What Is Cap & Trade: Understanding the Waxman-Markley Climate Bill

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Obama and his team promised to tackle this problem head on. There is a new climate energy bill making its way through the House this week, named after its two sponsors, Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.) The basic premise of this new climate bill is the attempt to reduce greenhouse gases by instituting a cap and trade program. . They’ve tackled bank bailouts, reforming health care and saving the automakers – the U.S.

Powerful Energy Lobbying Group ALEC Behind Anti-Climate Legislation in 16 States

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There is anti-climate legislation metastasizing in 15 (and now 16) US states, aimed at ending the Obama administration’s backstop use of the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. The bubbling up of all [.] [ Powerful Energy Lobbying Group ALEC Behind Anti-Climate Legislation in 16 States from Green Living Ideas ].

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Remember when climate cap-and-trade was bipartisan?

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I do and was reminded again this week: Eight years ago, when Mr. Obama ran for president against Senator John McCain of Arizona, both men had essentially the same position on global warming: It is caused by humans, and Congress should enact legislation to cap greenhouse gas emissions and force polluters to buy and trade permits that would slowly lower overall emissions of climate-warming gases.

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After the State of the Union What the President (and We) Can Do on Climate


Two years ago, the president wouldn’t mention climate change. ” The question is: Just what can President Obama do, and what will it mean for our economy and energy system? Even without a Congressional climate bill, the United States has doubled renewable electricity production over Yesterday’s State of the Union address could go down as a watershed moment in America’s transition to a clean energy economy.

The environmental record of Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry

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The 2012 Republican primary seems to shape up with three main potential contenders against Barack Obama and the Democrats. But what does Romney, Bachmann and Perry say about environmental and climate issues? Below is a quick summary on the three front-runners and just where they stand politically when it comes to the climate and our environment. It shouldn’t be “ political suicide &# to believe in basic climate science these days.

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3 Possible Outcomes of Governor Inslee’s Carbon Order

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Like President Obama using his Clean Air Act authority to order the Environmental Protection Agency to formulate the federal Clean Power Plan, Governor Inslee has invoked his authority under existing pollution laws. Last year, a group of Washington young people petitioned the Department of Ecology to use its existing authority to take action on climate change. Comprehensive climate action requires comprehensive public process.

G8 Recognizes Need to Act on Super Greenhouse Gases, Considers More Aggressive Stance on CO2

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July 2009 – As the Group of Eight began discussions on targets for reducing climate emissions, talk was circulating of a possible commitment to limit warming to 2?C. If the G8 comes to this conclusion, it will be a significant step forward for climate mitigation. and the rest of the G8 countries are voicing support for more ambitious climate targets,” said Amb. The Waxman-Markey climate bill that recently passed the House phases down HFCs under a separate title.

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