Former Coal Miner to Obama: Set Strong Carbon Pollution Limits on Coal Plants

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The following is testimony from Nick Mullins, a former coal miner from Virginia, given Thursday before the Environmental Protection Agency public hearing in Washington, DC, on carbon pollution standards. My name is Nick Mullins and I am a 4th generation former underground coal miner from Southwestern Virginia. The proud heritage of the coal miner has been soiled by the greed of an industry that knows no bounds in its exploitation of decent, hardworking people. 

Speaking Out for Clean Water Protections

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We heard personal stories of families living in the shadow of coal plants who have been directly affected by toxic water pollution from power plants.   Believe it or not, for decades, power plants have been allowed to dump toxic pollution into our nation’s waterways, with almost no limits. Coal fired power plants are the number one source of toxic water pollution in the U.S., It’s time for coal plants to clean up their act once and for all.

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