Like China, Japan and the U.S. Continue to Finance Overseas Fossil Fuel Power Technologies

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Stepping away from carbon-intensive power systems and investing in renewable technologies is critical to decarbonizing the global power sector and reducing global climate change. Continue to Finance Overseas Fossil Fuel Power Technologies

The methane impact of organic waste vs fossil fuel emissions


While the focus is usually on fossil fuel emissions as the main climate change culprit, a new analysis by the nonprofit Energy Vision concludes that reducing emissions from organic waste would more steeply reduce methane. And it would cost less to accomplish


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The methane impact of organic waste vs fossil fuel emissions


While the focus is usually on fossil fuel emissions as the main climate change culprit, a new analysis by the nonprofit Energy Vision concludes that reducing emissions from organic waste would more steeply reduce methane.

Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuels


This increasing energy demand has been met by an ever increasing supply of fossil fuel energy. Fossil fuels are the most prominent energy source in our world today. Although alternatives to fossil fuels – such as solar , wind , or nuclear fission power – are beginning to be developed, we are still seeing an increase in the amount being used every single year [1]. What are fossil fuels? Climate change. Fossil Fuels

Analysis: Climate change: ditch 90% of the world’s coal and 60% of oil and gas to limit warming to 1.5°C – experts

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C above the pre-industrial average in 2020, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned in its recent report that Earth could hit 1.5°C C could help avoid the most serious effects of climate change. Fossil fuels still provide most of the world’s energy.

Why Do We Still Use Fossil Fuels & Can Non-Renewable Sources of Energy Be Replaced?


The world has a crippling dependence on fossil fuels and this dependence on coal, oil and natural gas is one of the largest causes to arguably the biggest problem facing earth today: climate change. Why do we still burn fossil fuels to produce energy?

How Does Climate Change Impact the Brain?

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Many humans believe that we can outsmart climate change. The post How Does Climate Change Impact the Brain? After all, we are one of the most intelligent species on Earth, right? Well, this may be a temporary standing.

Stop burning fossil fuels now: there is no CO2 'technofix', scientists warn

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Researchers have demonstrated that even if a geoengineering solution to CO2 emissions could be found, it wouldn’t be enough to save the oceans German researchers have demonstrated once again that the best way to limit climate change is to stop burning fossil fuels now. climate change fossil fuels geo-engineering

Opinion: COP26: Can Boris Johnson and the Conservatives be trusted to act on climate change?

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Boris Johnson delivers climate change remarks at the UN General Assembly. A party and government which for years have not shown any interest in tackling the climate crisis with appropriate urgency are suddenly keen, but the party still has several MP’s airing climate-denying views.

Can Solar Energy Ever Replace Fossil Fuels?


Fossil fuels are formed by natural processes. Around 80 percent all our energy demand is covered by burning fossil fuels. At the current consumption rate, it is estimated that fossil fuels will run out in less than 100 years. If we could harness the sun’s clean and free energy, we wouldn’t have to drill for polluting fossil fuels. But… Fossil fuel production today costs much less than any renewable energy generation.

Hurricane Ida supercharges climate change in the US

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Failing to connect the climate dots. Commentators have since argued that the US’s infrastructure is not able to handle the impacts of climate change. Many news networks have been criticised for not including reference climate change in their coverage of Ida.

Biden’s new executive order cuts fossil fuel subsidies


In a recent executive order, President Joe Biden has directed federal agencies to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. Cutting fossil fuel subsidies is a crucial step in reaching clean energy goals. is essentially paying fossil fuel companies to pollute the air. According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, there are several direct and indirect tax subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

Opinion: So, Germany, you want to do more to tackle climate change?

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Germany has recently experienced fatal and apocalyptic climate- fuelled floods , after which the country’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, promised the government would do more to tackle climate change. In Germany, fossil fuels are king.

DNC reverses pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies


The Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidates were barely announced before the DNC removed campaign pledges to end fossil fuel subsidies. The July 27 version of the Manager’s Mark included the statement, “Democrats support eliminating tax breaks and subsidies for fossil fuels, and will fight to defend and extend tax incentives for energy efficiency and clean energy.” This is ridiculous,” said Collin Rees , a campaigner for the nonprofit Oil Change U.S.

Events: Sightline on Regional Fossil Fuel Activism

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The common thread that I hope to weave into each will be The Thin Green Line —the notion that the Northwest is uniquely positioned to thwart large-scale fossil fuel exports. Details : I’ll be participating in an afternoon session titled, Fossil Fuel Exports and Climate Change in the Salish Sea. Inslee Hires Coal Lobbyist to Direct Policy Office Industry to Feds: “We Will Not Remove Any Unsafe Oil Rail Cars from Service” Climate & Energy

Major banks still back fossil fuel industry despite climate pledges


Despite climate-conscious PR, they are still putting their money toward financing fossil fuel projects, according to the new Banking on Climate Chaos report. In the last five years, while acceptance of climate change has gone more mainstream, the 60 largest commercial and private investment banks in the world financed the fossil fuel industry to a tune of nearly $4 trillion. billion into fossil fuel projects last year.

Film review: The People vs Climate Change

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It was ` The Climate Assembly `, put in place by six committees in the UK Houses of Parliament. The film follows a group of individuals, some with very little or no knowledge of climate change. This changes his opinion. Photo credit: BBC. By Anders Lorenzen.

The Environmental Risks of Reducing Fossil Fuel Combustion

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Fossil fuel combustion raises serious environmental concerns, particularly from greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Fossil fuel combustion alone increased by 10 percent. While the obvious solution may be to reduce the use fossil fuels, it can have unintended environmental consequences. economy, as other countries, depends upon fossil fuel supplies to exist. The advantage that fossil fuels have is that they are cheap.

Sorry Greta, World to produce 120% more fossil fuels by 2030 – drastically at odds with warming limit

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C or 2°C, creating a “production gap” that makes climate goals much harder to reach, according to the first report to assess countries’ plans and projections for fossil fuel production. Countries are planning to produce fossil fuels far in excess of the levels needed to fulfil their climate pledges under the Paris Agreement, which themselves are far from adequate. Over the past decade, the climate conversation has shifted.

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2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun


2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun Hunter Lovins Thu, 08/13/2020 – 00:15 We’re female entrepreneurs and environmentalists. Last year, no fossil company made the top 10 list. More: 2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun.

2020 36

Politics Makes Scrapping Fossil Fuel Subsidies in the Gulf Difficult

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Making fuel subsidies a thing of the past may ‘half the global carbon target’, but politics is a real barrier to change in rich gulf nations. Phasing out subsidies for fossil fuels could get us half way to meeting our global carbon saving goal – that’s what the International Energy Agency chief economist Faith Birol believes. That could provide half of the carbon savings needed to stop dangerous levels of climate change.

Despite net-zero pledges, banks used $750 billion to finance fossil fuels in 2020


Despite net-zero pledges, banks used $750 billion to finance fossil fuels in 2020 Cecilia Keating Fri, 03/26/2021 – 00:05 Net-zero commitments may have ricocheted across banking sector over the last 18 months, but big banks’ attestations of climate concern did not stop many from expanding financing for the world’s top fossil fuel firms during the pandemic year. The banking sector maintains that serious change is afoot.

Landmark Dutch case orders Shell to do more to tackle climate change

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In a landmark climate case, the Dutch oil and gas giant Shell has been ordered to do more to cut its emissions. It is the first case in which activists have turned to the courts to get an energy company to change course.

New York state divests from fossil fuels in historic move


The retirement contributions of New York state workers will no longer be invested in fossil fuels. The state announced Wednesday that it is removing oil and gas stocks from its portfolio, making it the world’s largest pension fund to divest from the fossil fuel industry. The new plan is to sell off the riskiest gas and oil stocks and be completely divested from fossil fuels by 2025. New York state divests from fossil fuels in historic move.

How Fossil Fuel Money Plays in Northwest Elections

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Over the last few years, the Northwest has been embroiled in an increasingly heated debate over its participation in fossil fuel exports. We picked five electoral contests that we believe illustrate the breadth and depth of fossil fuel money in Northwest politics. Whether in highly contentious well-publicized races or predictable landslides, fossil fuel interests can be major players. Climate & Energy

How to Start Your Own Sustainable Farm

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Climate Change Environment global warming Green Jobs green living pollution Protect Soil sustainability Waste Water ecological issues farm fossil fuels sustainable agriculture sustainable farming waste

Opinion: What the gas crisis tells us

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This is a signal not only of the country’s unhealthy reliance on fossil fuels but also a failure to move away from gas in a way that other countries have done successfully. climate change energy opinion UK climate action energy efficiency fossil fuels gas crisis Renewables wind power

President Suggests Elimination Of Fossil Fuel Subsidies

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President Obama indicated a goal of the summit when he stated recently: “Later this week, I will work with my colleagues at the G-20 to phase out fossil fuel subsidies so that we can better address our climate challenge.” The President has suggested a gradual reduction and elimination of government subsidies to fossil fuel companies. Tax breaks are also provided to the production of such fuels. Black Gold Climate Change

Oil majors are eying up renewable energy projects

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In order to make their portfolio more sustainable and respond to lower fossil fuel demand, oil majors are increasingly snapping up renewable energy projects as the pressure grows to take action on climate change. The French oil and gas major Total. Photo credit: Reuters.

3 global reports on climate change we can’t ignore

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The reports lay bare the horrific state of climate breakdown and its impacts across the globe whilst indicating the solutions are available to make possible meeting the goals set out under the Paris agreement. . The world has woken up to the reality of climate breakdown.

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The Faith-Based Push for Fossil Fuel Divestment

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This week the University of Dayton made news when it announced that "it will begin divesting coal and fossil fuels from its $670 million investment pool." " UD joins a growing list of universities choosing to divest endowments due to concerns about climate disruption and sustainability. "We cannot ignore the negative consequences of climate change, which disproportionately impact the world's most vulnerable people.

Massive Twitterstorm demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies underway

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A 24-hour “storm” against fossil fuel subsidies was launched today by , Avaaz , Greenpeace , and other environmental organizations on the popular social network site Twitter. The event is expected to involve hundreds of thousands of people from around the world who will join forces in demanding an end to subsidies to the fossil fuel industry by tweeting under the same #EndFossilFuelSubsidies hashtag. And it’s not just about the climate.

6 Ways Going Solar Can Improve Your Life

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Although you may think that installing a solar energy system in your home is a small change, it can actually have significant positive effects on your life in the short- and long-term.

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System change not climate change

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While “personal solutions” have some effect, even the smallest things, but they will not really change anything unless we are, all together, prepared to change the system. Thus system change that is required for the world to become a better place where people and the Planet count and not (just) money. Then, and more for reasons of climatic change than anything else, in the early fifth century they just packed up and left.

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Fossil fuel expansion is a crime against humanity

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Marc Lee who is the senior economist for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and chair of the Progressive Economics Forum writes in one of his latest articles that we should see fossil fuel expansion as a crime against humanity. Nor would I punish regular folks (including me) who burn fossil fuels because of the structure of the world we live in and the lack of alternatives.

Revealed: Bill Gates charity has $1.4bn in fossil fuel investments

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billion of investments in some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies – while at the same time calling for immediate action against climate change. But apparently, both Bill and Melinda have missed that their investments in oil, gas and coal helps fuel the climate change – a crisis which they themselves deem to be a serious threat. “At It’s been revealed that the Gates Foundation, run by Bill and Melinda Gates, has held at least $1.4

Will COP 21 finally deal with climate change ?

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This year’s Conference of the Parties, known as COP21, may turn out to be the one that finally addresses the ravages of human caused climate change. COP21 comes on the heels of some of the worst climate issues that humankind has experienced in recent years; including intense typhoons and huricanes; and crazy Middle East “heat domes” that may make parts of the ME uninhabitable by year 2100. to reverse the ravages of climate change?

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Seven countries launch initiative to end new coal power

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The emerging technology has yet to be proven at scale and should not be considered as a climate solution, according to environmental groups. . Consigning coal to history is crucial to avoiding catastrophic climate change,” said Alok Sharma, COP26 President-Designate.

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Climate change “worst” is yet to come, UN report warns today

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The United Nations has issued a five years in the making report on climate change, and our future. Green Prophet obtained today’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and the future looks bleak if we do not take action today. Human suffering already attributed to climate change is being felt all over the world, the IPCC report says. Nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change,” said Mr. Rajendra K.

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5 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Your Home

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There is an increasing trend for you to be more conscious of your carbon footprint on the world in recent years as we see an increase in habitat destruction and global warming. Due to this, many people are wanting to… Read More 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Your Home.

Top 10 List of Best Nonprofits Fighting for Climate Change Fixes

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In the era of so many climate deniers, what are the non-profits to turn to for climate change action. The post Top 10 List of Best Nonprofits Fighting for Climate Change Fixes appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Charity/Donations antrhopogenic climate change energy consumption fossil fuel subsidies renewable energy

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Can the Gates Foundation be convinced to dump fossil fuels?

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This week, The Guardian newspaper has campaigned for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to divest its fossil fuel investments – which the newspaper claims are worth US$1.4 The foundation can and should address the climate crisis, particularly given the threat it poses to food security, public health, human rights, and the development agenda. Bill Gates during a 2013 speech on climate change. Sign on climate change at the Gates Foundation.

Pressure on creatives: PR, advertising firms targeted by fossil fuel divestment movement


Pressure on creatives: PR, advertising firms targeted by fossil fuel divestment movement Michael Holder Mon, 11/30/2020 – 01:00 As fossil fuel companies’ social license to operate becomes increasingly frayed, more industries in their orbit are getting entangled in the reputational quagmire that is now part and parcel of any activity that exacerbates the climate crisis. Between 2008 and 2017, fossil-fuel industry trade associations in the U.S.