The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for West Virginia (and It Doesn't Stop There)

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" For the 300,000 people affected by the coal chemical spill from two weeks ago, I bet that's very reassuring. And it gets worse -- how about this article featuring a former WV coal miner, Joe Stanley, who says : "I watched the coal industry poison our water for years. We know the coal industry is getting away with poisoning our waterways nationwide, and a new study of federal data by the Associated Press shows just that.

One Volunteer's Story of the West Virginia Elk River Chemical Spill

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Running alongside the Little Coal River in Boone County, West Virginia is the sleepy town of Van. Dustin, the son of a coal miner, grew up at the foot of Cook Mountain, named for an ancestor of his, in a place called James Creek Hollow. The rocks, the sticks, the wildlife - they were my best friends. " Now, Dustin is going as far as he can for his neighbors; donating his time to make sure that communities across the Coal River Valley have the water they need.

"Trump's energy plan overstates benefits of more drilling"

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The Republican presidential candidate says he will boost America's economic output, create millions of new jobs, and put coal miners back to work. The IER study does not actually attribute the gains to a lifting of restrictions, as Trump indicated, but to opening all federal lands to oil, gas, and coal leasing. lower 48, the outer continental shelf, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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I love coal. Winters tells the story of his work in coal mining as a young man, and he gives us a good flavor of the industry, and whats wrong about it. I finally dug into "BCs Dark Dirty Secret: Big Coal and the Export of Global Warming Pollution," recently published by the Victoria-based Dogwood Initiative. I take this to be the go-to source for understanding the provinces surprisingly large coal industry. Skip to content.

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They are exceptional environments essential to both the people who maintain them and to the wildlife that now share them. Hoxsey, the former coal miner whose family’s herbal recipe has brought about claims of a cancer cure. Natural World – A Farm for the Future - With her father close to retirement, Rebecca returns to her family's wildlife-friendly farm in Devon, to become the next generation to farm the land.