Alaskans Banding Together Against Proposed Coal Mine

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The proposed Chuitna coal mine in Alaska is the largest climate fight you've never heard of, says Laura Comer of Alaska Beyond Coal. If allowed, the mine would produce more carbon pollution than the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. "It would be the first mine ever allowed to mine through an active salmon stream," says Laura. "The "This project won't benefit Alaska: This whole Chuitna mine is solely for coal exports.

Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Poisons Appalachia's Waterways

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I remember the first time I saw a mountaintop-removal coal mining site - Kayford Mountain in southern West Virginia. Their lives are never the same when a mountaintop-removal coal mine starts blasting. Many folks here in Appalachia have streams or creeks running through their back yard. Pollution from mountaintop-removal mining has poisoned many of our streams making them dangerous for certain fish and other aquatic life.

An Explainer: Coal Mine Cleanup and “Self-Bonds”

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Coal Black and White by W Silver used under CC BY 2.0 In case you missed the news, coal industry stock prices took yet another tumble on Friday, with all four of the largest US coal companies—Arch Coal, Alpha Natural Resources, Cloud Peak Energy, and Peabody Energy—closing at all-time lows. A Bloomberg analysis attributed the fall to new concerns about the financing of coal mine cleanups: Two U.S. coal companies, Peabody Energy Corp.

Agencies Dodge Responsibility for Human Cost of Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining

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This week, we got some disappointing news - a judge ruled that the Army Corps of Engineers isn't responsible for considering the health effects of coal pollution when it issues permits to fill valleys with rubble from mountaintop-removal coal mines. Now, instead of dishes, think about what happens when no one chooses to take responsibility for the terrible effects coal pollution has on public health. Coal Coal-Director Health

Two More Victories in the Fight Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

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While the fight to end mountaintop removal coal mining is still far from over, we are celebrating today's ruling by the U.S. Circuit on a massive mountaintop removal project, the Spruce Mine. The court affirmed that the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority under the Clean Water Act to veto mountaintop removal coal mining permits after they've been issued. 1 mine in Logan County, West Virginia.

Ison Rock in Virginia Saved from Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining, For Now

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Mountain lovers everywhere high-fived today when the news came down that the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy has denied a surface mine permit for the Ison Rock Ridge mine in southwest Virginia. While A&G Coal Company, the ones applying for the permit, said they will appeal, this is a great grassroots victory for now. The mine would have buried about 14,000 feet of streams with more than 11 million cubic yards of rock and dirt in nine valley fills.

Artist creates mesmerizing paintings using coal pollution from local streams


Or could it be a rainbow of unique pigments created from none other than a stream of coal mine pollution? You see, the art is in fact made using pigments derived from the iron oxide in acid mine drainage. What is acid mine drainage?

Climate warnings: over 200 people die as Germany suffers Europe’s most deadly extreme weather event

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In Germany and Belgium, the severe flooding caused by the torrential rainfall turned streams and streets into raging torrents of water, sweeping away cars and causing houses to collapse. Flooding in Kordel, Germany. Photo credit: Chz – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia.

Standing Up for Clean Water When States Won't

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Imagine that you've grown up in a beautiful, hilly countryside near many streams where you played and fished as a child. Now, years later, you can't even let your own kids or grandkids play in those same waterways because of pollution from a nearby mountaintop-removal coal mine. mountaintop-removal-mining-based water pollution. that Alex Energy, the Fola Coal Company, and Consol are violating the.

Appalachian Families Denied Clean Water Travel to Washington to Demand Action

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Environmental Protection Agency office to demand an end to mountaintop removal coal mining. Elaine Tanner and her partner Jimmy Hall have both experienced, up close and personal, the destruction caused by mountaintop removal coal mining. The Kentucky natives are fighting a coal company they claim poisoned their well water. " The mining has blown away their land over the years, too. Coal Coal-Director Health Safe and Healthy Communities

Taking on Big Coal in Alaska

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In the country's northernmost major city, organizers, activists, supporters, and coalition members gathered for Anchorage's first major anti-coal event. Sierra Club Organizer Laura Comer of the Beyond Coal Alaska campaign said that with the help of four phone banks that made 1,100 calls, more than 130 people attended to discuss the growing problems the area is facing with Big Coal. " Within 40 miles of Anchorage are six proposed strip coal mines.

An example of why environmental valuation is needed

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The headline says "mountaintop removal for coal hurts water quality and harms fish." A  new government study  traces the decline in abundance to  mountaintop removal , the controversial coal mining practice of clear cutting trees from mountains before blowing off their tops with explosives. The people opposed to the coal industry are trying to pile on with more studies,” said Bill Raney, president of the West Virginia Coal Association. “It

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Falling Like Dominoes: Support For Coal From the UK Comes To An End

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As one of the pillars of the climate action plan, President Obama pledged to end public financing for coal projects overseas, except in very specific situations. Next, five Nordic countries came out with a similar plan , calling for an end to throwing money away on dangerous coal projects. Multilateral development banks were the next to announce that they would no longer be investing in coal projects overseas. Coal burning is also responsible for nearly one-third of U.S.

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The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for West Virginia (and It Doesn't Stop There)

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" For the 300,000 people affected by the coal chemical spill from two weeks ago, I bet that's very reassuring. And it gets worse -- how about this article featuring a former WV coal miner, Joe Stanley, who says : "I watched the coal industry poison our water for years. We've been dumping this stuff into unlined ponds and into old mines for years," he says. "This I don't know, your guess is as good as mine."

One Volunteer's Story of the West Virginia Elk River Chemical Spill

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Running alongside the Little Coal River in Boone County, West Virginia is the sleepy town of Van. Dustin, the son of a coal miner, grew up at the foot of Cook Mountain, named for an ancestor of his, in a place called James Creek Hollow. I spent most of my childhood in the mountain stream that flowed in front of my home catching crawdads and salamanders, seeing what could be found, or just simply how far I could go." Coal Consequences Dirty Fuels Health

New Study Offers First Comprehensive Picture of Appalachian Energy Development

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Coal trucks rumble over mountain roads. Coauthored by Nature Conservancy scientists Judy Dunscomb , Jeffrey Evans , and Joseph Kiesecker , the study uses data on energy resources from state and federal agencies to model energy development potential for wind, shale gas, and coal in a 15-state region. The Appalachian region is a global hotspot for plant and animal diversity, with some of the most diverse, intact, and connected temperate forests and freshwater streams in the world.

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Lose the Memory, Lose the Fish

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It’s not a happy narrative : in North America the ecological history of rivers is an epic of abundance turned to scarcity, of treating natural wonders like garbage dumps, of dams and pollution and mines and invasive species and mismanagement. And those fish can be restored, even to streams where they’ve been absent for decades. Coal Creek still runs orange from mine drainage. To us, it was Coal Creek, and for good reason. Once, Coal Creek coursed with life.

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Marginal Revolution: jobs are costs in benefit-cost analysis

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  Anyway, I quickly came upon this and related passages (p.45, passim): In summary, the Final Rule is expected to reduce employment by 124 jobs on average each year due to decreased coal mined while an additional 280 jobs will be created from increased compliance activity on average each year.   This approach is completely wrong, and if it were right Appalachia would love a lot of this coal regulation for its job-creating proclivities, but of course the region doesn’t.

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Weekend Reading 4/4/14

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In this short video, Australian coal mining executives are leading the way with a frank acknowledgement of their industry’s relationship to climate change. Check out Public Citizen ‘s photo stream of people protesting the McCutcheon decision nationwide this week. Jennifer. The adaptation of Michael Lewis’ new book Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt in the New York Times Magazine this week bodes well for the entire book.

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New Soot Standard Will Protect Public Health, Environment - Compass

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When Will the Coal, Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries Stand On Their Own Feet? Soot particles are released into the air by burning dirty fuels like coal. Soot is composed of dangerous metals and chemicals, and the particles are so small -- as tiny as 1/30th the width of a human hair -- that they can lodge deep within the lungs and move into our blood streams, carrying with them toxic pollutants like arsenic and lead. Coal-Director. Compass.

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World Water Crisis

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Read more: [link] Melissa Farlow / Blue Planet Run Next Back Dirty Water Foul-smelling water mixed with coal had been running from Kenny Stroud's faucet for more than a decade before clean tap water was finally provided by the city of Rawl, West Virginia. World Water Crisis Scott Warren / Aurora Next Back The Staff of Life Water, Earth's most precious resource, serves simultaneously as habitat, nourishment and cleanser.

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Future Policies for Cities - Towards Regenerative Urbanism

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Because of the inherent potential for cities to generate and manage their own energy supplies, there is also great potential to liberate and internalise large financial flows – the enormous amounts of money currently exiting communities to fund oil exploration and processing, to sustain distant coal mines and uranium quarries, and to shore up the fragile balance sheets of nuclear power plants.

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Gift Economy

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A canary in the proverbial coal mine, dama is an indicator of how well cultural traditions can hold up under conditions of globalization. Adopt a stream or a highway to restore, maintain, and beautify. [link] In its purest form, a gift economy is about the collective, allocation based on need, and abundance. Behind gifting is human relationship, generation of goodwill, and attention to the nurturance of the whole society and not just one’s immediate self and family.

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Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

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Moreover, the problem is not only the depletion of these fuels, but also many environmental and social issues related to this type of our fossil fuel-based economy, such as too much external-dependent, unsustainable agriculture systems, coal mining risk, offshore oil spillage, pollution from coal-power plants, from transportation and industrial activities…and the most serious one perhaps is the green house effect that leads to global climate change with numerous unpredictable sub-consequences.

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Sanserif Creatius Carves A Cardboard Table With Arabic Devotion

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The Kishon River, a 75 km long stream that begins in the Western Galilee and… Read more articles » Travel & Nature » Oceanic White Tip Shark Kills Elderly Woman In Egypt Egyptian negligence may have caused the unnecessary death of a German tourist yesterday.

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