Hungary has fallen!

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Democracy in Hungary is dead and Fascism rules by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As of April 2013, Hungary is no longer a democracy and if we all don''t act now, things are about to get a lot worse, and not just in Hungary, of that I am sure. If no action from the European Union is being taken now Hungary could well become become another Third Reich! Blink and you''ve missed it: Hungary is no longer a democracy. Don''t let Hungary go the way of Nazi Germany.

Jobbik – First they came for the Gypsy and now they also are coming for the Jew

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Jobbik, the more-or-less legal Nazi militia and party in Hungary, an EU member state, is now aiming, after having the Romani People made their first target, also for the Jewish population of the country (and elsewhere). In the beginning, it would appear, the Jews took very little notice of the antics of the Jobbik group, seeing that their target were the Gypsy People and not the Jewish community. fascism Jobbik Hungary European Union EU

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Gypsies to be pressed into forced slave labor gangs

Green (Living) Review

Gypsies (and those receiving welfare) are to be pressed into forced labor gangs, supervised by police and militias By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Hungary, June 2011: According to information on the wires Gypsies are to be pressed into forced labor gangs in Hungary in the very near future. They are to work in “charitable” and “community-based” projects in return for the payments that they receive.

Philanthropy is a scam

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Capitalists use philanthropy as a tool that links charity, capitalism and development by investing in “fixing” complex historical problems in poor countries (and communities) to expand privatization and their agenda being only limited by their own resources.

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Confronting the fascist threat in Europe and abroad

Green (Living) Review

In Hungary, Marton Gyongyosi, a member of parliament for the far-right Jobbik Party, called for the government to draw up lists of Jews who pose a national security risk and for the extermination, basically, of all Gypsies.

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deliberateLIFE. The green and ethical magazine for the iPad generation

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Fay has lived and worked in Hungary, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, the United States and South Africa. Fay says that it is her hope that the magazine will be the basis for a growing community of people who are looking to make the ‘right’ choices, that will create a better tomorrow for all of us.

Ukranian Coal Plant “Facelift” Actually Means More Pollution

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Burshtyn was disconnected from the national grid in 2002 to form the Burshtyn Energy Island , a separate grid that exists to export power to the EU nations of Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. Local communities won’t even benefit from the generation, but their health will be sacrificed.

Former Soviet States Face Climate Crisis

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It is predicted that countries such as Poland and Hungary will see hot weather akin to Sicily by 2050, with heat waves across the countries. In addition, rising sea levels are expected to put coastal communities in danger from storms and water supplies being flooded with sea water.

Costi Gurgu Interview and the Auroras

The Alien Next Door

My stories have been published in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, England, Canada and USA. Third Party Sites where you can recommend Costi’s cover art include: Live Journal Community ; NESFA , and SF Awards Watch. ??. full cover art for Outer Diverse. ??

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VisionConsult presents "Village of the Future" for Roma Inclusion

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A region with strong Roma minorities is the Balkans, with countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia featuring a Roma minority approaching 10% of the population or even surpassing this figure.

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Research for Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

The 5th BMBF Forum for Sustainability features discussions about the state of the art in research, about the collaboration between politics, science and research communities as well as future research priorities. Research for Sustainability (URL: [link] Framework programme for a sustainable innovative society Download (engl.) (URL:

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The Life and Death of Urban Highways

The Green Changemakers

It is about community vision and the leadership required in the twenty-first century to overcome the demolition, dislocation, and disconnection of neighborhoods caused by freeways in cities.” ITDP has offices in Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United States; employs more than 70 staff members; and supplements this team with leading architects, urban planners, transport experts, developers, and financiers.

Analysis by country of fossil fuel burning-based Carbon Debt and Carbon Credit

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has stated that “Communities in the global south as well as low-income communities in the industrialised north have borne the toxic burden of this fossil fuel extraction, transportation and production. Now these communities are facing the worst impacts of climate change – from food shortages to the inundation of whole island nations” and demands “ Huge financial transfers from north to south, based on the repayment of climate debts and subject to democratic control.

What If We Built Our Cities Around Places?

The Green Changemakers

O ne of the joys for all of us working at PPS is learning from people all around the world about how they'd like to make their communities better. Many times, communities need just a little nudge in the right direction to set this process of revitalization in motion.

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