Good Birders Still Don’t Wear White: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

Debi Shearwater points out that seabirding is really all about the ocean and conservation; Alvaro Jaramillo touchingly traces his love of pelagics and seabirds back to a childhood adventure in Chile; and Jen Brumfield offers what could be a melodramatic radio play about chasing Jaegers in Ohio.

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The Birding is Always Good at Cano Negro, Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Unless those non-birding folks happen to be duck hunters or love to go fishing, they tend to stay away from the marshes, the riparian zones, the bottom lands. As birders, we tend to spend more time in wetlands than most of our peers, neighbors, and family members.

Urban Research Symposium 2009

The Green Changemakers

A policy agenda (pdf) ( presentation - pdf) Lucy Winchester, United Nations (ECLAC/UN), Chile; Raquel Szalachman Assessing patterns of vulnerability, adaptive capacity and resilience across urban centers (pdf) ( presentation - pdf) Patricia Romero Lankao, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Mexico; John L.

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