"If China Can Do It, Why Not Us?"

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Rachel Cleetus: Starting in 2013, China began to pilot carbon cap-and-trade programs at the sub-national level. The experiment has had some encouraging results, and (together with lessons from the EU ETS, California, RGGI, and other carbon trading regimes) provide the real-world experience needed to design a national system to limit emissions in a cost-effective way. 

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The China vs U.S. Coal Debate: Who is cleaner?

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The Center for American Progress says China is kicking the U.S. a$$ in the great coal race : The result is a report — authored by Melanie Hart, Luke Bassett, and Blaine Johnson — that offers the clearest picture yet of the big picture on coal in China. In short, while the US dithers along in a cosmically stupid dispute over whether science is real, China is tackling climate change with all guns blazing.

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Common Resources on China’s Carbon Tax Plan

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Antung Anthony Liu: Xinhua reported recently that China will introduce a carbon tax. The  This is not China’s first signal that it may introduce market-based mechanisms to control its carbon intensity. A carbon tax in China is a great idea, for three reasons.

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China’s Business Leaders Are Stepping Up to Address Global Conservation Challenges

Conservancy Talk

China’s economic growth over the last few decades has been extraordinary. China’s economic success is a very positive development in many respects of course. Fortunately, China is now benefiting from new and important philanthropic initiatives.

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A price floor on gas and diesel in China

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Barely a month after world leaders signed a sweeping agreement to reduce carbon emissions, the global commitment to renewable energy sources faces its first big test as the price of oil collapses.

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Global Carbon Emissions at Record High

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Global carbon emissions have reached a record 10 billion tons, which is a huge increase of almost 50% in the last twenty years. The study by the Global Carbon Project says a slowdown in emissions during the 2008-09 global financial crisis wasn’t enough to make a positive impact, and the gain in 2011 followed a 6% jump in 2010. “The global financial crisis was an opportunity to move the global economy away from a high-emissions trajectory.

China Slashes Coal Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the Second Year in a Row

Mother Jones

China is continuing to drag itself off coal—the dirty energy source that has made it the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitter. Figures published Sunday night by China's National Bureau of Statistics showed coal consumption dropping 3.7

DGrade’s Hipster Trash Clothing is Made Cheap in China

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They use 20% less water, 50% less energy, and produce 55% less carbon emissions than the cotton manufacturing process requires, and they have recently opened a branch in the Dubai mall. Which was all very exciting, until we learned that their clothes are made in China.

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Obama Administration’s Carbon Rules May Unlock Major Emissions Move By China

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Just one day after the Obama Administration and Environmental Protection Agency  proposed ambitious new standards  for carbon emissions from power plants, signals from China indicate that country may be preparing to follow suit with a similar game-changing announcement. If China is able to successfully cap their emissions completely, it will represent a huge step forward for not only public health and the environment in China, but all around the world.

China’s Commitment to Cleaner Air

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Just how serious is China about reducing its consumption of coal? China’s environmental minister recently announced that the government is quite serious about tackling its massive environmental problems by committing 1.7 million premature deaths in China.

Top Chinese adviser: China to limit carbon emissions from 2016

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One day after the US unveiled their plan to cut carbon emissions with 20 percent by 2030 , a top senior adviser to the Chinese government said that the country will set limits to their carbon emissions from 2016. In 2006, China dethroned the U.S.

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Three thoughts better kept to myself on cap-and-trade in China

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I read the headlines last week and didn't get towards the bottom, but the second half is the most interesting (after the " " below): President Xi Jinping of China will make a landmark commitment on Friday to start a national program in 2017 that will limit and put a price on greenhouse gas emissions, Obama administration officials said Thursday. He will agree to help provide financing to poorer countries to help them pay for projects that reduce harmful emissions.

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Is China's Pollution Testing the People's Patience?

Sierra Club Compass

In a recent speech in Beijing, Zhao Penggao, an official in the powerful National Development and Resource Commission, announced that China is considering setting binding limits on the levels of particulate matter 2.5

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Record High for Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Green (Living) Review

New Worldwatch Institute report critically examines global greenhouse gas emissions Washington, D.C. According to the Global Carbon Project, CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion and cement production reached 9.7 Coal-related emissions increased in Germany (4.2

China’s Cleanup

Eco Friendly Daily

As the Olympics inch ever closer, more and more concerns are being raised on the state of China’s air quality. In fact, China is the world’s largest consumer of paper waste, recycling nearly 65 million metric tons and saving 54 million tons of wood from harvest.

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"China Says It May Implement a Carbon Tax"

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Apologies to Mark Thoma for completely ripping off his post : China may implement a (modest) carbon tax: Taxing Carbon, by Vikas Bajaj, NY Times : Long considered the biggest holdout. in climate change negotiations, China said this week that the country would. implement new taxes designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions. China’s plan will not make a serious dent in global warming, though the tax may.

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Growth in electric vehicles sales central to closing emissions gap

Green (Living) Review

While EVs currently represent less than 1% combined market share across the world’s largest markets for new passenger cars, they should be considered central to any policy and technology portfolio designed to lower transport emissions. million (11%) and in China roughly 5.3

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Blowback: China’s Cross-Pacific Pollution

Sightline Daily

Factory Smokestack, China by Adam Cohn, flickr used under CC CREATIVECOMMONS.ORG licenses In the last 20 years, we’ve learned more and more about air pollution from Asia that blows across the Pacific Ocean and falls out of the atmosphere here in the Northwest. Embodied emissions.

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Dimona Silica To Ship The Negev Desert To China

Green Prophet

Within the next four months, Dimona Silica plans to tear up Nahal Zin Wadi in order to supply China with high-quality asphalt. When all of the Nahal Zin Wadi has been shipped to China? :: Globes.

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Emissions Still Rising

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Emissions of CO2, methane and nitrogen oxides must be reduced to create sustainable life on this planet. Although attempts have been made to regulate growing emissions, levels of nitrous oxide continue to increase annually by 0.2%, while methane remained stable.

Study: Import Emissions Greatly Increase Total Emissions Calculations

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The traditional way of determining a country’s greenhouse gas emissions involves taking into account all of their industries, car pollutants and various other means of generating emissions. The researchers determined emissions by studying global trade databases.

China’s thirst for coal is drying up

Sierra Club Compass

As the ‘ airpocalypse ’ news out of China continues to grow, what we predicted more than a year ago is now increasingly obvious - China’s seemingly endless coal demand is a myth , and the Chinese coal boom is over.

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IEA warns world headed for irreversible climate change in five years, greenhouse emissions soaring

Green Blog

At the same time the US department of energy released new figures showing a “monster increase” in greenhouse gas emissions. ” Everything that produces greenhouse gas emissions, such as dirty coal plants and other fossil-fueled power stations, which are being constructed from now on, will continue to spew out carbon for decades to come. The increase in emissions mainly comes from China and the USA which alone stood for more than half of the emissions in 2010.

'Greener Skies' flight lowers emissions by 35%

Green Traveler Guides

million gallons annually and reduce carbon emissions by 22 thousand metric tons, the equivalent of taking more than 4 thousand cars off the road each year.

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China Announces Intention To Reduce Carbon Intensity

Eco Friendly Daily

A similar announcement has also been made by the leaders of China. China’s Premier Wen Jaibao announced recently his intention to attend the conference in Copenhagen. In addition, China has also followed suit by announcing their own intention to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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EU Temporarily Halts Airline Emission Tax

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However, international aviation emissions were not included in the Kyoto Protocol which was recently extended another five years. This is now being considered an issue as the contribution to worldwide emissions by aviation continues to rise.

Inaugural Ecobuild China hailed a success

Green (Living) Review

More than 15,000 visitors attend the first ever Ecobuild China Event provided unparalleled opportunity to network, gain best practice advice and debate the most prevalent issues in the market Featuring more than 15,000 visitors and 127 exhibitors, the inaugural Ecobuild China which took place from 9 to 12 April 2012 in Shanghai has secured its position as the region’s meeting place for the sustainable built environment industry. How can China contribute to a global concern?’

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Qoros Electric Vehicle: China and Israel Partner with USA

Green Prophet

a 50:50 joint venture between Israel Corp and China’s Chery Automobile Co. This new partnership is expected to result in improved fuel efficiency, better handling, and the environmental benefits associated with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Wind power continues to beat nuclear energy in China

Green Blog

China has been the world’s largest consumer of energy since 2009 when the country surpassed the US. The majority of the energy which is produced and consumed in China comes from dirty fossil fuels. Not even in China. Last year, China’s nuclear capacity reached 20,000 megawatts.

Indian Coal Plant Standards are Four to 20 Times Deadlier Than China's

Sierra Club Compass

In March of 2013, Conservation Action Trust, Greenpeace India, and Urban Emissions revealed a shocking death toll from coal-fired power plants in India. That''s right, China - home to the "airpocalypse " and 1.2 To sum it up - India''s coal plant standards are deadlier than China''s.

VIDEO: Wait Until China Acts on Climate. What? They Are!? | Mother.

Mother Jones

VIDEO: Wait Until China Acts on Climate. China plans to introduce a carbon tax , says state-run news agency Xinhua. cant "afford" to deal with emissions, how could we? Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays.

The Washington Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce Report is Out

Sightline Daily

In April, Governor Inslee established a Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce (CERT) to provide recommendations about the design and implementation of carbon pricing in Washington. Governor Inslee toured energy storage systems company UniEnergy Technologies and met with staff.

China’s Coal Imports Drop For The First Time Since Country Became Net Coal Importer

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Even more striking is the fact that China’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth and coal consumption have decoupled, suggesting a structural shift in the Chinese economy. China has single handedly driven the growth in coal consumption we’ve seen over the past decade.

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U.S. Announces Emission Cuts Plan

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During the current discussions regarding Copenhagen, many nations have declined to participate in binding climate agreements because the United States had not committed to emission reductions. emissions, President Obama has announced a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Turkey Avoiding Greenhouse Gas-Reduction Despite Rapid Increases in Emissions, New Report Finds

Green Prophet

Greenhouse gas emissions from Turkey don’t just pose an abstract, future threat to the country — the same gases that contribute to climate change periodically envelop Istanbul in smog. Climate greenhouse gas emissions

The See-Saw Effect of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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The International Energy Agency brought some sobering news to the table in terms of global warming, stating that global emissions rose 3.2 There are two major players that can tip it either way, China or the global economy. Emissions. Between 1990 and 2009, emissions rose by 1.7

China’s Electricity Grid Growing With Wind Energy

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China is the world’s top emitter of greenhouse gas emissions, increasing their emissions between 2010 and 2011 by 9.3 Renewable energies in the country of China have the support of governmental policies which has enabled considerable growth in recent years.

Study: Some Countries Able To Grow Economy And Reduce Emissions

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The World Bank recently released a study regarding “emissions intensity”. Emissions intensity is the amount of carbon emissions created compared to each unit of gross domestic product. During the same years, Italy also had increased emissions.

Climate change talks have open in China

Green (Living) Review

UN climate chief urges countries to 'search for common ground' on global warming ahead of a year-end meeting in Mexico by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Epsom/Tianjin: Monday, October 4, 2010 saw the opening of a six-day conference in China – the world's biggest carbon emitter ahead of November-December talks in Cancún. Distrust has only deepened between developed and developing countries over how to cut the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing the earth to overheat.

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Jackie Chan Performs at Eco-Event in China


If there’s an eco-centric event going on in China, you can bet that action star Jackie Chan will be there. With so many parts of China becoming more industrialized and more Chinese people putting cars on the road, emissions are becoming a serious problem.

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Carbon Dioxide Emissions Increased WorldWide In 2008

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A report detailing the carbon dioxide emissions worldwide in 2008 was recently published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Despite a recession in 2008, the worldwide carbon dioxide emissions rose, predominantly due to China.

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China sees record investments in renewable tech, will introduce carbon trading scheme

Green Blog

The Chinese government recently declared that they are intending on placing a cap on their annual carbon emissions which will allow the individual provinces in China to regulate and plan their emissions more effectively. The introduction of a cap and trade scheme is hoped to reduce carbon emissions by between 40-45% below 2005 by 2020. China, it would seem, is a good place to invest in renewable technology. Since 2000 China’s CO2 emissions have risen by 170.6%

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China’s take on Climate Change

Eco Friendly Daily

Just days before the latest G8 summit China has released a 62 page report on how it hopes to tackle the problem of climate change both in the long and short term. Ma Kai, chairman of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, said. “China is a developing country.