Mother Nature creates empathy for externalities

Environmental Economics

That vacant home whose yard is tangled with weeds and prairie grass might be an eyesore, but some community officials are asking neighbors to be patient. About 1,200 people have called the 311 hot line since the beginning of April to report high grass and weeds on private property in Columbus. Citing the seemingly endless rain, code-enforcement officials have been reluctant to use a heavy hand with owners of vacant properties who might quickly be handed a citation in better weather.

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Listening to Falcons: The Peregrines of Tom Cade

10,000 Birds

His parents moved where opportunity beckoned, taking him from San Angelo, Texas, to Columbus, New Mexico, then to Dallas, and finally on to California. At about one mile out he started climbing into the sky and quickly made contact with two prairie falcons that were circling about 500 or more feet altitude. Author Sherrida Woodley thinks deeply about dearly departed birds. such as California Condors and Passenger Pigeons.

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Jinx Warbler Vanquished

10,000 Birds

I’ve rushed to spring reports of these birds in Columbus, Ohio’s Greenlawn Cemetery. This sighting came at the end of five days at the Potholes & Prairie Birding Festival in Jamestown, North Dakota. Note: This is an account, originally published in June 2006, of my quest to remove a jinx bird from my bird-watching soul.

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Collaborative list – May 2019

10,000 Birds

Christopher Columbus Park. So that was May. Despite looking way older than his years, we cannot attribute Regannet’s haggard appearance to hard birding, scoring only 19 during eBird’s Big Day was not the greatest effort expended on May 4th. In fairness, he had to celebrate Star Wars Day with his teenage son as this is their only means of effective conversation. 3 guesses as to where the award for biggest day and best follow-up post goes ?

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Collaborative list – April 2019

10,000 Birds

It’s official. It’s spring. By all measures, meteorological, astronomical and anatomical, spring is sprung. The meteorological date is from March 1st, the Vernal Equinox was passed on March 20th which accounts for the astronomical marker when the sun crosses the equator on its northwards ramble. April is now behind us and Old Tom’s arthritis is clearing up nicely, thank you very much for asking. The migrants are coming (Hurray!). Some are already here, or passing through.

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Collaborative List – March 2019

10,000 Birds

Are we all getting excited yet? March is done. The equinox has passed. There can be no denying that spring is coming and with it, the summer visitors and passage migrants. Oh, joy! 9 countries were visited during March by your tireless beats ( 11 of them); India, UK, USA, Serbia, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. With so much thrashing around in SE Asia, it is interesting to compare east and west hemispheres.

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