Sustainable Cleveland, Sustainable Future

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The 2017 Sustainable Cleveland Summit brought together more than 500 community leaders to help design Cleveland’s sustainable future. Thank you to Mayor Jackson and Matt Gray for inviting me to speak today, and to the Cleveland Foundation for bringing this Summit to life.

The Cleveland Kidnappings: When Does a Criminal History Cancel Out Heroism?

Elephant Journal

I’m a recent transplant to the Cleveland area, and, while this sad story has certainly swept the nation, it has more than affected my new part of Ohio.

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The Cleveland Dairy Queen of Death


The Cleveland Livestock Show and “Dairy Day” holds a contest each year to find a new queen to reside over the corpses of innocents. Bryanna Arrendell, the junior, says: “I would like to represent my community in a positive way by being Miss Rodeo Cleveland Livestock Show.”

Alaska’s Cleveland Volcano at Orange Alert Level

Sustainability Ninja

Its the alert level just below Code: Red – and its where Alaska’s remote Cleveland Volcano now sits classified. Cleveland is a 5,675-foot mountain on an uninhabited island 940 miles southwest of Anchorage. Eco News alaska volcano cleveland volcanoCode Orange. Scientists recently noticed that a new lava dome had begun forming, which is a major indicator that the mountain is very possibly ready to erupt at any moment.

Cleveland Browns Consider Welcoming a Bullmastiff as Live Mascot


Read More The post Cleveland Browns Consider Welcoming a Bullmastiff as Live Mascot appeared first on Ecorazzi. The NFL team is expanding its Dawg Pound by possibly adding a bullmastiff as its live mascot.

Cleveland: Where Yoga Failed Me.

Elephant Journal

That was the moment that I realized that there was no more magic in the studio practice. Inspiring (Wow) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems Yoga competition disillusionment illusion of perfection the dark side of yoga yoga industry

City of Cleveland demands $500 from family of Tamir Rice


The City of Cleveland has been under fire, and rightfully so, since their police force murdered a 12 year old black child named Tamir Rice in November of 2014. According to Cleveland Scene, the city has filed a notice to the Rice family for $500, owed for the EMS services.

Cleveland Indians Stadium Installs Eco-Friendly Wind Turbine


The Ohio baseball stadium mounts new corkscrew-shaped wind turbine. Read More. Entertainment News Sports Top News

Cleveland Indians get a corkscrew wind turbine overlooking their ballgames


B.Sameer Kumar: Next time one of the Cleveland Indians batter takes a swing at the ball, he better not be distracted by the giant wind turbine that will be spinning around near the ground, thanks to Majid Rashidi, a professor at the Cleveland State University.

Recycling gone Right: How 3D Printing can Change the World.

Elephant Journal

Here’s another crazy fact: nearly every single piece of plastic ever made is.

Cargobike Surfing on a Sunny Day

Wend Magazine

What’s It Like Surfing in Cleveland Click here to view the embedded video. Via: Storts on Vimeo ] Related posts: The Image of Surfing–Fiberglass and Megapixels. An Ode to Body Surfing.

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The devil's number

Environmental Economics

Not from The Onion: A union representing faculty members at Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law has filed an unfair-labor-practice charge with Ohio’s labor-relations board, claiming that the law school’s dean retaliated against union organizers by giving them $666 raises, “in effect” calling them Satan.

The Green Buzz: Monday, April 8

Conservancy Talk

Might have to get used to that green slime , Cleveland. Animals Business Climate Change Climate Science & Research Environmental News Fresh Water Global Warming Green Living Oceans & Coasts Policy The Green Buzz Christian Science Monitor cleveland green slime climate change and oceans dolphins energy policy and climate change global warming green slime Grist Mongabay paper Treehugger us energy policy warming oceans YaleE360 yum brands As usual, climate change is bad news.

Reporting from the Front Lines of Human Experience: Meditation, Media & the Monkey Mind.

Elephant Journal

This kind of understanding of human suffering, this Happy Meal consciousness, is relatively new and untested. It may be too early to tell what the results are, but it''s clear that a lot of our brains need a sick day. And soon.

Betty White Celebrates 93rd Birthday With Vegan Cake


As the “Hot in Cleveland” star was Read More The post Betty White Celebrates 93rd Birthday With Vegan Cake appeared first on Ecorazzi.

100 Year Old Surgeon, War Vet, Credits Vegan Eating to Longevity


'With age comes wisdom, and halfway through Dr. Ellsworth Wareham‘s 100 years, the now-retired heart surgeon adopted a plant-based diet after learning about a study out of the Cleveland Clinic proving Read More The post 100 Year Old Surgeon, War Vet, Credits Vegan Eating to Longevity appeared first on Ecorazzi. Lifestyle News Top News Vegan'

Another Daily Demand and Supply

Environmental Economics

Officials in Cleveland want to raise rates by more than 80 percent for city residents over the next four years and by about 50 percent in the suburbs. Apparently Cleveland is counting on the demand for water being inelastic. The water department in one of Ohio's largest metropolitan areas is seeking to sharply increase rates to deal with a drop in consumption and revenue.

5 Questions with The Nature Conservancy’s Mark Tercek

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek, president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy, will be the keynote speaker at the 2017 Sustainable Cleveland Summit. In advance of Mark’s speech, Matt Gray, Chief of Sustainability for the city of Cleveland, asked him a few questions.

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WATCH: Wendie Malick Narrates Undercover Foie Gras Video


Wendie Malick, "Hot in Cleveland" actress, is the newest narrator for, an activist organization dedicated to stopping the cruel practice of making foie gras. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News Video wendie malick

Ever seen one of those Little Free Libraries? She gets going around 1:40.

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8-year-old Madison Reid of Cleveland is quickly becoming an Internet star after being interviewed by WKYC Channel 3 at a November grand opening for a new Little Free Library. The World needs Books! She gets going around 1:40. Madison for President! So passionate and fun.

Are Backyard Gardens a Weapon Against Climate Change?

Green (Living) Review

A researcher from the University of California, Santa Barbara, David Cleveland, set out to find exactly what sorts of environmental effects gardening can have.

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"Exxon pushes back at #exxonknew study"

Environmental Economics

But Exxon retained Kimberley Neuendorf, a Cleveland State University content analysis expert, to rebut the conclusions. "I From TheHill's Overnight Energy email ( March 1 ): Exxon pushed back in a report released Thursday against claims from a study last year on its public statements on climate change.

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Don't Give up on Pigouvian Pricing!

Environmental Economics

  In case you're wondering, 20 teams have come back from being down 0-2 in an NBA playoff series (the 19 teams listed here plus Cleveland last year in the conference finals).  Last week's midterm elections were a mixed bag for environmental policy.    Lots of initiatives went down in defeat, though some passed, and some pro-environmental candidates won.

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The Importance of Laughter.

Elephant Journal

Kleptomaniac from Cleveland. Laughter is good for you. It helps release endorphins in the body which act as a natural painkiller; laughter also improves our immune systems. It can be more effective than medicine.

Going to Ohio for the Midwest Birding Symposium. Wait, Ohio?

10,000 Birds

CON – Ohio is home to two professional football teams, the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinatti Bengals, that should probably go back to being amateurs. And you don’t even want to get started on the disasters that are the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Cincinnati Reds.

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How to See Sunbitterns in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Those of us who raced bikes with banana seats through the streets of Niagara Falls, Cleveland, or Jackson shared space with Northern Cardinals and American Robins.

An Ode to Body Surfing

Wend Magazine

Related posts: What’s It Like Surfing in Cleveland? Click here to view the embedded video. To capture the experience of body surfing in three and a half minutes does not seem like an easy task. And yet, the folks behind Woodshed Films have made it happen here , in the film Come Hell or High Water. You don’t need to be an avid surfer of any kind to be captivated by this video.

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Recycling Timber from Abandoned Houses into Workstations


Dan Cuffaro from the Cleveland Institute of Art decided to make workstations for the school’s design studio using recycled materials from abandoned houses in the area. Working together with companies A Piece of Cleveland and Benchmark Craftsmen , he created the HIVE workstation.

New Orleans Pelicans

Environmental Economics

Cleveland Fire | colors: orange, red. This is awesome: New Orleans changing its NBA nickname from Hornets to Pelicans was not a secret. But the logo and color scheme was, until today. New Orleans on Thursday officially unveiled its new nickname, logo and color scheme, capturing the essence of New Orleans and the Gulf and spotlighting the ecological concerns of the region.

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I always wanted to be in one of those fancy moving pictures

Environmental Economics

 We are doing a scout next week in the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio, and we are hoping we could persuade a very knowledgeable expert from your faculty to meet with us at a couple of farms, and enlighten us and our Production Designer Jack Fisk (Designer of The Revenant and There Will Be Blood) on things we will need to do.

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Daily Demand and Supply: $70 is pretty steep for most grown-ups

Environmental Economics

By the way, a check of Ticketmaster shows plenty of upper-level seats available for UK's game with Cleveland State on Monday night. Price and other factors affecting demand: ? More anecdotal evidence of an attendance tipping point: On Monday night, college basketball junkies were all abuzz on Twitter at the sight of so many empty seats, especially in the student section, at Cameron Indoor Stadium for the Blue Devils' first-round NIT win over UNC Asheville.

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If you build it.

Environmental Economics

The project seems to be a winner, said Ned Hill, dean of urban affairs at Cleveland State University and a frequent commentator about economic-development issues. "The The battered Mansfield-area economy, hurt by declines in the auto industry, is poised to gain more than 1,000 jobs that also would help meet the growing demand for solar energy. The U.S. Department of Energy said yesterday it is offering a $275 million loan guarantee to Calisolar Inc.

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Some people say the same of my blogging*

Environmental Economics

Quasar Energy Group of Cleveland was sought the $1 million federal grant for the $2.24 Grand Lake St. Marys , the poster child for algae pollution in Ohio, is getting some federal help. Sherrod Brown 's office announced this morning that the Department of Agriculture is making available $1 million toward the purchase of a methane digester. What is a methane digester? The facility turns methane from manue into energy.

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Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer

10,000 Birds

Mark Gamin, a Cleveland lawyer, likes cats and birds both. He likes books too, which made him the ideal reviewer for Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer. This is Mark’s first contribution to 10,000 Birds.

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High-tech dustcarts to spy on your trash

Green (Living) Review

The City of Cleveland in the USA is one example. The City of Cleveland has decided to make an offer that your refuse cannot refuse. The Cleveland City Council is spending $2.5 I guess that finances might also be a motivation for the Cleveland City Council to go through resident's trash in search of additional income. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I know that the Green Goosesteppers and the Green Gestapo do mean well, but.

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Holiday Beer Libations: Drink Green

Green Home Blog

Cleveland, Ohio adds the Great Lakes Brewing Co. Holiday Beer Libations: Drink Green. If you partake in alcoholic beer beverages there is a high probability that you are unaware of the brands which actually produce less of a carbon footprint than others.

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What do Burmese pythons, Asian beetles and Asian carp all have in common?

Environmental Economics

  My quick calculation is there are roughly 300,000 people employed in Ohio Lake Erie bordering counties who are not employed in Cleveland or Toledo (I'm ruling out urban jobs as they are unlikely to be affected by loss of tourism).  Answer: They are all univited (and unwanted?) guests in U.S. ecosystems.    That, and they're all Asian.    But I'm sticking with the invasive species angle.

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Beer Libations: Drink Green

Green Home Blog

Cleveland, Ohio adds the Great Lakes Brewing Co. Holiday Beer Libations: Drink Green. If you partake in alcoholic beer beverages there is a high probability that you are unaware of the brands which actually produce less of a carbon footprint than others.

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The Once and Future Oriole

10,000 Birds

Not so much of the Bullock’s, because everything outside of New York, and especially everything in the vague space in my mind labelled “Out West” – past, say, Cleveland Ohio, a land of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, California Condors, Lazuli Buntings, and Green Jays , all equally impossibly exotic – might as well have been Phoenicia. I can’t possibly remember when the Baltimore and Bullock’s Orioles were lumped into Northern Oriole.

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Homeless Man Ted Williams Poised to Make Millions

Sustainability Ninja

” Williams will be on the Today Show tomorrow and the Cleveland Cavaliers are considering offering Williams a job as stadium announcer. If you’re looking for a feel good story today – you’ve come to the right place. Homeless man Ted Williams, who went to school for radio broadcasting only to have his life turned upside down by drugs and alcohol, is getting a second chance.

Riding Your Bike While You Work


For Dan Young who runs his own mobile app development company in Cleveland, Ohio finding time to devote to his cycling passion was difficult. It is a common belief that great ideas are born out of frustration.

Defending Clean Energy in Ohio and Beyond

Sierra Club Compass

The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently reported that the clean energy standard has brought more than $1 billion in private capital investment to the Buckeye State over five years -- and has created thousands of jobs.

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Birding Without Borders: A Review

10,000 Birds

Mark Gamin, a Cleveland lawyer and birder, is a frequent and appreciated reviewer for 10,000 Birds. BIRDING WITHOUT BORDERS: An Obsession, a Quest, and the Biggest Year in the World. By Noah Strycker. Houghton Mifflin, 352 pp., $27. ISBN 978-0-544-55814-4.

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