Environmental Economics

Because conservatives heart climate policy?  The use of fossil fuels in British Columbia has fallen compared with the rest of Canada. Because of the government’s conservative credentials and its commitment to make the policy revenue-neutral, it brought along the crucial support of the business community. Fossil fuels loom larger than ever.

Now Canada Muzzles Climate Science Cheney/Bush-Style

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This draconian move on the part of the conservative Harper government is so extreme that it has even received censure from one of its own party members. “Environment Canada is now “open for business” – you may now hire their award-winning scientists at will, privatize their research and keep them from working in the public interest,” says conservative MP, Tony Clement. Bush era US climate science policy seems to have moved north.

Saudi Turns to Solar, Israel Stuck on Shale

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Incredulously, despite everything that we know about climate change and its inevitable consequences of drought , food insecurity, rising sea levels and widespread ecological change, certain sectors of society stand steadfast by the suicidal notion that developing increasingly dangerous fossil fuels is “good” for us. a local subsidiary of which recently received a license to explore for fossil fuels in the disputed Golan Heights territory.

"New Group, With Conservative Credentials, Plans Push for a Carbon Tax"

Environmental Economics

The initiative has already won endorsements from some environmental groups, like the Nature Conservancy and Conservation International; fossil fuel giants like Exxon Mobil, Shell and BP; and major companies in renewable and nuclear energy and consumer goods. “It’s That could, in turn, encourage people and businesses to become more energy efficient and curb their use of fossil fuels.

2018 100

Abu Dhabi Prince Shames White House by Crowning Court Roof with Solar Panels

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Instead of supporting green alternatives, the former president put America’s full weight behind fossil fuels. 500 Solar-Powered Recycling Units Promote Abu Dhabi’s Conservation Culture. Cleantech, Science & Technology fossil fuels oil renewable energy Solar EnergyWhen an oil-rich Sheikdom crowns an official building with grid-connected solar panels, it’s time for the U.S. to wake up!

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The Green Buzz: Wednesday, November 27

Conservancy Talk

are divesting from fossil-fuel firms to combat climate change. The green news today is chock full of stories that raised our eyebrows. Taking a stand: college campuses around the U.S. Washington Post ). They may seem slow and awkward, but seahorses are super stealthy hunters. ( BBC News ). The headline says it all: China’s pet dogs may save wild tigers. Scientific American ). This U.S. island is so polluted by plastic that it may soon become a Superfund site. ( MNN ).

2013 57

The Gulf Monarchies and Climate Change – A Book Review

Green Prophet

It explores the social contract in many of the Gulf countries based on fossil fuels (political obedience is exchanged for cheap energy and money) as well as a lack of domestic demand for a more active climate policy. This is reflected in the fact that cutting fuel subsidies, which would make conservation and a greater push toward efficiency feasible, is often seen “as an uncrossable line.”

Majority of Americans say we should do whatever it takes to protect the environment

Green Blog

Some findings that didn’t really surprise anyone was the result that right-wing libertarians and conservatives doesn’t like environmental regulations while being more supportive of corporations. “Staunch Conservatives and Libertarians are the only groups in which majorities say the U.S. The only ones who rather want to see more investments in the fossil fuel industry than the development of renewable energy sources are “staunch conservatives&#.

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Can Gray Infrastructure Be Green?

Conservancy Talk

Wilson addressed the delegates from around the world on the first day of the World Conservation Congress in Hawai’i. This is greater than the present-day value of existing infrastructure—and means more roads, more extraction of minerals and fossil fuels, more transmission lines, more dams—in sum, a larger infrastructure footprint in nearly every country. Linda Krueger ‎is Senior Policy Advisor at The Nature Conservancy.

2016 40

Nature’s Climate Solutions

Conservancy Talk

As we race to solve the climate challenge with technology—innovating clean energy solutions that lessen our reliance on fossil fuels—we often overlook the fact that nature has worked as a carbon store for hundreds of millions of years. While conservation is not an alternative to reducing fossil fuel emissions—we need to do both—reaching this mitigation potential would be as significant as shutting down every fossil fuel power station in the world.

To Reach Our Climate Mitigation Goal, We Must Grow the Market for Natural Solutions

Conservancy Talk

And while the Paris agreement is hopefully a turning point for speeding up the deployment for low- or zero-carbon renewable energy technologies and phasing out of fossil fuels, it also explicitly references the huge, beneficial role that nature can play in carbon storage. Take water funds for example – an innovative market-based solution for water security that the Conservancy has been a leading player in developing and bringing to Latin America, North America and Africa.

2015 56

Walt Reid on Conservation Bright Spots & Systems Versus Species Thinking

Nature Conservancy - Science

Walt Reid, director of Conservation and Science at the Packard Foundation and past director of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Conservation science has changed a lot in the past two decades. Walt Reid is director of the Conservation and Science Program for the Packard Foundation. From 2001-2005, more than 1,360 experts worldwide worked on the MA and the report set a high bar for the growing role of social and decision science in modern conservation science.

Istanbul Municipality Knits Enormous Sweater for Energy Conservation

Green Prophet

Instead of relying only on increasing generation capacity, the government has launched a national energy conservation campaign. As part of the energy conservation campaign, the Bayrampasa municipality in the capital knitted the world’s largest sweater, for which they received the Guinness World Record. All over the Middle East and North Africa, governments are feeling the energy pinch, and each has a different solution.

Setsuden Helped Japan Conserve 75 Nuclear Reactors Worth of Energy

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Somehow we managed to conserve the equivalent of the nuclear power plant’s generating capacity. Japan must import nearly all of its fossil fuels, so oil has always been expensive there. Energy Lifestyle & Culture conservation electricity Energy Efficiency Japan tsunamiThe Middle East can learn about energy savings from the Japanese, and the Japanese concept of setsuden. .

Japan 83

How to Make ‘Local’ Food Good Conservation, Too

Nature Conservancy - Science

But is “going locavore” also good conservation — or just an exercise in feeling good? If we consume more local food, we assume, we reduce our GHG emissions, slow the impending impacts of climate change, and thus contribute to environmental protection and conservation. Agriculture is a large consumer of fossil fuels for input production and application and mechanical harvesting. Conservation Biology 22:8-15. Nature Longread food food and conservation.

The Gulf Monarchies and Climate Change – A Book Review

Green Prophet

It explores the social contract in many of the Gulf countries based on fossil fuels (political obedience is exchanged for cheap energy and money) as well as a lack of domestic demand for a more active climate policy. This is reflected in the fact that cutting fuel subsidies, which would make conservation and a greater push toward efficiency feasible, is often seen “as an uncrossable line.”

New Solar Farm Shows Clean Energy Can Be Compatible with Conservation Values

Sierra Club Compass

The project location was chosen in strict accordance with conservation values, seeking to avoid harming wildlife or building new infrastructure. The projects will help California meet its renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions goals, as well as displacing demand for dirty fossil fuels like coal or natural gas. These new technologies are gaining momentum and helping us move away from fossil fuels.

We Applaud Proposed Conservative Case for Addressing Climate Change

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. We might also want to think about keeping the automobile fuel efficiency standards that President Obama created because they will for the next few years do more to reduce emissions in the transportation sector than a carbon tax. And by the way, the fuel efficiency standards also save Americans money in lower fuel costs.

Kareiva: Are We Thinking Globally When We Do Conservation?

Nature Conservancy - Science

by Peter Kareiva, chief scientist, The Nature Conservancy. The same reasoning can be applied to other conservation actions. For example, between 1990 and 2004, countries that enacted conservation set aside policies increased their cereal imports by 42% compared to an average 3.5% increase among countries that did not pursue conservation set asides. Land trusts, from whence The Nature Conservancy was born, are all about local actions. Think globally, act locally.

Leader of Conservation Group to Become Coal Export President

Sightline Daily

Chapman currently boasts at least two high-profile positions in the Northwest conservation community: he is president of the board of Mountains to Sound Greenway , a land trust dedicated to preserving natural areas along the I-90 corridor, and he sits on the board of directors of Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition , an organization that promotes public funding for parks and wildlife habitat. They have well-deserved reputations as leaders in conservation.

The Volt Report - Informative Environmental News

Hug a Tree with Me

The thought that eighty percent of the world’s energy usage comes from fossil fuels is staggering and disheartening, however, that number use to be a lot higher. Before alternative energy was seriously thought of, almost 100 percent of our energy consumption came from fossil fuels. The emissions from fossil fuels yuks up our air, lands and seas, while degrading the health of our plants, animals and us humans, so we must use less of it.

how does mercury get into the seafood you eat?

Green Living Ideas

Fossil fuels are the main cause of mercury pollution, in the form of coal-burning power plants but also from industrial runoff from industry and mining. The good news is that by cutting our on-shore fuel emission, the fishes will be better for it. By directly cutting our fossil fuel outputs the amount of mercury in fish would decrease in proportion- not exactly 1:1, but it would decrease significantly.

Ocean 54

The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax: Q&A with Jerry Taylor

Conservancy Talk

I encourage you to read his recent report, published by the Niskanen Center , making the conservative case for a carbon tax. Mark Tercek: Why should libertarians and conservatives support a carbon tax? And there is no plausible political scenario in which those regulations and subsidies can be rolled back by raw conservative political force. Third, it is the principled conservative position. In my view Jerry Taylor is one of the smartest thinkers on U.S.

Center for Biodiversity and Conservation

The Green Changemakers

Conserving water not only helps to preserve this irreplaceable natural resource, but also helps reduce the strain on urban wastewater management systems, saving money and energy. There are many, easy ways to conserve our water resources into the future. Supporting local agriculture helps conserve farmland, bolsters the economy, provides fresh food to people, and reduces the pollution and energy use related to transporting food over great distances.

2010 52

112th Congress Most Anti-Environment Ever

10,000 Birds

The League of Conservation Voters released its scorecard on the members of the 112th Congress of the United States and it is a very depressing read. This is what happens when large swathes of the public believe the propaganda put out by those who seek to continue to make money from fossil fuels instead of seeking to limit carbon emissions. Politics Conservation

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Green Home Blog

We’re all looking for ways to reduce the waste and pollution that come from fossil fuel use, and what better alternative than the sun, nature’s own energy source. Over the last decade solar energy has leapt to the front of the alternative energy race, and advances in technology have made it possible for all of us to start replacing fossil fuels with green solar power. Solar Hot Water Heaters.

Water 176

10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably

Hug a Tree with Me

Light candles: Light a few candles instead of turning on the lights, however, you must purchase soy based candles because most conventional candles are formulated with the fossil fuel, petroleum. Green up home energy conservation green up One of the first things that usually comes to mind when discussing matters of environmental degradation is electricity usage – it is an unfortunate fact that the relationship between the two is a mostly negative one.

2015 173

How Does It Work: Hydropower

Green Home Blog

Hydropower – power generated using water’s downhill flow – is one of the most common alternatives to fossil fuels. While hydroelectric dams are valued because they don’t rely on fossil fuels (and therefore produce no greenhouse gas emissions), they come with their own set of serious environmental problems. Tagged: alternative power , green energy , water conservation. How Does It Work: Hydropower.

2012 100

What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

Green Home Blog

The majority of greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuels like oil and coal, which means that each of us has our own carbon footprint – when you drive a car, turn on a light, or cook dinner you’re contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Seventy percent of electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels, so the less energy you use in your home the smaller you can make your carbon footprint. What is YOUR Carbon Footprint?

Mnuchin vs. Thunberg vs. Neoclassical Economics

Environmental Economics

  When asked about her suggestion for public divestment from fossil fuel companies, Mnuchin said: Is she the chief economist, or who is she?    The conservative bias in Econ 101 is real. 

2020 194

Carbon tax: Republicans in Democratic clothing?

Environmental Economics

A revenue neutral carbon tax is what you would call a "conservative" economic proposal : Two Senate Democrats sponsored a bill Wednesday to institute an economy-wide tax on carbon dioxide emissions, revenue that would be returned through rebates and tax cuts. and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) pitched their proposal at an event hosted by the conservative American Enterprise Institute, saying that their bill aligns with conservative economic principles and Republicans should support it.

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change - The New York Times

Environmental Economics

although I'm not sure I would group libertarians and 'other political conservatives' quite so closely here): Most of the attacks on climate science are coming from libertarians and other political conservatives who do not like the policies that have been proposed to fight global warming. This ideological position has been propped up by money from fossil-fuel interests, which have paid to create organizations, fund conferences and the like.

Happy Earth Day – 5 Facts you Didn’t Know About the Environment

Hug a Tree with Me

Visit Water use it Wisely for tips on how to conserve water. The overall oxygen levels has declined in the last few decades largely due to burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. Do your part to burn less fossil fuels by becoming a greener driver and using cleaner energy. The artificial world that we currently live in has blinded us to the natural beauty around us.

The Future is Worth the Fight—Embrace the Fierce Urgency of Now

Elephant Journal

James quickly said no to the suggestion it''s too late to do anything about human caused climate disruption, he insisted we must persevere and do everything we can to hold the line and stop the damage being done by continuing to burn fossil fuels.