Wind’s Big Footprint: Clean Energy Still Needs Safeguards for Nature

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Wind turbines are a vital part of a clean energy future, but we can we site them in a way that minimizes impacts to birds, bats and natural habitats? Energy Birds Climate Development Economics Grasslands

Off-Grid, Clean Energy Access For All

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Today, the Sierra Club is releasing a new report –-  Clean Energy Services For All (CES4All)  -- showing that off-grid clean energy is the right tool for the energy access job. It’s time for clean energy access for all.

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Clean Energy, Safer Rivers, More Fish

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While it’s crucial that we continue to seek out other energy options, hydropower is a critical part of the solution to climate change and the transition to renewable energy. Or put another way—more clean energy, a safer river and more fish.

Green Future: Google Invests $1 Billion in Clean Energy

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The Internet juggernaut Google has recently invested $1 billion in green, clean, reusable energy. Read on to learn more about Google’s latest venture in renewable energy, why it did it, and what exactly it’s doing with this environmental technology. Google’s Clean Energy.

New Hampshire: Clean Energy is One of Our Primary Concerns

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While attention is fixed on the New Hampshire primary, Granite Staters of all political stripes support a clean energy future. But they’re also asking about energy and climate. In New Hampshire, support for clean energy and action on climate change is strong and bipartisan.

How Thousands of Mexican Workers are Being Employed to Turn Worthless Weeds into Clean Energy.

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This company produces clean energy to replace diesel fuel, employing farmers who no longer have to risk their lives crossing the.

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New Playground Teaches Kids About Clean Energy


I remember when I was in grade school the best part of my day was recess; a time when I was free of teachers and could burn off all my pent up energy. It keeps the fun of a jungle gym, but adds in a science experiment to teach kids all about renewable energy.

How can nuclear power be seen as 'clean' energy?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) How can nuclear energy ever be seen as 'clean' energy, even remotely, when we have no way of dealing with the spent fuel other than store it up for some future generation to worry about? At the same time while the renewable energy industry is being told that it has to stand on its own two feet – leading to substantial cuts in government funding – when the nuclear industry has been subsidized for the past fifty years, and is still being subsidized.

One of Clean Energy's Biggest Opponents is Sinking -- But Who Is Throwing Them a Lifeline?

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The right-wing think tank has been behind efforts to kill job-creating clean energy projects, penalize American homeowners who install their own solar panels , and force public schools to teach climate denial to students. Coal Dirty Fuels Energy Solutions Health Oil Politics

The Top 10 Clean Energy Stories to Be Thankful for in 2013

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Earlier this year, as a result of a settlement with the Sierra Club, American Electric Power announced it would add enough wind energy to power 200,000 homes in Oklahoma. That means 20 percent of the state's energy will come from clean sources. Energy Solutions

VIDEO: Building Advocates for Clean Energy on Global Wind Day

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As part of the celebration, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), held a “Construct a Turbine” competition on June 14 in which people from the Washington, D.C. area built their own wind turbine models while helping to promote clean, renewable energy.

Clean Energy State Rankings — Sightline Daily - Northwest News.

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Skip to navigation Advanced Search Document Actions Sections Front Page Daily News Daily Score Blog The Daily Score Clean Energy State Rankings Posted by Eric de Place 12/22/2010 12:15 PM How does the Northwest stack up? Ive been trying to get a handle on how the Northwest states really fare when it comes to clean energy. Energy efficiency. Renewable energy. For non-hydro renewable energy production , Washington was #10, and Oregon was #16.

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Israel Embraces Solar As It Races Towards 2020 Clean Energy Goal

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Last Monday, Israel’s Ministry of Energy and Water Resources announced the issuing of 19 additional licenses for mid-sized projects for a total of 27 MW of photovoltaic (PV) solar power. Business & Politics Energy Climate Change greenhouse gas Israel Solar Energy

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Algeria to Invest $20 Billion in Clean Energy

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Algeria sets plans to achieve 40% renewable energy by 2030. What’s more, as a kindom, there is no opposition party to sabotage renewable energy as the Republican party does in the US. It is very encouraging to see these emerging nations embrace clean energy.

2013: A Landmark Year For Clean Energy; Twilight for Coal

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As you reflect on your year, remember 2013 as a momentous year for clean energy. Installation of renewable energy capacity outpaced coal, oil, and nuclear growth combined. And over 200,000 people submitted comments to curb coal pollution and invest in clean energy.

Solar Credits - The Engine Behind a Clean Energy Transition for California

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More commonly know as ''Net Energy Metering,'' the solar rollover credit program is helping Californians install solar on their home or business and transition the state from dirty energy sources to a more vibrant, clean energy economy.

Turkish Coal Tragedy Puts Emphasis on Transition to Clean Energy

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But Energy Minister Taner Yildiz recently declared, “ Regarding the rescue operation, I can say that our hopes are diminishing. ”. This is an important decision that will not only affect Turkey’s energy industry but also its environment and the people of this vibrant country.

Meet 22,000 Megawatts of Clean Energy in Algeria this May

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The 6th electro, automation & energy event in Algiers is happening May 5 to 8. Interested in knowing more about renewable energy opportunities in North Africa and the Arab world?

TiEcon Takes On Clean Energy For All

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With interests in technology, innovation, and enterprise, a focus on supporting clean energy entrepreneurs and endeavors is a natural fit for these progressive leaders. New solar panels being constructed. Photo courtesy of Vrinda Manglik.

US Leads World in Clean Energy Investment Under Obama

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Last year, the US government gave out more loans for clean energy – than even China, which came second in the rankings. US clean energy investment rose 33% last year to a staggering $55.9 But US government leadership in renewable energy is now at an end.

Top Global Clean Energy Brokers Meet at Abu Dhabi WFES This Month

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Post-Durban WFES is now a huge opportunity for clean energy developers in the MENA region. So it is appropriate that one of the four top global business investment companies is sponsoring the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2012 Project Village in Abu Dhabi from 16-19 January.

Bringing clean energy to poor communities in Africa

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SunFunder is a crowdsourcing solar energy initiative that links donors--like you--to solar businesses--like SunnyMoney --in an effort to offer affordable solar energy to the 1.3 Energy Solutions International Africa is beginning to see a new light. A solar-powered light that is.

Big Clean Energy News Just Keeps Coming: "Solar is Most Economical Option," Says Energy CEO

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about massive new clean energy projects that are meeting America ' s energy demand – and giving dirty fossil fuels a run for their money in the marketplace. Here’s the best part -- they're investing in clean energy because it's the most cost-effective option.

Addressing Environmental Challenges Today – Core Principles for a Time of Change

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We know that growing numbers of people globally lack clean water, clean air, and healthy soils. In fact, our most successful companies are showing that clean technologies and practices are better for business. Accelerate the transition to clean energy.

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Energiya Global to solar power up 8% of Rwanda using clean energy

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The Israeli-American solar energy pioneer and cofounder of Arava Power Company in Israel, has begun making inroads into solar-powering Africa. Energiya Global installed the first two kilowatts of solar energy for Rwanda in February last year in a trial run at the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village.

Off-Grid Clean Energy Demands Social Bankability

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A while back I wrote about the need for social bankability based on the casual observation that our financial and energy systems are broken. Now a new class of entrepreneurs are demanding the World Bank step up and do the same for off grid clean energy access.

A Consensus Climate Solution

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The coalition includes 11 of the largest companies in the world as well as former Secretaries of State, Treasury and Energy. Starting at $40 per ton, the plan would do more to reduce emissions from the electric power sector than the clean power regulation published by EPA in 2015.

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Georgia Advocates Help Push State Commitment to Clean Energy

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Georgia has taken a huge step toward planting the seeds needed to grow a clean-energy economy. This addition means that Georgia will have 1 gigawatt of clean wind and solar energy online by 2017. " Clean-energy advocates are excited for the future of the state. "Before

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo Join Forces For Clean Energy Campaign


The movie stars are launching “100%,” a campaign aimed at making not only Read More The post Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo Join Forces For Clean Energy Campaign appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Why the Paris Agreement is in the U.S.’s Best Interest

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The United States is arguably in the best position to benefit economically from the global transition to a clean energy economy. Mark's Desk clean energy Climate Change climate policy Editor's Choice greenhouse gas emissions international policy Kyoto Protocol paris agreement

We Applaud Proposed Conservative Case for Addressing Climate Change

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trade by adjusting its impact on exports and imports that are energy intensive. One way we can put out the welcome mat is by reexamining our insistence on implementation of the Clean Power Plan as the Climate Leadership Council suggests.

Abu Dhabi’s $32 billion TAQA Adds Clean Energy Division

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Abu Dhabi’s 75% government-owned National Energy Company TAQA has just created its first-ever division to specialize in investing in renewable energy. The new unit, Energy Solutions, will invest in wind, solar, thermal and hydro power, according to a report at The National.

IRENA Produces Free Global Renewable Energy Atlas

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It’s a sea-change for a region so linked to the hydrocarbon, but new clean energy initiatives are heating up the Middle East. The Global Atlas is the most comprehensive information platform on the potential of renewable energy.

Exxon Threatens to Arrest Reporters after Massive Arkansas Oil Spill. {Colbert Video}

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Something doesn''t smell right about this recent oil spill in an Arkansas neighborhood.

Arizona: Fight for Clean Air and Clean Energy Inspires a Family of Activists

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Kathy and Anna are superstar volunteers for Arizona Beyond Coal who are working to transition Arizona away from the Navajo Generating Station coal plant (NGS) and replace it with clean energy. is clean energy.

Germany kicks our butts, again, at clean energy

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Germany has hit a new clean energy milestone : So far this year, the country has gotten more electricity from renewables than from any other single source, 27.7 Germany green living renewable energy

From Narmada to Tata Mundra: Iconic Indian Activist Demands Clean Energy Transition at World Bank

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MP: “The energy intensive way of life, way of industrialization, of everything is really taking a toll on the resources. That is why these kinds of major mineral based energy [projects are] having huge targets and huge claims of reaching out, etc.

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Free, Easy-to-Use Field Guide Lists 60 + Proven Clean Energy Technologies

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This handy guide contains listings of more than 60 proven renewable energy technologies. There are more than 60 proven ways to harvest nature’s power and convert it into clean, renewable energy, but knowing where to find information about these various applications isn’t always so easy. The Dubai-based design duo have listed dozens of established technologies that harvest solar, wind, water, and bio energy, in one easy-to-read guide.

MENA must push – NOW! – for 100% renewable energy

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) must keep pace with the rest of the world and push for a future fully powered by renewable energy, says IndyACT, the leading Arab non-governmental organization working on climate change policy.

Shell CEO urges switch to clean energy as plans hefty renewable spending

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The oil and gas industry risks losing public support if progress is not made in the transition to cleaner energy, Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Executive Ben van Beurden said on Thursday.