Why China Wants Methanol from the Northwest

Sightline Daily

” The proposed Northwest facilities would load their finished methanol product onto Panamax -sized ships bound for Dalian , China. China’s recent limitations on coal production and consumption further incentivize Chinese industrial interests to import US methanol.)

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English Heritage gifts Made in China

Green (Living) Review

The picture shows the bottom of a piece of English Heritage pottery on sale in the organization''s gift shops and it is not made in England at all but in China as is quite obvious from the “stamp”. English Heritage fraud green living Made in China

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China buys Israel’s largest food producer putting Zionists on edge

Green Prophet

Sensational food production issues in Israel are covered by Green Prophet. These issues have included exposure of cruelty in the meat industry ; frozen fish from China that are pumped with water and Chemicals , and meat being fed with feces and pumped with toxic contaminants.

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China goes Internet of Things for the farm by buying Israel’s AutoAgronome

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China’s economy is growing exponentially. To keep ahead of the food curve, China’s Yuanda Group just bought the Israeli company AutoAgronome for $20 million. We offer technology and Yuanda focuses on marketing,” says Nissim Daniely, general manager of AA told China Daily. Every year, the area of drip irrigation system farming in China increases about 20 percent, which is more than all in Israel and Europe together.

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Israel Shines at First Solar Decathlon in China

Green Prophet

It was the first time that a team from Israel participated in a Solar Decathlon intercollegiate architecture competition but the group, which represented several higher education institutes, recently took fourth place overall in China.

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Qoros Electric Vehicle: China and Israel Partner with USA

Green Prophet

a 50:50 joint venture between Israel Corp and China’s Chery Automobile Co. This is more the case in Europe than it is in China, where coal is still the dominant fuel source despite a burst of renewable energy plants throughout the nation.).

VIDEO: Wait Until China Acts on Climate. What? They Are!? | Mother.

Mother Jones

VIDEO: Wait Until China Acts on Climate. China plans to introduce a carbon tax , says state-run news agency Xinhua. CHARTS: On Wind Power, China Kicks Our Butt New analysis of the US wind industrys place in the world market shows an unsettling trend. Skip to Navigation.

Asia’s Shangri-La hotels cited as sustainability leaders

Green Traveler Guides

Asia’s Shangri-La hotels cited as sustainability leaders is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Asia China Hong Kong Hotels News Resorts DJSI 2014 Dow Jones Corporate Sustainability Index Green Travel News Reuters Shangri-La Hong Kong-based Shangri-La is the first Asia-Pacific hotel group to be named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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How Nature Can Improve China’s Water Quality

Conservancy Talk

Air quality is often top of mind in conversations about China’s pollution challenges. But as I met with the Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) volunteer leaders recently in China, water pollution was another big topic of discussion.

Hong Kong: stay smart, stay green

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Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it? Genuinely green accommodations are. Real green or green-washed?

Trunks Up: Ivory Trade Halted in US & China!

Elephant Journal

Word on the streets is that the US and China have agreed to halt ivory trade! Adventure Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green WAYLON: Today Only agreement awareness change China compassion elephant elephants environment family haled ivory trade trunks up White HouseHoly-wrinkled-gray-elephant-ears, Batman! Has this really (finally) happened?

JW Marriott Hong Kong: healthy green luxury

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Behind the scenes, and unseen by guests, this is a smooth-running, lean, green machine. “Nearly ten years ago, Marriott enacted the first green policies for its hotels,&# notes Wilson Chan , the hotel’s director of engineering. The greening path.

A Green Globe: 4 Surprisingly Sustainable Countries

Environmental News Network

Going green is trendy these days. Here are 4 surprising countries that are going green –and doing it right. Asia isn’t particularly known for sustainability – China and Japan rank third and fifth, respectively, among countries with the worst environmental impact.

How to Save the Elephant With Our Wallets.

Elephant Journal

Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green China elephants extinction ivory trade purchasing power rainforestElephant murders happen all the time, every day, one hundred times a day.

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Tunisian Teacher Cycles to China for Wetland Conservation

Green Prophet

Seven months ago, a Tunisian university teacher decided to travel from Tunisia to China on his bike to help raise awareness of the human and environmental value of wetlands. Arafet Ben Marzou, left Tunisia around seven months ago on what will be a ten month journey to China.

Could A ‘Green GDP’ Transform The Middle East?

Green Prophet

Will a ‘Green GDP’ help us do just that in the Middle East? However, Abu Ali insists that the application of a concept such as the ‘Green GDP’ or its successor the ‘GDP quality index’ would be useful for furthering an environmental agenda in the country.

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GE Sets Green Tech Shop in Israel

Green Prophet

Israeli Companies Winners in GE Green Innovation Marathon. Cleantech, Science & Technology GE Israel Israel clean technology Israel-China Solar Energy windGE looks to create wind, solar and smart grid technologies with Israeli engineers.

DGrade’s Hipster Trash Clothing is Made Cheap in China

Green Prophet

Which was all very exciting, until we learned that their clothes are made in China. But we have to question how much of this results from cheap labor in China. Fashion & Design carbon emissions China Fashion green design plastic recycled materials

Jackie Chan Performs at Eco-Event in China


If there’s an eco-centric event going on in China, you can bet that action star Jackie Chan will be there. With so many parts of China becoming more industrialized and more Chinese people putting cars on the road, emissions are becoming a serious problem.

Yangshuo, China: green lodgings lead the way

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Israel to Build $1.3 Billion Solar Project… for China??

Green Prophet

Everybody knows that China is the world leader in cheap solar. According to energy China Forum , the three solar arrays will total 240 MW, which is about the size of many coal plants. China may be the world leader in solar panel production, but Israel is an innovation leader.

12 Ways To Buy Food Mindfully.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) China consumer food mindful pollution

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Homeless Woman In My Ethical Clothing Store Teaches Valuable Lesson. ~ Alok Appadurai

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"I don''t buy Made In China," and went on to explain that she thinks "all that cheap stuff made in China is built on suffering and abuse.and I myself have been abused in my life.". Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Green Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON: Today Only abuse China clothing eco fashion homeless love made in america

THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

Thank you Leen for sharing your eco-product with Green Prophet. Salma said on UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change : I’m one of those green newbies; I. ????????????

Macao: world’s biggest casino to be certified green

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| Green Travel News |. Macao: world’s biggest casino to be certified green is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Asia Certification China Hotels Macao News EarthCheck Venetian Macao

Going Green In Your Home

Green Prophet

Today, with the wealth of cheap detergents available at the supermarket, it can be hard to make the decision to choose the more expensive “Green” Products. Salma said on UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change : I’m one of those green newbies; I. ????????????

Mediterranean Net-Zero Home Based on 3,500-Year-Old Israeli Design

Green Prophet

Team Israel is all pumped up to show off their design skills at the upcoming 2013 international Solar Decathlon competition in China with All [e] Land – a Mediterranean net-zero prefab dwelling based on a 3,500-year-old archetypal Israeli design.

Nature’s Climate Solutions

Conservancy Talk

These are just three examples among many that The Nature Conservancy is pioneering in Indonesia, China, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Mexico, all 50 U.S. Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing our planet today.

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China To Benefit From Emerging Global Electric Vehicle Demand, Though Challenges Remain

Green (Living) Review

BEIJING, CHINA, April 2011 : Driven by four global megatrends—reducing CO2 emissions, oil concerns, growing congestion, and rapid technology advances—countries worldwide are focusing strongly on vehicle electrification with China emerging as an important test-bed for innovation, according to a new study financed by the World Bank. Yet, China and other countries face steep challenges in promoting electric vehicles.

Chart: What Exactly (Cough) Is Beijing (Hack) Breathing? | Mother.

Mother Jones

15, 2013 3:01 AM PST Tweet China's landlocked capital of 20 million people has experienced record-breaking pollution over the last few days. The South China Morning Post reported that visits to Beijing Children's Hospital hit a five-year high, with more than 7,000 patients a day.

No more shark fin at Hong Kong resort chain

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No more shark fin at Hong Kong resort chain is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. China Hong Kong Hotels News Resorts Green Travel News Reuters Shangri-LaShangri-La Hotels and Resorts’ new sustainable seafood policy bans shark fin from the menu in all its restaurants and banquets. The Hong Kong-based hotelier also pledged to stop serving endangered bluefin tuna and Chilean sea bass.

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Assessing our Coastal Green Infrastructure Investment Allocation: A Coastal Portfolio Check-up

Nature Conservancy - Science

Coastal green infrastructure, such as wetlands and reefs, is critical to us, too, as it provides many services and benefits including coastal defense. But just how much money do we ‘allocate’ to gray and green infrastructure?

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Green Product News: Bambu Helps Save Bees!

Green Living Ideas

The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China, where it produces more than 150 different products in its own production workshop and partnering facilities, all of which are located close to their raw-materials sources. Green Lifestyle

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Hotels charge you (for free)

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And an ever-growing number of hotels, resorts, and even B&Bs Hotels charge you (for free) is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Curious about electric cars? On your next vacation, give one a test drive—and instead of paying high gas prices, charge up for free. Major car rental companies, which have been offering hybrid vehicles for years, are now getting into the electric car (EV) market.

EVG Q&A - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

Eco-Vegan Girl

I read “The Kind Diet&# and I also began to read "The China Study". Vegan-Related Recipes Eco-Related Health Calendar Contact Eco-Vegan Dog ENGAGE Productions Thursday, March 31, 2011 EVG Q&A: French Doctor Says Vegan Diet is Unhealthy! "I

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Sensual green in the Maldives

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China’s Pollution And Us

Eco Friendly Daily

With the 2008 Summer Olympic Games starting up tomorrow, there is a great deal of emphasis on the pollution in China. Many in North America decry the pollution in China, but they do not realize that their pollution is our problem in more ways than one.

IPCC: Climate efforts not sufficient, huge increase in green energy required to avert climate disaster

Green Blog

Increasing carbon emissions are largely due to an increasing demand for energy and a rising coal use in countries such as China. The investment required to green our global energy system would only result in a 0.06% reduction of off expected annual economic growth rates of 1.3%-3%,


China just got serious about global warming. Now we’re really out of excuses.

Green (Living) Review

China announced it was moving forward with plans for a massive, nationwide cap-and-trade program intended to help combat global warming. Here’s why China is doing this now, and what we know about the plan so far. climate change green living

Trash In China: Where Will It All Go?

Green Home Blog

Trash In China: Where Will It All Go? Trash in China. China is one of the most rapidly growing countries on earth: in 2010 its population reached 1.3 By 2030 China will be handling three times as much trash as the U.S.